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Since 1990 LSU Athletics Graduates

Below is a list of those LSU varsity student-athletes who have received either undergraduate, graduate or advanced degrees from the University from 1990 to the present. (Note: Some individuals who did not compete but received scholarships through the Athletics Department are included.)

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Summer 2023 (Aug. 11, 2023)

College of Human Sciences & Education (12)
Ashley Bethel-Roman, Women’s Track & Field, Master of Social Work
Greg Brooks Jr., Football, Sport Administration
Eric Coston, Men’s Track & Field / Cross Country, Master of Science in Sport Management
Grant Delpit, Football, Sport Administration
Ty Floyd, Baseball, Sport Administration
Ronold Hohmann, Men’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Brayden Jobert, Baseball, Sport Administration
Aaron Parrott, Men’s Swimming, Kinesiology
Thomas Perry, Football, Sport Administration
Grace Seits, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Rivani Sihotang, Women’s Golf, Master of Science Leadership & Human Resource Development
Shelby Wickersham, Softball, Master of Social Work

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (12)
Jessica Bailey, Women’s Golf, Master of Liberal Arts
Danny Etling, Football, Master of Liberal Arts
Maya Gordon, Soccer, Sociology
Ashton Hicks, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Trindon Holliday, Football/Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth Masters, Beach Volleyball, Communication Studies
Alexis Morris, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ryann Payne, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jesse Stallings, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
JaCoby Stevens, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kardell Thomas, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jay Ward, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

E. J. Ourso College of Business (4)
Sarah Edwards, Gymnastics, Master of Business Administration
Raeleen Gutierrez, Softball, General Business
Chiara Ritchie-Williams, Soccer, Master of Business Administration
Alexis Toney, Beach Volleyball, Master of Business Administration

Manship School of Mass Communication (1)
Niamh Robinson, Women’s Swimming, Mass Communication

Spring 2023 (May 19-20)

College of Agriculture (1)
Jackson Martingayle, Men’s Track & Field, Natural Resource Ecology & Management

College of Engineering (6)
Spencer Adrian, Men’s Swimming, Construction Management
Cade Beloso, Baseball, Certificate in Construction Management
Jill Bohnet, Volleyball, Mechanical Engineering
Davis Bove, Men’s Track & Field, Biological Engineering
Gavin Dugas, Baseball, Certificate in Construction Management
Corren Norman, Football, Biological Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (22)
Anita Anwusi, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Lara Boos, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Dajour Braxton, Men’s Track & Field, Master of Arts, Education
Ciara Briggs, Softball, Sport Administration
Hannah Brister, Beach Volleyball, Master of Leadership & Human Resource Development
Safiya Carrington, Women’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Hannah Carroll, Women’s Track & Field, Social Work
Sami Durante, Gymnastics, Master of Science in Sport Management
Cammy Hall, Gymnastics, Graduate Certificate Records & Info Management
Hannah Jacobs, Volleyball, Master of Science in Sport Management
Natalie Kucsan, Women’s Swimming, Early Childhood Education
Kylie Kuyava-Deberg, Beach Volleyball, Master of Leadership & Human Resource Development
Ingrid Lindblad, Women’s Golf, Sport Administration
Shanya Luna, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Mia Rabinowitz, Women’s Tennis, Master of Science in Sport Management
Karli Rose, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Ronnie Rounds II, Men’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Kamryn Ryan, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Latanna Stone, Women’s Golf, Sport Administration
Hayden Travinski, Baseball, Sport Administration
Josie Vondran, Volleyball / Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Sport Management
Alden Wallace, Women’s Golf, Master of Science in Sport Management

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (10)
Micah Baskerville, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Bryce Collins, Baseball, History
Brooks Curry, Men’s Swimming, Interdisciplinary Studies
Justice Hill, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth Masters, Beach Volleyball, Communication Studies
John Meyer, Men’s Track & Field, History
Lexi Nibbs, Gymnastics, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kai Rivers, Gymnastics, Liberal Arts
Alyona Shchennikova, Gymnastics, Interdisciplinary Studies
Charles Turner III, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Science (1)
Tzuriel Pedigo, Men’s Track & Field, Physics

E. J. Ourso College of Business (22)
Sierra Ballard, Gymnastics, Finance
Adele Broussard, Women’s Track & Field, Marketing
Georgia Clark, Softball, Master of Business Administration
Maggie Cubitt, Women’s Tennis, Marketing
Noah Cumby, Men’s Swimming, Master of Business Administration
Thomas Daigle, Men’s Track & Field, Master of Business Administration
Amber Desselle, Women’s Track & Field, Master of Business Administration
Parker Edwards, Men’s Basketball, Master of Business Administration
Connor Gaunt, Men’s Golf, General Business
Nina Geissler, Women’s Tennis, General Business
Jack Jannasch, Men’s Swimming, Master of Business Administration
Jolee Liles, Women’s Swimming, Marketing
Jack Mashburn, Football, Finance
Allie McDaid, Women’s Swimming, Master of Business Administration
Jack Merrifield, Baseball, Management
Katarina Milutinovich, Women’s Swimming, International Trade and Finance
Savannah Stewart, Softball, Master of Business Administration
Isiah Travis, Men’s Track & Field, Management
Isak Vikstrom, Men’s Swimming, General Business
Nick Watson, Men’s Tennis, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Hannah Womer, Women’s Swimming, Master of Business Administration
Chris Woollam, Men’s Golf, Marketing

Manship School of Mass Communication (4)
Aliyah Andrews, Softball, Master of Mass Communication
Sanaa Dotson, Volleyball, Mass Communication
Doria Martingayle, Women’s Track & Field, Master of Mass Communication
Caitlin Smith, Gymnastics, Mass Communication

School of Veterinary Medicine (2)
Mark Laird, Baseball, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Elyse Thornhill, Softball, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Winter (Dec. 16, 2022)

College of Human Sciences and Education (11)
Presley Baggett, Women’s Golf, Sport Administration
Jarell Cherry, Football, Sport Administration
Shannon Cooke, Soccer, Sport Administration
Wasila Diwura-Soale, Soccer, Sport Administration
Alesia Garcia, Soccer, Kinesiology
JuVaughn Harrison, Men’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Karrington Houshmandzadeh, Softball, Child & Family Studies
Brenna McPartlan, Soccer, Sport Administration
Taylor Pleasants, Softball, Kinesiology
Anna Rockett, Soccer, Sport Administration
Cameron Wire, Football, Sport Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (8)
Kylie Bennett, Women’s Swimming, Sociology
Taylor Bridges, Women’s Tennis, Master of Liberal Arts
Taylor Edwards, Softball, Psychology
Bailey Ferrer, Gymnastics, Interdisciplinary Studies
Samarah Hill, Volleyball, Psychology
Lindsi Jennings, Soccer, Psychology
Zoe Mekus, Women’s Swimming, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kiya Oviosun, Women’s Track & Field, Psychology

College of Science (4)
Breanna Bernard, Women’s Track & Field / Cross Country, Chemical Engineering
Maddie Clifton, Women’s Swimming, Biology
Giovanni DiGiacomo, Baseball, Biology
Stephen Schlottman, Track & Field / Cross Country, Civil Engineering

E.J. Ourso College of Business (6)
Tinaya Alexander, Soccer, Master of Business Administration
Ellie Baldwin, Women’s Swimming, Master of Public Administration
Lewis Clough, Men’s Swimming, Master of Business Administration
Taylor Dobles, Soccer, General Business
Allee Morris, Volleyball, Management
Josh Williams, Football, Marketing

Manship School of Mass Communication (1)
Emily Ward, Women’s Basketball, Mass Communication


Summer (Aug. 12, 2022)

College of Art & Design (1)
Duane Spencer, Men’s Basketball, Art

College of Human Sciences and Education (7)
Ena Babic, Women’s Tennis, Master of Sport Management
Gabriel Diaz Freire, Men’s Tennis, Master of Leadership & Human Resource Development
Kiya Johnson, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Ali Kilponen, Softball, Social Work, Child & Family Studies
Vlad Lobak, Men’s Tennis, Master of Leadership & Human Resource Development
Tyler McManus, Baseball, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Jordyn Perkins, Softball, Kinesiology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (6)
Nyagoa Bayak, Women’s Track & Field, Political Science
Drew Bianco, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ali Gaye, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jaray Jenkins, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sarah Shematsi, Women’s Basketball, Communication Studies
Vernel Singleton, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Science (2)
Jon Nerdal, Men’s Track & Field, Master of Mathematics
Julian Norman, Men’s Swimming, Biological Sciences

E.J. Ourso College of Business (3)
Bella Bauman, Beach Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Gracen Standley, Gymnastics, Master of Business Administration
Nick Storz, Football/Baseball, Master of Business Administration

Manship School of Mass Communication (2)
Boris Kozlov, Men’s Tennis, Mass Communication
Katy-Ann McDonald, Women’s Track & Field, Mass Communication

Spring (May 20-21, 2022)

College of Agriculture (1)
Melia Lindner, Beach Volleyball, Animal Sciences

College of Engineering (9)
Juan Celaya-Hernandez, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Chemical Engineering
Rebecca D’Antonio, Gymnastics, Computer Science
Sarah Edwards, Gymnastics, Environmental Engineering
Hunter Faust, Football, Construction Management
Lisa Gunnarsson, Women’s Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Luca Pfyffer, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Mechanical Engineering
Katie Smith, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Petroleum Engineering
Trent Vietmeier, Baseball, Certificate in Construction Management
Adam Wise, Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country, Biological Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (14)
Cade Beloso, Baseball, Sport Administration
Caitlin Broadwell, Beach Volleyball, Master of Education, Counseling
Cait Calland, Softball, Kinesiology
Reagan Campbell, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Christina Desiderio, Gymnastics, Master of Science, Leadership & Human Resource Development
Gavin Dugas, Baseball, Sport Administration
Eli Gaughan, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Kelli Greene-Agnew, Beach Volleyball, Sport Administration
Jontre Kirklin, Football, Sport Administration
Anna Loughlan, Women’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Molly McHale, Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country, Kinesiology
Jake Norris, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Thomas Roark, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Sport Administration
Jake Wyeth, Baseball, Sport Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (12)
Jessica Bailey, Women’s Golf, Interdisciplinary Studies
Serena Bolden, Women’s Track & Field, Political Science
Riley Dixon, Soccer, Master of Liberal Arts
Grace Haggerty, Soccer, Interdisciplinary Studies
Allie McDaid, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rivani Sihotang, Women’s Golf, Interdisciplinary Studies
Shelbi Sunseri, Softball, Communication Disorders
Taylor Tidwell, Softball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Awa Trasi, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Alden Wallace, Women’s Golf, Political Science
Emmaline Walters, Volleyball, Master of Liberal Arts
Toby Weathersby, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Science (5)
Garrett Hamilton, Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country, Physics
Meghan Johnson, Soccer, Biological Sciences
Sydney Lau, Soccer, Biological Sciences
Cade Martin, Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country, Biochemistry
Mollee Swift, Soccer, Mathematics

E. J. Ourso College of Business (16)
Garrett Barber, Men’s Golf, General Business
Holly Carlton, Beach Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Georgia Clark, Softball, Finance
Allison Coens, Beach Volleyball, Finance
Silas Dejean, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Master of Finance
Amanda Doyle, Softball, Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Evan Francioni, Football, Finance
Athena Kuehn, Soccer, Master of Business Administration
Savannah Mills, Soccer, Management
Michael Petro, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Brittany Thompson, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Alexis Toney, Beach Volleyball, Accounting
Miguel Velasquez, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Nick Watson, Men’s Tennis, Accounting
Hayden White, Men’s Golf, Finance
Chris Woollam, Men’s Golf, Finance

Manship School of Mass Communication (6)
Gabbie Angelle, Soccer, Mass Communication
Julia Palin, Women’s Track & Field/Cross Country, Mass Communication
Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope, Beach Volleyball, Mass Communication
Michael Sanders, Men’s Golf, Mass Communication
Olivia Taylor, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication
Anne Tuxen, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication

Paul M. Hebert Law Center (1)
TJ Bleichner, Men’s Track & Field, Juris Doctor

Winter (Dec. 17, 2021)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (9)
Lloyd Cole, Football, Finance
Parker Edwards, Men’s Basketball, Marketing
Jack Jannasch, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Preston Stafford, Football, Finance
Jacob Thornton, Men’s Track & Field, Economics
Luba Vasilyuk, Women’s Tennis, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Lexi Gibbs, Soccer, Master of Public Administration
Bianca Rockett LeBlanc, Women’s Track & Field, Master of Business Administration
Liam Shanahan, Football, Master of Public Administration

College of Human Sciences & Education (7)
Taylor Bannister, Volleyball, Sport Administration
Dorian Camel, Men’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Damone Clark, Football, Sport Administration
Whitney Foreman, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Haylee Knight, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Savannah Stewart, Softball, Sport Administration
Akiya Thymes, Softball, Master of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (4)
Lizzie Cui, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Master of Arts in the Liberal Arts
Morgan Cummins, Softball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Maddison Martin, Soccer, Psychology
Chiara Ritchie-Williams, Soccer, Economics


Summer (Aug. 13, 2021)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (1)
Malik Bhatnagar, Men’s Tennis, General Business

College of Human Sciences & Education (14)
Taryn Antoine, Softball, Kinesiology
Ellie Baldwin, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Sport Administration
Claire Coppola, Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development
Eric Coston, Men’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Hannah Cuneo, Soccer, Kinesiology
Kennedi Edney, Gymnastics, Master of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development
Todd Harris Jr., Football, Sport Administration
Cameron Lewis, Football, Sport Administration
Symone Mason, Women’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Sydney Mukes, Volleyball, Master of Science in Leadership & Human Resource Development
Amanda Sanchez, Softball, Master of Science in Sport Management
Trent Schachter, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Sport Administration
Alicia Stamey, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Devin White, Football, Sport Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (11)
Wasila Diwura-Soale, Soccer, Interdisciplinary Studies
Neil Farrell Jr., Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Aaron George, Baseball, Masters Liberal Arts in Fine Arts
Darian Goins, Volleyball, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Glen Logan, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jada Martin, Women’s Track & Field, Masters of Liberal Arts
Brian McGroarty, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dylan Peebles, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jalaysha Thomas, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Trent Vietmeier, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Shelby Wickersham, Softball, Psychology

College of Science (1)
Hunter Domanski, Beach Volleyball, Chemistry

Spring (May 7-8, 2021)

College of Agriculture (1)
Damion Thomas, Men’s Track & Field, Nutrition and Food Sciences

E.J. Ourso College of Business (22)
Matthew Beck, Baseball, Master of Business Administration
Hunter Kiel, Baseball, Master of Business Administration
Tatum Ballard, Beach Volleyball, Accounting
Nicole Decker, Beach Volleyball, Finance
Taryn Kloth, Beach Volleyball, Graduate Certificate in Analytics
Grace Morgan, Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Analytics
AJ Aycock, Football, General Business
Keenen Dunn, Football, General Business
Michael Ostrom, Football, Master of Business Administration
Nick Storz, Football/Baseball, General Business
Gracen Standley, Gymnastics, General Business
Carter Toms, Men’s Golf, Master of Business Administration
Trey Winstead, Men’s Golf, General Business
Dakota Hurbis, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Jeffrey Snoddy, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Rafael Wagner, Men’s Tennis, Finance
George Femmer, Men’s Track & Field, Management
Courtney Henderson, Soccer, General Business
Raigen Cianciulli, Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Kendall Griffin, Women’s Golf, Marketing
Alyssa Helak, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Master of Accountancy
Noel Baker, Women’s Track & Field, Management

College of Engineering (1)
Helen Grossman, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Chemical Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (25)
Braden Doughty, Baseball, Sport Administration
Devin Fontenot, Baseball, Sport Administration
Brandon Kaminer, Baseball, Sport Administration
AJ Labas, Baseball, Sport Administration
Caitlin Broadwell, Beach Volleyball, Master of Education in Counseling
Toni Rodriguez, Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Leadership and Human Resource Development
Avery Atkins, Football, Kinesiology
Myles Brennan, Football, Sport Administration
Ed Ingram, Football, Sport Administration
Cameron Lewis, Football, Sport Administration
Jared Small, Football, Sport Administration
Carlton Smith, Football, Sport Administration
Bridget Dean, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Christina Desiderio, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Sami Durante, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Myia Hambrick, Gymnastics, Master of Science in Sport Management
Akanni Hislop, Men’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Tinaya Alexander, Soccer, Sport Administration
Jade Clarke, Soccer, Elementary Education
Shelbi Sunseri, Softball, Sport Administration
Khayla Pointer, Women’s Basketball, Sport Administration
Raleigh Bentz, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Early Childhood Education
Eden Richardson, Women’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Amber Hart, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Cori Mitchell, Women’s Track & Field, Sport Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (13)
Trent Vietmeier, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tory Carter, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sam Montgomery, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Raymond Kibet, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Maribeth Gorsuch, Softball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Emmaline Walters, Volleyball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jailin Cherry, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Doneeka Hodges, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kiana Oshiro, Women’s Golf, Interdisciplinary Studies
Lexi Daniels, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Interdisciplinary Studies
Taylor Bridges, Women’s Tennis, Sociology
Brittley Humphrey, Women’s Track & Field, Spanish
Jurnee Woodward, Women’s Track & Field, Screen Arts and Communications Studies

Manship School of Mass Communications (7)
Olivia Gunter, Gymnastics, Mass Communications
Mary Frances Chauvin, Women’s Golf, Mass Communications
Kit Hanley, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communications
Cassie Kalisz, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communications
Paris Corley, Women’s Tennis, Mass Communications
Abigail O’Donoghue, Women’s Track & Field, Mass Communications
Milan Young, Women’s Track & Field, Mass Communications

College of Science (5)
Turner Simmers, Football, Biology
Braden Nyboer, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Biochemistry
Kristin Delgado, Women’s Track & Field, Biochemistry
Amber Desselle, Women’s Track & Field, Biology

Winter (Dec. 18, 2020 – In-person Ceremony Held in Tiger Stadium)

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (2)
Mercy Abire, Track and Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Claire Weinberger, Softball, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Human Sciences & Education (14)
Jace Attuso, Track and Field, Kinesiology
Philip Barbaree, Men’s Golf, Sport Administration
Clayton Black, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Tiana Caffey, Soccer, Sport Administration
DJ Chark, Football, Sport Administration
Austin Deculus, Football, Sport Administration
Amanda Doyle, Softball, Elementary Education
Rayvon Grey, Track and Field, Sport Administration
Raven Guerrero, Soccer, Kinesiology
Jade Lewis, Women’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Aaron Moffitt, Football, Sport Administration
Xavier Mulugata, Track and Field, Sport Administration
Kristin Nuss, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Milan Stokes, Volleyball, Master’s Leadership & Human Resource Development

E.J. Ourso College of Business (3)
Kyle Montgomery, Track and Field, Master’s in Accounting
Olivia Paskulin, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Joey Thomas, Finance, Men’s Tennis

College of Engineering (2)
Marlena Cutura, Soccer, Civil Engineering
Jordan Romero, Baseball, Civil Engineering

Manship School of Mass Communications (1)
Lewis Clough, Swimming & Diving, Mass Communications


Summer (Aug. 7, 2020 – Virtual Ceremony due to COVID-19 pandemic)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (3)
Keagan Finley, Men’s Swimming & Diving, General Business
Alyssa Helak, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Accounting
Curtis Thompson, Men’s Golf, General Business

College of Human Sciences & Education (8)
Andre Anthony, Football, Sports Administration
Mercedes Brooks, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Nick Brossette, Football, Sports Administration
Cameron Karkoska, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Matt Klotz, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Christian Miller, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Jamal Pettigrew, Football, Sports Administration
Jaelyn Richard-Harris, Women’s Basketball, Kinesiology

College of Human Sciences & Education (5)
Marlon Taylor, Men’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Faustine Aifuwa, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Lavar Edwards, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Eric Monroe, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Travez Moore, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

Spring (May 15, 2020 – Virtual Ceremony due to COVID-19 pandemic)

College of Agriculture (2)
Sara Funderburk, Track & Field, Animal Sciences
Hollie Parker, Track & Field, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising

College of The Coast & Environment (1)
Will Arthur, Swimming & Diving, Coastal Environmental Science

College of Engineering (3)
Nicole Rozier, Swimming & Diving, Chemical Engineering
Sven Saemundsson, Swimming & Diving, Chemical Engineering
Michael Smith, Football, Electrical Engineering

E.J. Ourso College of Business (15)
Matthew Beck, Baseball, Finance
Colby Brunet, Football, General Business
Raigen Cianciulli, Volleyball, Finance
Claire Coppola, Beach Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Lindsey Eaton, Soccer, Marketing
Lindsay Flory, Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Drew Gonzales, Men’s Golf, Finance
Marshall Graves, Men’s Basketball, General Business
Ruy Teixeira, Men’s Tennis, General Business
Annie Jung, Track & Field, General Business
Ashlyn Kirby, Gymnastics, Accounting
Taryn Kloth, Beach Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Karl Luht, Swimming & Diving, Finance
Eric Walker, Baseball, Finance
Jack Wilkes, Track & Field, Master of Business Administration

College of Human Sciences & Education (20)
LaToya Ashman, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Caitie Cantrill, Soccer, Kinesiology
Monica Dibildox, Women’s Golf, Sports Administration
Mia Dubroc, Soccer, Kinesiology
Kennedi Edney, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Aaron George, Baseball, Sports Administration
Andre Girouard, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Ruby Harrold, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Hunter Kiel, Baseball, Sports Administration
Skylar Mays, Men’s Basketball, Kinesiology
Sydney Mukes, Volleyball, Leadership & Human Resource Development
Olivia Powers, Beach Volleyball, Sports Administration
Jakori Savage, Football, Sports Administration
Allyson Seals, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Rakell Spencer, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Courtney Tapocik, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Jariel Tureaud, Volleyball, Sports Administration
Reuben Twijukye, Track & Field, Doctor of Philosophy
Kahlee York, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Anna Zwiebel, Volleyball, Kinesiology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (10)
Da’Quan Bellard, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Donavaughn Campbell, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Travin Dural, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Christian LaCouture, Football, Master of Arts In Liberal Arts
Tonea Marshall, Track & Field, Sociology
Lauren McIntosh, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Ayana Mitchell, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Richard Thompson, Track & Field, Sociology
Cole Tracy, Football, Master of Arts In Liberal Arts
Amelie Whitehurst, Track & Field, History

Manship School of Mass Communication (1)
Lizzie Cui, Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication

Winter (Dec. 20, 2019)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (6)
Parker Bugg, Baseball, Accounting
Connor Culp, Football, General Business
Blake Ferguson, Football, Master of Business Administration
Marina Hedlund, Women’s Golf Marketing
Kyle Montgomery, Cross Country, Accounting
Jahnoy Thompson, Track & Field, Management

College of Human Sciences & Education (12)
Aliyah Andrews, Softball, Sports Administration
Lloyd Cushenberry III, Football, Sports Administration
Zakiya Denoon, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Kristian Fulton, Football, Sports Administration
Emma Grace Goldman, Soccer, Kinesiology
Jessica Golovin, Women’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Alexandria Ham, Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Haylee Knight, Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Rashard Lawrence, Football, Sports Administration
Agie Moreno, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Matthew Phillip, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Nikola Samardzic, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (10)
Joe Burrow, Football, Master of Arts in Liberal Arts
Derrick Dillon, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Divinity Jr., Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ersula Farrow, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Adrian Magee, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Makayla Robillard, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Ray Thornton, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Badara Traore, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Zach Von Rosenberg, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dee Anderson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies


Summer (Aug. 2, 2019)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (1)
Carter Toms, Men’s Golf, Finance

College of Engineering (1)
Erika Lewis, Women’s Track & Field, Biological Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (7)
Jonathan Giles, Football, Sport Administration
Lexie Priessman, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Chris Reid, Baseball, Sport Administration
Jessica Savona, Gymnastics, Master of Kinesiology
Michaela Schlattman, Softball, Sport Administration
Becca Schulte, Softball, Sport Administration
Shayna Yon, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (6)
Taylor Anderson, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Interdisciplinary Studies
Breiden Fehoko, Football, Communication Studies
Riker Hylton, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Chris Lewis, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rachel Misher, Women’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Stephen Sullivan, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Science (1)
Alex Thomas, Women’s Soccer, Biology

Spring (May 10-11, 2019)

College of Agriculture (7)
Olivia Beyer, Volleyball, Nutrition & Food Sciences
Heather Cizek, Track & Field, Natural Resources Ecology & Management
Elizabeth Hotard, Women’s Tennis, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising
Mark Laird, Baseball, Animal Sciences
Matt McClellan, Swimming & Diving, Natural Resources Ecology & Management
Elyse Thornhill, Softball, Animal Sciences
Kate Zimmer, Swimming & Diving, Nutrition & Food Sciences

E.J. Ourso College of Business (21)
Matt Brock, Football, General Business
Brandt Broussard, Baseball, General Business
Angele Cherbonnier, Swimming & Diving, Master of Business Administration
Jeni Clark, Beach Volleyball, Finance
Claire Coppola, Beach Volleyball, Marketing
Trent Forshag, Baseball, Finance
Kathleen Gallagher, Women’s Golf, Marketing
Jack Gonsoulin, Football, Finance
Alex Harp, Track & Field, Finance
Tyler Harper, Swimming & Diving, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Tennyson Henry, Swimming & Diving, General Business
Lia Joslin, Swimming & Diving, Accounting
Rory Luke, Football, Economics
Madison McDaniel, Track & Field, Finance
Clay Moffitt, Baseball, Finance
Page Morehead, Women’s Golf, Finance
Gabrielle Pick, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Thomas Smith, Swimming & Diving, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Summer Spradley, Swimming & Diving, International Trade & Finance
Lauren Thompson, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Kaitlyn Walker, Track & Field, Marketing

College of Engineering (4)
Sydney Cavin, Women’s Golf, Construction Management
Caleb Gilbert, Baseball, Civil Engineering
Alarii Levreault-Lopez, Swimming & Diving, Petroleum Engineering
Mitchell Petras, Swimming & Diving, Petroleum Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (31)
Emmy Allen, Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Ashley Allmer, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Sophia Bisch, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Sydney Bourg, Softball, Sports Administration
Hannah Bourque, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Caroline Brockmeier, Soccer, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Chadd Burns, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Kimberlyn Duncan, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Antoine Duplantis, Baseball, Sports Administration
Sarah Finnegan, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Jared Foster, Baseball, Sports Administration
Lanard Fournette, Football, Sports Administration
Nataliyah Friar, Track & Field, Master of Social Work
Luis Gagne, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Ashleigh Gnat, Gymnastics, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Josh Growden, Football, Kinesiology
Kody Hall, Football, Sports Administration
Renard Howell, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Nathan Jeansonne, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Kortnei Johnson, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Harrison Jones, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Katie Kampen, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Oskana Lawrence, Track & Field, Sports Administration
DC Lipani, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Jane MacDougall, Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education/Special Education
Harrison Martingayle, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Mallory Robichaux, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Toni Rodriguez, Volleyball, Master of Kinesiology
Amy Stelly, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Akiya Thymes, Softball, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (20)
Yasmine Bidikuindila, Women’s Basketball, Sociology
Kavell Bigby-Williams, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Christian Boyd, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Julianna Cannamela, Gymnastics, Interdisciplinary Studies
Megan Davenport, Beach Volleyball, History
Daryl Edwards, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Emily Griggs, Softball, Communication Studies
Emily Hardesty, Beach Volleyball, Master of Arts in Liberal Arts
Kennan Johnson, Women’s Tennis, Sociology
McKenna Kelley, Gymnastics, Psychology
Chris Lewis, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Maddie Ligon, Beach Volleyball, Liberal Arts
Shane Monroe, Men’s Tennis, Interdisciplinary Studies
Vernon Norwood, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kymber Payne, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Richard Picou, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Arthur Price, Track & Field, Psychology
Savannah Sledd, Track & Field, Sociology
Milan Stokes, Volleyball, English
Allie Walljasper, Softball, Interdisciplinary Studies

Manship School of Mass Communication (1)
A.J. Andrews, Softball, Master of Mass Communication

College of Science (1)
Rileigh Knox, Swimming & Diving, Mathematics

Winter (Dec. 14, 2018)

College of Agriculture (1)
Jake Markham, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Natural Resource Ecology & Management

E.J. Ourso College of Business (6)
Mikiah Brisco, Women’s Track and Field, Accounting
Rebecca Little, Women’s Track and Field, Master of Science in Finance
Michael Ostrom, Football, General Business
Chrissy Pitre, Soccer, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Tiger Scheyd, Football, Management
Bennett Schiro, Football, Master of Science in Finance

College of Engineering (2)
Monica Guillot, Women’s Track and Field, Chemical Engineering
Justin Mikush, Football, Construction Management

College of Human Sciences & Education (9)
John Battle, Football, Sports Administration
Garrett Brumfield, Football, Sports Administration
Jordane Carvery, Soccer, Elementary Education
Gabor Csonka, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Leon Landry, Baseball, Sports Administration
Sydney Loupe, Softball, Sports Administration
Foster Moreau, Football, Sports Administration
Doug Norman, Baseball, Sports Administration
Amber Serrett, Softball, Kinesiology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (4)
Ryann Foster, Women’s Tennis, Interdisciplinary Studies
Aleia Hobbs, Women’s Track and Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Shanice Norton, Women’s Basketball, Sociology
Ed Paris, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies


Summer (Aug. 3, 2018)

College of Human Sciences & Education (5)
Trey Gallman, Football, Sports Administration
Nicole Howard, Soccer, Sports Administration
Justin McMillan, Football, Sports Administration
Mandi Orellana, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Jacory Washington, Football, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (3)
Michael Cherry, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Lauren Li, Gymnastics, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tatum Neubert, Women’s Basketball, History

Spring (May 11-12, 2018)

College of Art & Design (1)
John David Moore, Football, Architecture

E.J. Ourso College of Business (21)
Harry Ackland, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Lily Alfeld, Soccer, General Business
Blake Caldwell, Men’s Golf, General Business
Nick Coomes, Baseball, General Business
Claudia De Antonio, Women’s Golf, Marketing
David Ducre, Football, Management
Brandon Eddlestone, Men’s Basketball, Master of Science in Analytics
Blake Ferguson, Football, Marketing
Debbie Hahn, Soccer, General Business
Beau Jordan, Baseball, General Business
Bryce Jordan, Baseball, Marketing
Erin Macadaeg, Gymnastics, Marketing
Joao Mescolote, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Colleen O’Neil, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Matthew Rhorer, Track & Field, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Trevor Sansone, Track & Field, Master of Business Administration
Reed Vial, Men’s Basketball, Finance
Rebekah Wales, Track & Field, Master of Accountancy
Ashley Welborn, Track & Field, Master of Science in Analytics
Jack Wilkes, Track & Field, General Business
Riley Young, Beach Volleyball, Marketing

College of Engineering (7)
Tommy Brocato, Track & Field, Electrical Engineering
Raigyne Louis, Women’s Basketball, Electrical Engineering
Jonathan Nelsen, Track & Field, Electrical Engineering
Austin Ross, Baseball, Petroleum Engineering
Bryan Stamey, Track & Field, Computer Engineering
Daniel Tanner, Track & Field, Petroleum Engineering
Leah Troskot, Swimming & Diving, Mechanical Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (17)
Austin Bain, Baseball, Sports Administration
Madison Danna, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Timmy Dasinger, Swimming & Diving, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Jenna Deemer, Women’s Basketball, Kinesiology
Khourtni Fears, Volleyball, Master of Social Work
Lindsay Flory, Volleyball, Sports Administration
Zoe Higgins, Soccer, Sports Administration
Chloe Jackson, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Lilly Kessler, Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology
Cati Leak, Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Kylie Moran, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Jalyn Patterson, Men’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Anthony Ranaudo, Baseball, Sports Administration
Turner Simmers, Football, Kinesiology
Gina Tillis, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Joana Valle Costa, Women’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Cheyenne Wood, Volleyball, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (11)
Bria Druilhet, Track & Field, Psychology
Aaron Epps, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Johnnie Jackson, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Briana Kelly, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Ronald Martin, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Danielle Phillips, Track & Field, Psychology
Duop Reath, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Elbert Robinson III, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Layna Savoie, Softball, Psychology
Ryan Schimpf, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sidnie Wilder, Track & Field, Sociology

Manship School of Mass Communication (2)
Myia Hambrick, Gymnastics, Mass Communication
Chelsea Stiebing, Soccer, Mass Communication

College of Music & Dramatic Arts (1)
Carley Hoover, Softball, Theatre

College of Science (2)
Kelly Quinn, Volleyball, Biology
Marvalyn Vernon, Track & Field, Biology

Winter (Dec. 15, 2017)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (6)
Alexis Arlitt, Soccer, Master’s in Accounting
Danielle Avery, Women’s Track & Field, Finance
John Michael Busch, Men’s Tennis, Master’s in Finance
Garrett House, Men’s Swimming & Diving, International Trade & Finance
Alex Lange, Baseball, Marketing
Sophie Weber, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Master’s in Finance

College of Human Sciences & Education (12)
Caroline Brockmeier, Soccer, Kinesiology
Justin Butsch, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Will Clapp, Football, Sports Administration
Micah Dickens, Football, Sports Administration
Reshaud Henry, Football, Sports Administration
Sahvanna Jaquish, Softball, Sports Administration
Kara Kopcso, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Caleb Lewis, Football, Kinesiology
Tyler Moore, Baseball, Sports Administration
Kramer Robertson, Baseball, Sports Administration
Toni Rodriguez, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Devin Voorhies, Football, Sports Administration

College Humanities & Social Sciences (3)
Brian Bridgewater, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tinashe Mutanga, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
MJ Patterson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

Manship School of Mass Communication (1)
Madeline Ramsey, Soccer, Mass Communications


Summer (Aug. 4, 2017)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (3)
Silas Dejean, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Brandon Goldman, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Abraham Wallace, Football, General Business

College of Human Sciences & Education (12)
LaMar Bruton, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Hunter Burns, Football, Sports Administration
Summer Clarke, Soccer, Kinesiology
Rushell Harvey, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Blair Henderson, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Travia Jones, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Jada Martin, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Bryiana Richardson, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
James Stampley, Football, Kinesiology
Andrew Suchla, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Alexis Urch, Soccer, Sports Administration
Shae Zamardi, Gymnastics, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (8)
Tiara Gibson, Volleyball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Brandon Harris, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Frank Herron, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Skylar Holloway, Women’s Tennis, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ka’Lynn Jupiter, Women’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Cameron Robichaux, Men’s Track & Field, Psychology
Jordan Romero, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ella Williams, Soccer, Psychology

Manship School of Mass Communications (1)
Marcus Tiner, Men’s Track & Field, Mass Communications

Spring (May 12, 2017)

College of Agriculture (2)
Emma Hiller, Beach Volleyball, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising
Devin McCaffrey, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Plant & Soil System

College of Art & Design (1)
Brandon Surtain, Football, Studio Art

School of the Coast & Environment (1)
Damen Pheiffer, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Coastal Environmental Science

E.J. Ourso College of Business (13)
Helen Boyle, Beach Volleyball, Master of Business Administration
Ryan Cade, Men’s Swimming & Diving, General Business
Alden Cartwright, Baseball, General Business
Angele Cherbonnier, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Brandon Eddlestone, Men’s Basketball, Accounting
Patrick Geers, Men’s Track & Field, General Business
Rina Hill, Women’s Basketball, General Business
Lana Hodge, Women’s Golf, General Business
Harrison Kennedy, Men’s Tennis, Master of Science in Analytics
Rebecca Little, Women’s Track & Field, Finance
Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake, Men’s Track & Field, International Trade & Finance
John Valek III, Baseball, General Business
Rebekah Wales, Women’s Track & Field, Accounting

College of Engineering (3)
Elliot Dewlen, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Construction Management
Delaney Sheehan, Women’s Soccer, Chemical Engineering
Jenna Walker, Women’s Track & Field, Petroleum Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (29)
Bryce Adams, Baseball, Sports Administration
Chanice Chase, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Devon Dabney, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Jordan Daigle, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Sydney Ewing, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Ashleigh Gnat, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Cyril Grayson, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Lloimincia Hall, Gymnastics, Master of Art in Education
Shanekia Hall, Women’s Track & Field, Master of Art in Education
Rhyne Jones, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Katie Lagarde, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Bailey Landry, Softball, Sports Administration
Megan Lee, Women’s Soccer, Kinesiology
Katie Lindelow, Beach Volleyball, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Justin Maclin, Football, Master of Art in Education
Hannah Martin, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Kailey McCasland, Softball, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Danielle Mitchell, Women’s Track & Field, Child & Family Studies
Hunter Newman, Baseball, Sports Administration
Caroline Nistrup, Women’s Golf, Sports Administration
Shonacee Oliva, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Brandon Pierce, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Jared Poche’, Baseball, Kinesiology
Russell Reynolds, Baseball, Sports Administration
Jasmine Rhodes, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Eric Ricard, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Morgan Schuetz, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Collin Strall, Baseball, Sports Administration
Zach Wright, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (12)
Bianka Bell, Softball, Sociology
Christian Brennan, Women’s Track & Field, Sociology
Colby Delahoussaye, Football, Master of Liberal Arts
Andy Dodd, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Cole Freeman, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Nataliyah Friar, Women’s Track & Field, Psychology
Carly Goldstein, Women’s Golf, Interdisciplinary Studies
K.J. Malone, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sean Ochinko, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jonathan Rucker, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Logan Rysemus, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Political Science
DeSean Smith, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

Manship School of Mass Communications (2)
Danny Etling, Football, Mass Communications
Makenna Wilson, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communications

College of Science (3)
Christian Johnson, Men’s Track & Field, Biology
Callan Molle, Beach Volleyball, Biology
Ashley Welborn, Women’s Track & Field, Mathematics

Winter (Dec. 16, 2016)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (6)
Eric Alexander, Football, Master’s in Business Administration
John Ballis, Football, General Business
David Collins, Men’s Track & Field, Marketing
Fitzroy Dunkley, Men’s Track & Field, Marketing
Colin Jeter, Football, General Business
Tam Trinh, Men’s Tennis, General Business

College of Science (1)
Alex Boulet, Softball, M.S. in Natural Sciences

College of Engineering (1)
Garret LeBouef, Men’s Track & Field, Electrical Engineering

College of Agriculture (2)
Andreas Duplantis, Men’s Track & Field, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising
Skylar Kuykendall, Women’s Tennis, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (5)
Kendrick Adams, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Early Doucet, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Mickey Johnson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jonathan (Tragardh) Norberg, Men’s Tennis, English
Jason Smothers, Football

College of Human Sciences & Education (9)
Rachel Barber, Beach Volleyball, Sports Administration
Ellen Barkemeyer, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Alayna Falcon, Softball, Kinesiology
Jenna Kreamer, Softball, Sports Administration
Lewis Neal, Football, Sports Administration
Ethan Pocic, Football, Sports Administration
Jackson Slaid, Baseball, Sports Administration
Dwayne Thomas, Football, Sports Administration
Tre’Davious White, Football, Sports Administration


Summer (Aug. 5, 2016)

College of Human Sciences & Education (6)
Emily Ehrle, Volleyball, Sport Administration
Terry Hughes, Men’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Anthony Jennings, Football, Sport Administration
Christian LaCouture, Football, Sport Administration
Anne Pedersen, Women’s Basketball, M.S. in Kinesiology
Annie Simoneaux, Women’s Track & Field, M.S. in Kinesiology

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (6)
Brent Bonvillain, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Hunter Devall, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kiersten Duncan, Women’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Shanice Hall, Women’s Track & Field, Communication Studies
Jordan Moore, Men’s Track & Field, Sociology
Charles Scott, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

E.J. Ourso College of Business (5)
John Michael Busch, Men’s Tennis, Finance
Alex Linge, Men’s Swimming & Diving, General Business
Darcy Malone, Men’s Basketball, General Business
Craig Steltz, Football, General Business
Lionel Williams, Football, General Business

College of Science (1)
Grant Grenfell, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Biology

Spring (May 13, 2016)

College of Agriculture (2)
Allie Alter, Swimming & Diving, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising
Cassie Weil, Swimming & Diving, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising

College of Art & Design (1)
Fernanda Piña, Soccer, Studio Art

E.J. Ourso College of Business (16)
Boris Arias, Men’s Tennis, General Business
Braydon Bergeron, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Elise Bradley, Women’s Golf, Finance
Megan Cox, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Trent Domingue, Football, General Business
Jordan Harper, Football, General Business
Therese Jernbeck, Track & Field, International Trade & Finance
Harrison Kennedy, Men’s Tennis, Economics
Kellsi Kloss, Softball, General Business
Andrew Korinek, Men’s Tennis, Marketing
Heather Magee, Soccer, Marketing
Bryan Mutell, Track & Field, M.S. in Analytics
Henry Shortess, Men’s Basketball, Management
Cody Townsend, Football, General Business
Sophie Weber, Swimming & Diving, Finance
Scarlett Williams, Gymnastics, MBA

College of Engineering (4)
Luke Boyd, Football, Construction Management
Colin Finnegan, Swimming & Diving, Mechanical Engineering
Jeff Lang, Football, Chemical Engineering
Tommy LeBeau, Football, Mechanical Engineering

College of Human Sciences & Education (23)
LaSondra Barrett, Women’s Basketball, M.S. Sport Management
Nina Anderson, Soccer, M.S. Pedagogy & Psychological Sciences
Akilah Bethel, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Tori Bliss, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Gracie Campbell, Soccer, Kinesiology
J.C. Copeland, Football, Sports Administration
Nadine Dreher, Women’s Golf, Sports Administration
Elizabeth Dunning, Track & Field, Elementary Education
Aaron Ernest, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Michelle Gauthier, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Shanice Holmes, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Alexis Hyder, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Jessie James, Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Cati Leak, Volleyball/Beach Volleyball, Sports Administration
Taryn MacKenzie, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Emma Meckfessel, Soccer, Kinesiology
Caley Oquist, Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Malorie Pardo, Volleyball/Beach Volleyball, Elementary Education
Marcus Roberts, Football, Sports Administration
Jessica Savona, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Sandra Simmons, Softball, Child & Family Services
Ella Taylor, Women’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Randii Wyrick, Gymnastics, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (12)
Jevonte Domond, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Fehoko Fanaika, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Khourtni Fears, Volleyball/Beach Volleyball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Josh Gray, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Keith Hornsby, Men’s Basketball, Communication Studies
Destini Hughes, Women’s Basketball, M.A. Communication Studies
Morgan Ruhl, Soccer, Psychology
Stacey Stanfield, Swimming & Diving, English
Danielle Stirrat, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Rogers Washington, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Morgan Wells, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Music & Dramatic Arts (1)
Jalea Jackson, Track & Field, Theatre/Film & Television

Fall (Dec. 18, 2015)

College of Engineering (1)
Natalia Gomez-Junco Esteva, Soccer, Civil Engineering

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (8)
Jake Franklin, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Lexi Gibbs, Soccer, Interdisciplinary Studies
DaShawn Harden, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Walter Henning, Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ann Jones, Women’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Conner LeBlanc, Football, Philosophy
Catalina Rubiano, Soccer, Sociology
Madelene Sagstrom, Women’s Golf, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Science (1)
Mariel McLaughlin, Soccer, Biology

College of Human Sciences & Education (14)
A.J. Andrews, Softball, Sports Administration
John Diarse, Football, Sports Administration
Henri Faucheux, Baseball, Sports Administration
Ronnie Feist, Football, Sports Administration
Jessie Jordan, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Jamie Keehn, Football, Sports Administration
Chris LaBorde, Football, Kinesiology
Lamar Louis, Football, Sports Administration
Rob Snyder, Football, Sports Administration
Logan Stokes, Football, Sports Administration
Quentin Thomas, Football, Sports Administration
Corey Thompson, Football, Sports Administration
Jeremy Tuttle, Track & Field, Sports Administration
Laura Whalen, Volleyball/Beach Volleyball, Kinesiology


Summer (Aug. 7, 2015)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (1)
Kailey McCasland, Softball, General Business

College of Human Sciences & Education (8)
Haley Emerson, Women’s Soccer, Sports Administration
Mariah Georgetown, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Christian Ibarra, Baseball, Sports Administration
Josh Johns, Football, Sports Administration
Katie Lindelow, Volleyball, Sports Administration
Matthew Schaefer, Men’s Swimming & Diving
Katlin Sepp, Women’s Swimming & Diving
Chris Simpson, Men’s Tennis

College of Human & Social Sciences (4)
Jonah Austin, Football, International Studies
Sheila Boykin, Women’s Basketball, International Studies
Brandon Taylor, Football, Sociology
Joshua Thompson, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies

Spring (May 14, 2015)

College of Agriculture (1)
Will Suk, Men’s Tennis, Agricultural Business

College of Art and Design (1)
Alex Bettridge, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Studio Art

E.J. Ourso College of Business (12)
Alex Arlitt, Women’s Soccer, Accounting
Helen Boyle, Volleyball, Marketing
Brady Domangue, Baseball, General Business
Frank Greeff, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Management
Austin Gutgsell, Men’s Golf, Business Administration
Stewart Jolly, Men’s Golf, General Business
Brad Kragthorpe, Football, General Business
Myles Lewis, Men’s Golf, Marketing
Kurt McCune, Baseball, General Business
Bryan Mutell, Men’s Track & Field, Economics
Jennifer Reese, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Finance
Kade Scivicque, Baseball, Management

College of Engineering (3)
Ronald Dupree, Men’s Basketball, Electrical Engineering
Philip Primeaux, Men’s Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Chris Sciambra, Baseball, Construction Management

Manship School of Mass Communication (4)
Kaleigh Dickson, Gymnastics, Mass Communications
Paige Jarreau, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communications and Public Affairs
Ashley Lee, Gymnastics, Mass Communications
Elle Schmidt, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communications

College of Science (2)
Victoria Boraski, Sand Volleyball, Biology
Chaiss Matthews, Women’s Track & Field, Biology

College of Human Sciences & Education (16)
Kyle Bouman, Baseball, Sports Administration
Rodney Brown, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Rheagan Courville, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Quincy Downing, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Reid Ferguson, Football, Sports Administration
Lloimincia Hall, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Daniel Helm, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Mary Jeremiah, Women’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Madi Mahaffey, Volleyball, Sports Administration
Julian Parker, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Anne Pedersen, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Zac Person, Baseball, Kinesiology
Britney Ranzy, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Dylan Supak, Softball, Kinesiology
Ben Taylor, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Tammy Wray, Softball, Child & Family Studies

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (13)
Andria Aguilar, Women’s Track & Field, International Studies
Amber Carter, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Sociology
Meghan Charbonnet, Women’s Track & Field, Psychology
Craig Davis, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Philip Dempsey, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Devante Meullion, Football, Political Science
John Odo, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Hallie Petersohn, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Interdisciplinary Studies
Christian Pittman, Football, Sociology
Travis Pope, Men’s Track & Field, History
Antonio Robinson, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Noel Scott, Women’s Tennis, Liberal Arts
Terrence Toliver, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

Fall (Dec. 19, 2014)

E.J. Ourso College of Business (6)
Travis Dickson, Football, General Business
Lindsay Gahm, Women’s Golf, Marketing
Kevin Leong, Men’s Swimming & Diving, General Business
Jordy Snikeris, Baseball, Master of Science/Finance
Tre’ Sullivan, Football, General Business
D.J. Welter, Football, General Business

College of Human Sciences & Education (6)
Micah Gibbs, Baseball, Sports Administration
Josh Jasper, Football, Sports Administration
Landon Lyons, Men’s Golf, Sports Administration
Myles O’Brien, Football, Sports Administration
Jermauria Rasco, Football, Sports Administration
Nikita Tracey, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (6)
Shermund Allsop, Men’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tiffany George, Women’s Track & Field, Sociology
Kenny Hilliard, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sammy Joseph, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ariel Morton, Women’s Tennis, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kelly Willie, Men’s Track and Field, Communication Studies

College of Science (1)
Alex Boulet, Softball, Mathematics


Summer (Aug. 8, 2014)

College of Agriculture (1)
Jasmin Stowers, Women’s Track & Field, Nutrition & Food Science

E.J. Ourso College of Business (3)
Ricardo Alvarado Jimenez, Men’s Swimming & Diving, International Trade & Finance
Frank Greeff, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Connor Neighbors, Football, General Business

College of Human Sciences & Education (7)
Timmy Dasinger, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Justin Maclin, Football, Sports Administration
Sarie Morrison, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Lynnika Pitts, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Elliott Porter, Football, Sports Administration
Andre Stringer, Men’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Toshika Sylvester, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (6)
Rob Bolden, Football, Sociology
Shavon Coleman, Men’s Basketball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Keri Emanuel, Women’s Track & Field, Sociology
Karnell Hatcher, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Richard Murphy, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rainey White, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Sociology

Spring (May 16, 2014)

E.J. Orso College of Business (10)
Shane Coltharp, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Johnny Dishon, Baseball, General Business
Desiree Elliott, Volleyball, General Business
Jarrett Fobbs, Football, General Business
James Hairston, Football, Finance
Smylie Kaufman, Men’s Golf, Marketing
Sean McKinney, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Michelle Mobley, Women’s Track & Field, Marketing
Emily Weaner, Women’s Swimming & Diving, General Business
William Wiesler, Men’s Track & Field, General Business

College of Science (2)
Casey Duvall, Gymnastics, Biology
Lainie Fleming, Gymnastics, Microbiology

College of Agriculture (2)
A’Trey-U Jones, Football, Agricultural Business
Jasmin Stowers, Women’s Track & Field, Nutrition & Food Science

College of Engineering (1)
Kyra Jones, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Chemical Engineering

Manship School of Mass Communication (1)
Laura Furr, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication

College of Human Sciences & Education (24)
Nina Anderson, Soccer, Sports Administration
Jacee Blades, Softball, Kinesiology
Kadron Boone, Football, Sports Administration
Torrey Bussey, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Jodi Calloway, Soccer, Sports Administration
Emily Cancienne, Soccer, Sports Administration
Alex Edward, Baseball, Sports Administration
Rachele Fico, Softball, Sports Administration
Mckenzie Fox, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Nate Fury, Baseball, Sports Administration
Parker Glass, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Karen Henning, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Denise Hinton, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Jaora Johnson, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Jeanne Kenney, Women’s Basketball, Kinesiology
Jessica Kopcso, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration
Shanece McKinney, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Shannon McLain, Soccer, Sports Administration
Nicole McLaughlin, Soccer, Kinesiology
Sean McMullen, Baseball, Kinesiology
Theresa Plaisance, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Stephen Rivers, Football, Sports Administration
Annie Simoneaux, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Andrei Tuomola, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Sports Administration

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (11)
Addie Eggleston, Soccer, Communication Disorders
Kaitlin Hatcher, Sand Volleyball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Simone Heyward, Softball, Psychology
Jordan Jefferson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Muna Lee, Women’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Charlene Lipsey, Women’s Track & Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Craig Loston, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ali Lucas, Women’s Golf, Interdisciplinary Studies
Maliah Mathis, Gymnastics, Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Petty, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Michael Saco, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Interdisciplinary Studies

Fall (Dec. 20, 2013)

College of Engineering (2)
Madie Jones, Volleyball, Industrial Engineering
Kaelee Mader, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Chemical Engineering

College of Agriculture (3)
Evan Bergeron, Men’s Track and Field, Environmental Management Systems
Seth Fruge, Football, Nutrition and Food Science
Josh Williford, Football, Agricultural Business

Manship School of Mass Communication (2)
Kaitlin Burns, Women’s Tennis, Mass Communication
Alex Ramsey, Soccer, Mass Communication

E.J. Orso College of Business (3)
Chris Cotton, Baseball, International Trade and Finance
Hannes Heyl, Men’s Swimming/Diving, Master of Finance
Stefan Szacinski, Men’s Tennis, International Trade and Finance

College of Science (1)
John Michaelis, Men’s Tennis, Biology

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (8)
Lamin Barrow, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Roger Cooke, Men’s Track and Field, History
Ericka Garcia, Gymnastics, International Studies
Zach Mettenberger, Football, General Studies
Brittany Porter, Women’s Track and Field, General Studies
Robert Simmons, Men’s Track and Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jason Slaydon, Football, Psychology
Armand Williams, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Human Sciences and Education (18)
Quinlan Duhon, Softball (Director of Operations), Master of Kinesiology
Jordan Allen, Football, Sports Administration
Roger Anderson, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Raymond DePadua, Men’s Swimming/Diving, Sports Administration
Josh Downs, Football, Sports Administration
Richard Fisher, Men’s Track and Field, Sports Administration
Craig Hamilton, Men’s Swimming/Diving, Sports Administration
Tyler Hanover, Baseball, Sports Administration
Jarrett Hardnett, Football, Sports Administration
Megan Kinneman, Soccer, Sports Administration
Tom Knights, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Mikie Mahtook, Baseball, Sports Administration
Danielle Murphy, Soccer, Kinesiology
Thomas Reinecke, Men’s Track and Field, Kinesiology
Jana Ruimerman, Women’s Swimming/Diving, Kinesiology
Britney Taylor, Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Evan Washington, Football, Sports Administration
Sally Wood, Women’s Swimming/Diving, Kinesiology


Summer (Aug. 9, 2013)

Human Sciences & Education
Kyron Blaise, Men’s Track and Field, Sports Administration
Cleveland Davis, Football, Sports Administration
Keri Frankenberger, Women’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Chelsea Griffiths, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Sports Administration
Sara Haley, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Sports Administration
Shanekia Hall, Women’s Track and Field, Sports Administration
James Turbervill, Men’s Tennis, Sports Administration
Caleb Williams, Men’s Track and Field, Sports Administration
Mychal Williams, Men’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Casey Yocom, Baseball, Sports Administration

Humanities & Social Sciences
Derrick Bryant, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Simone Heyward, Softball, Sociology
Deangelo Peterson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Takeia Pinckney, Women’s Track and Field, Interdisciplinary Studies

Eddie Ludwig, Men’s Basketball, Economics

Spring (May 16-17, 2013)

Human Sciences & Education
Laura Aleman, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Brianne Bergeron, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Kevin Berry, Baseball, Sports Administration
Joseph Caraway, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Timmy Dasinger, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Rick Duran, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Damar Forbes, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Jarrett Hardnett, Football, Sports Administration
Katrina Hegge, Women’s Golf, Sports Administration
Siedda Herbert, Women’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Lauren Houston, Women’s Softball, Sports Administration
Victoria Jacobsen, Women’s Volleyball, Kinesiology
Mason Katz, Baseball, Sports Administration
Audrey Lawson, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Phillip LeBlanc, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Daniel Obioha, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Rynell Parson, Men’s Track & Field, Sports Administration
Lindsay Price, Women’s Softball, Kinesiology
Shelby Prunty, Women’s Gymnastics, Sports Administration
Raph Rhymes, Baseball, Sports Administration
Morgan Russell, Women’s Softball (Student Coach), Sports Administration
Ryan St. Julien, Football, Sports Administration
Adrienne Webb, Women’s Basketball, Sports Administration
Ebie Wilson, Women’s Tennis, Kinesiology

Humanities & Social Sciences
Dexter Alexander, Football , Communication Studies
Olivier Borsos, Men’s Tennis , Psychology
Joey Bourgeois, Baseball, General Studies
Chase Clement, Football, General Studies
Chris Davenport, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jonique Day, Women’s Track & Field, Communication Studies
Blake Dean, Baseball, Interdisciplinary Studies
Andrew Del Piero, Men’s Basketball , Sociology
Sam Delahoussaye, Women’s Volleyball , General Studies
Rockey Duplessis, Football, General Studies
Janelle Garcia, Women’s Gymnastics, Communication Disorders
Bianca Lutley, Women’s Basketball , General Studies
Meghan Mannari, Women’s Volleyball , Psychology
Latoya McDermott, Women’s Track & Field, Communication Studies
Mikayda Mills, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Political Science & Economics
Andrew Muller, Men’s Swimming & Diving , Political Science
Barrett Nugent, Men’s Track & Field , Liberal Arts
Lacey Sanchez, Women’s Track & Field , English
Chris Tolliver, Football, General Studies

E.J. Orso College of Business
Ben Domingue, Football, International Trade & Finance
Nick Kunkel, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Jordy Snikeris, Baseball, Finance
Zack Wepasnick, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Information Systems & Decision Sciences

College of Engineering
Matt Fury, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Chemical Engineering
Chris Mericas, Men’s Swimming & Diving , Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Moore, Men’s Track & Field , Civil Engineering
Clay Spencer, Football, Civil Engineering
Tabari Williams, Football, Computer Science

Manship School of Mass Communication
Kaleigh Dickson, Women’s Gymnastics, Mass Communication
Reyna Lubin, Women’s Soccer, Mass Communication
Elle Schmidt, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication

College of Science
Allison Falcon, Softball, Biology
Leigh-Ann Naccari, Women’s Track & Field, Biology

Graduate School
Ashley Applegate, Women’s Softball, Curriculum and Instruction
Laura Carleton, Women’s Track & Field, Business Administration
DJ Howard, Football, Business Administration
Martin Jungfleisch, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Sara Pollock, Women’s Soccer, Public Administration
Lindsay Roe, Women’s Track & Field, Elementary Education
Alex Russian, Football, Business Administration

Fall (Dec. 14, 2012)

Human Sciences & Education (10)
Carlie Banks, Soccer, Kinesiology
Mark Bowtell, Men’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Josh Dworaczyk, Football, Sport Administration
Olivia Howlett, Women’s Tennis, Sport Administration
Courtney Jones, Women’s Basketball, Sport Administration
Ashley Langoni, Softball, Sport Administration
Kevin Minter, Football, Sport Administration
Kellie Murphy, Soccer, Kinesiology
Heidi Pizer, Softball, Elementary Education
Stanley Roberts, Men’s Basketball, Sport Administration

Humanities & Social Sciences (9)
Chancey Aghayere, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Eric Alexander, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rebecca Alexander, Women’s Track and Field, Interdisciplinary Studies
Ade Alleyne-Forte, Men’s Track and Field, Sociology
Matt Branch, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Natalie Ieyoub, Women’s Soccer, International Studies
Edwin Johnson, Football, Philosophy
Russell Shepard, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Neal Skupski, Men’s Tennis, Interdisciplinary Studies

Business (5)
P.J. Lonergan, Football, Management
Nick Rice, Football, Finance
Paras Shah, Men’s Track and Field, International Trade and Finance
Simon Diefenthal, Men’s Swimming and Diving, General Business
Steffen Voelkel, Men’s Swimming and Diving, General Business

Engineering (1)
Phillip Thomas, Men’s Track and Field, Construction Management


Summer (Aug. 3, 2012)

Gloria Johnson, Gymnastics, Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising

Katie Carroll, Track & Field, Sport Administration
Katie Guillory, Softball, Kinesiology
Juliana Santos, Softball, Sport Administration
Keyth Talley, Track & Field, Sports Administration

Humanities & Social Sciences
Darry Beckwith, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Richard Dickson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Chevis Jackson, Football, Interdisciplinary Studies
Thomas Parsons, Football, Communication Studies
Kellen Theriot, Football, Communication Studies

John Craig, Track & Field, Geology

Spring (May 18, 2012)

Ryan Anders Football Agricultural Business
Luke Dessauer Men’s Track and Field Agricultural Business
Melissa Ogbourne Women’s Track and Field Human Resource Education
Michael Sandoz Football Nutrition
Greg Shaw Football Agricultural Business

Art and Design
Danielle Martin Women’s Track and Field Architecture

Richard Chautin Men’s Track and Field International Trade and Finance
Grant Dozar Baseball Management
Brandon Gordon Men’s Track and Field Marketing
Austin Gutgsell Men’s Golf Marketing
Martin Jungfleisch Men’s Swimming and Diving Finance
Rachel Laurent Women’s Track and Field Economics
Michael Lauro Men’s Track and Field Marketing
David Roberts Men’s Tennis Finance
Cassandra Tate Women’s Track and Field Management
James Thurn Men’s Track and Field Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Matt Vieke Men’s Swimming and Diving Management

Scott Gibson Men’s Track and Field Sport Administration
Trent Hebert Football Kinesiology
Jacqueline Hedwall Women’s Golf Sport Administration
Brieanna Kennedy Women’s Track and Field Kinesiology
Austin Kinchen Football Kinesiology
Ashley Lee Gymnastics Sport Administration
Brittany Mack Softball Kinesiology
Austin Nola Baseball Sport Administration
Lindsay Roe Women’s Track and Field Elementary Education
Ryan Roubion Men’s Track and Field Kinesiology
Zedric Thomas Men’s Track and Field Sport Administration
Cassie Trosclair Softball Kinesiology
Taylor Turnbow Women’s Basketball Sport Administration
Storm Warren Men’s Basketball Sport Administration
Michele Williams Volleyball Elementary Education
Whitney Wolf Women’s Tennis Kinesiology
Sang Yi Men’s Golf Sport Administration

College of Engineering
Sarah Bedell Women’s Swimming and Diving Petroleum Engineering
Paul Felio Football Construction Management
Andrew Reynolds Men’s Swimming and Diving Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Thornton Football Petroleum Engineering

College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Chris Bass Men’s Basketball General Studies
Taryne Boudreau Soccer General Studies
Demetrius Byrd Football General Studies
Beau Didier Baseball Political Science
Samantha Goates Women’s Swimming and Diving History
Luis Gonzalez Men’s Swimming and Diving International Studies
Earnest Green Men’s Track and Field Sociology
Justin Hamilton Men’s Basketball Sociology
Dennis Johnson Football General Studies
Ashley Lee Gymnastics General Studies
Jarrett Lee Football General Studies
Nikki Lyons Gymnastics General Studies
Natalie Martineau Soccer French
James Meyers Men’s Swimming and Diving Sociology
Malcolm White Men’s Basketball General Studies
Devon Williams Women’s Track and Field Communication

College of Mass Communication
Allison Horner Women’s Track and Field Mass Communication
Marcus McGehee Men’s Track and Field Mass Communication
Tessa Teachman Women’s Golf Mass Communication

College of Science
Dominique Ceazer Football Biology
Taylor Debusk Football Biology
David Detz Football Biology
Cullen Doody Men’s Track and Field Biology

Graduate School
Katelyn Rodrigue Women’s Track and Field Graduate Communication Disorders

Fall (Dec. 16, 2011)

Agriculture (1)
Destini Hughes, Women’s Basketball, Animal Dairy Poultry/Pre-veterinary Medicine

Business (8)
Daniel Bradshaw, Baseball, Finance
Mark DeBlanc, Men’s Track & Field, Marketing
Rachel Fountain, Women’s Track & Field, Finance
Julien Gauthier, Men’s Tennis, Management
Hannes Heyl, Men’s Swimming & Diving, Finance
Ken Looper, Men’s Golf, Marketing
Mike Lowery, Baseball, Management
Lauren Waclawczyk, Volleyball, Management

Education (12)
Drew Alleman, Football, Sport Administration
Ben Alsup, Baseball, Sport Administration
Ashley Applegate, Softball, Elementary Education
LaSondra Barrett, Women’s Basketball, Sport Administration
Swayze Black, Women’s Basketball, Sport Administration
Brittani Carter, Women’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Joey Crappell, Football, Sport Administration
Josh Dominguez, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Samantha Engle, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Brittany Hall, Women’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Mitch Joseph, Football, Sport Administration
Staci Schwitkis, Gymnastics, Kinesiology

Humanities and Social Sciences (14)
Will Blackwell, Football, General Studies
Jake Creel, Men’s Golf, General Studies
Ian Harding, Football, Communication Studies
Reggie Haslom, Men’s Track & Field, General Studies
T-Bob Hebert, Football, General Studies
James Kemp, Men’s Track & Field, General Studies
Gabriel Mvumvure, Men’s Track & Field, International Studies
Jasmine Nelson, Women’s Basketball, General Studies
Ryan Penn, Men’s Track & Field, General Studies
Jacob Simmons, Men’s Track & Field, General Studies
James Stampley, Football, Psychology
Jane Trepp, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Brandon Washington, Football, General Studies
John Williams, Football, General Studies

Mass Communication (1)
Mo Isom, Soccer, Mass Communication

Science (2)
Sebastian Carlsson, Men’s Tennis, Biology
Allysha Chapman, Soccer, Biology

Graduate School – Master’s Degree (2)
Jared Fugate, Football, Kinesiology – Sports Management
Haley Reuther, Volleyball, Business – Accounting


Summer (Aug. 5, 2011)

Nazily Alcoser, Soccer, Sport Administration
Angela Bensend, Volleyball, Sport Administration
Garrett Green, Men’s Basketball, Sport Administration
Tenaya Jones, Women’s Track & Field, Sport Administration
Tim Landry, Men’s Track & Field/Cross Country, Sport Administration
T.C. McCartney, Football, Sport Administration
Kyle Rose, Men’s Track & Field, Kinesiology
Alex Russian, Football, Sport Administration
Tania Schatow, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Amalie Valle, Women’s Golf, Sport Administration

Humanities and Social Sciences
Bennie Brazell, Football/Men’s Track and Field, General Studies
Jordon Corbin, Football, General Studies
Travis Daniels, Football, General Studies
Reggie Haslom, Men’s Track & Field, General Studies
Jasmine Nelson, Women’s Basketball, General Studies
Ryan Penn, Men’s Track & Field, General Studies
Bris’ Robinson, Women’s Track & Field, Sociology
Ali Sanford, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Communication Studies
Kenyanna Wilson, Women’s Track & Field, Psychology

College of Science
Kannon Betzen, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Biology

Graduate School, Master’s Degrees
Rich Cooper, Football, Doctorate in English, PENGL
John Daniel, Men’s Basketball Manager, Kinesiology-Sports Management, SKIN
Lauren DeGirolamo, Volleyball, Educational Technology Curriculum Instruction, ETEC
Ben Wilkerson, Football, Kinesiology – Sports Management, SKIN

Spring (May 20, 2011)

Business Administration
Laura Carleton, Track & Field, Management
Clint Hallum, Swimming & Diving, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Laust Helmig, Swimming & Diving, Economics
DJ Howard, Football, Management
Brittney Johnson, Volleyball, Accounting
Lindy LaBauve, Women’s Golf, Economics
Megan McChrystal, Women’s Golf, Management
Chelsea Potts, Soccer, Finance
David Roberts, Men’s Tennis, Accounting

Brooke Barnett, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Amanda Carreno, Soccer, Kinesiology
R.J. Gillen, Football, Sport Administration
Katherine Graham, Women’s Basketball, Sport Administration
Armanti Hayes, Track & Field, Sport Administration
Derek Helton, Football, Sport Administration
Liann Kellman, Track & Field, Sport Administration
Andrew Loupe, Men’s Golf, Sport Administration
Jessica Mouse, Softball, Sport Administration
Jonathan Nixon, Football, Sport Administration
Abby Oberthier, Women’s Golf, Sport Administration
John Peterson, Men’s Golf, Sport Administration
Clayton Rotz, Men’s Golf, Sport Administration
Lauren Saucier, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Tiffany Shaw, Softball, Sport Administration
Kirsten Shortridge, Softball, Elementary Education
Alan Sticker, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Lamar Weeks, Swimming & Diving, Sport Administration

Todd Burford, Swimming & Diving, Mechanical Engineering
Josh Cusimano, Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Florek, Track & Field, Construction Management
Sean LeNeave, Swimming & Diving, Petroleum Engineering
Patrick Lipoma, Football, Biological Engineering
Eric Zeller, Swimming & Diving, Construction Management

Humanities and Social Sciences
Kelly Ann Baptiste, Track & Field, Psychology
Joseph Barksdale, Football, General Studies
Josh Dworaczyk, Football, General Studies
Latear Eason, Women’s Basketball, Communication Studies
Clay Harris, Baseball, History
Nathan Schreiber, Swimming & Diving, Communication Studies
Jacob Simmons, Track & Field, General Studies
Samia Stokes, Track & Field, Psychology
Jonathan Thomas, Track & Field, Political Science
Justin Vincent, Football, Communication Studies
Lauren Ybarzabal, Track & Field, Sociology

College of Science
Kylie Adamek, Women’s Tennis, Biological Sciences
Ken Ehrhardt, Track & Field, Biological Sciences
Andrea Kelly, Women’s Basketball, Biological Sciences
Jordan Newell, Football, Biological Sciences
Kayla Rogers, Gymnastics, Biological Sciences
Shanna Spears, Swimming & Diving, Microbiology

Graduate School, All Master’s Degrees
Jade Jenkins Bryan, Gymnastics, Human Resource Education
Vanessa Duenas, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Connor Farber, Swimming & Diving, Business Administration
Julius Gloeckner, Swimming & Diving, Business Administration
Rachel Pittman, Volleyball, Human Resource Education
Jeffrey Wiggins, Track & Field, Education
Adam Wilcox, Track & Field, Kinesiology

Fall (Dec. 17, 2010)

Rachel Mitchell, Softball, Agricultural Business

Richard Dugas, Football, Management
Cody Loup, Tennis, Accounting

Courtney Alexander, Soccer, Kinesiology
Chris Bless, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Nicole Crochet, Golf, Sport Administration
Sabrina Franceschelli, Gymnastics, Elementary Education
Kyle Hecker, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Jerel Hill, Track & Field, Sport Administration
Susan Jackson, Gymnastics, Sport Administration
Kim Williams, Track & Field, Sport Administration

Zach Elkins, Football, Construction Management
John Humphries, Golf, Civil Engineering

Humanities and Social Studies
Chandra Bush, Soccer, General Studies
Brittnee Cooper, Volleyball, Sociology
Will Coppage, Track & Field, Sociology
Daniel Graff, Football, General Studies
Allison Hightower, W. Basketball, General Studies
Michael Hollander, Baseball, Communication Studies
Summer Hubbard, Gymnastics, General Studies
Antonio Hudson, Basketball, General Studies
Jamaal James, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Lazarius Levingston, Football, General Studies
Brittany Lowe, Soccer, English
Drake Nevis, Football, General Studies
Marcus Price, Football, General Studies
Malorie Rutledge, Soccer, General Studies
Kelvin Sheppard, Football, General Studies
Joseph Simuchimba, Track & Field, General Studies
Mark Snyder, Football, General Studies
Sean Swanner, Track & Field, International Studies

Mass Communication
Leigh Ann King, Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication
Nicole Kantor, Tennis, Mass Communication


Summer (Aug. 6, 2010)

Arts & Sciences
Nate Bumstead, Baseball, History
Jeremy Hicks, Track & Field, General Studies
Alaina Klarquist, Volleyball, General Studies
Patrick Lee, Track & Field, General Studies

Business Administration
Luc Rykosky, Swimming & Diving, Finance

Brent Blaum, Golf, Sport Administration
Roy Chambers, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Sam Dabbs, Volleyball, Sport Administration
Cody Trahan, Softball, Kinesiology
Denard Walker, Football, Kinesiology

Graduate School, All Master’s Degrees
Alex Farrer, Basketball, Sport Management
Mark Growcott, Tennis, Mass Communication
Staten Spencer, Tennis, Economics

Spring (May 21, 2010)

Art & Design
Casey Crawford, Soccer, Interior Design

Arts & Sciences
Berit Aljand, Swimming & Diving, International Studies
Jared Bradford, Baseball, General Studies
Kristina Davis, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Ace Foyil, Football, General Studies
Chris Hawkins, Football, General Studies
Mykala Hedberg, Tennis, Communication Studies
Allison Hightower, W. Basketball, General Studies
Dani Hofer, Softball, Communication Studies
Elkana Kosgei, Track & Field, General Studies
Katherine Lagow, Soccer, Political Science
Danny McCray, Football, General Studies
Chris Mitchell, Football, General Studies
Tasmin Mitchell, Basketball, Communication Studies
Katelyn Rodrigue, Track & Field, Communication Disorders
Ross Roubion, Track & Field, History
Brandon Selts, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Nathan Telep, Swimming & Diving, Sociology
LaTavia Thomas, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Chris White, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Keiland Williams, Football, Communication Studies

Basic Sciences
David Impastato, Football, Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Paul Bertuccini, Baseball, Management
Mark DeBlanc, Track & Field, Finance
Samantha Henry, Track & Field, Accounting
Hannah Robinson, Tennis, Finance

Buzzy Haydel, Baseball, Kinesiology
Roslyn Jones, Soccer, Kinesiology
August Mangin, Football, Kinesiology
Sloane Mathis, Tennis, Kinesiology
Tiaerra McLaurin, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Katherine Noland, Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Rachel Yepez, Soccer, Sport Administration

Phillip Malcolm, Track & Field, Construction Management
Joe Maltempi, Football, Chemical Engineering

Mass Communication
Amal Esmail, Track & Field, Mass Communication
Lauren Grandy, Swimming & Diving, Mass Communication
Orlando Gunn, Football, Mass Communication

Graduate School, All Master’s Degrees
Paige Brown, Swimming & Diving, Biological/Ag Engineering
Ashleigh Clare-Kearney, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Will Davis, Baseball, Kinesiology
Marlon Greensword, Track & Field, Industrial Engineering
Megan Kliebert, Track & Field, Psychology
Brian Leveille, Golf, Finance
Marina Skender, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Ashley Thomas, Basketball, Business Administration

Fall (Dec. 18, 2009)

Art & Design, 1
Christina Porter, Track & Field Studio Art

Arts & Sciences, 11
Chad Baniecki, Football, General Studies
Jarrod Barsamian, Golf, General Studies
Ciron Black, Football, General Studies
James Cluskey, Tennis, General Studies
Harry Coleman, Football, General Studies
Jacob Cutrera, Football, General Studies
Megan Falcon, Tennis, Int’l Studies & History
Derek Helenihi, Baseball, General Studies
Brandon Lafell, Football, General Studies
Kayann Thompson, Track & Field, General Studies
Nele Trepp, Swimming & Diving, Communication Studies

Basic Sciences, 2
Kevin Farnsworth, Baseball, Biological Sciences
Lauren Klein, Gymnastics, Biological Sciences

Education, 4
Monique Cabral, Track & Field, Elementary Education
Lyle Hitt, Football, Kinesiology
Elena Martinez, Volleyball, Elementary Education
Adam Wilcox Track & Field Kinesiology

Mass Communication, 1
Chris McGhee, Baseball, Mass Communication


Summer (Aug. 7, 2009)

Kyna Washington, Volleyball, Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising

Arts & Sciences
Andrew Decker, Football, Communications Studies
Matthew Gaudet, Baseball, General Studies
Tayl’r Hollis, Softball, General Studies
R. J. Jackson, Football, General Studies
Jessica Ohanaja, Track and Field, General Studies
Jacob Simmons, Track and Field, General Studies
Erika Sluss, Softball, General Studies
Mesha Williams, Basketball, General Studies

Basic Sciences
Victoria Givens, Swimming and Diving, Biological Sciences

Julius Gloeckner, Swimming and Diving, Finance
Jaclyn Moseley, Soccer, Management

Anna Lyons, Track and Field, Kinesiology, University Medalist

Mass Communication
Stephanie Cota, Swimming and Diving, Mass Communication

Graduate School
Ben Broussard, Track and Field, Business Administration
Kristi Esposito, Gymnastics, Education

Spring (May 15, 2009)

Louis Coleman, Baseball, Ag. Business

Arts & Sciences
Charles Alexander, Football, General Studies
Sarah Bedell, Swimming & Diving Communication Studies
Ryan Byrd, Baseball, General Studies
Nolan Cain, Baseball, General Studies
Niko Dalman, Swimming & Diving General Studies
Lauren DeGirolamo, Volleyball, Math
Sarah Dicharry, Swimming & Diving Psychology
Anastasiya Dubova, Tennis, International Studies
Sylvia Fowles, Basketball, General Studies
Katie Gilmore, Swimming & Diving History
Chandler Kleinpeter, Women’s Tennis, General Studies
Caroline Martens, Women’s Golf, Psychology
Monica McJunkin, Swimming & Diving Communication Studies
Sabrina Messmer, Swimming & Diving Communication Studies
Amanda Morales, Gymnastics, Psychology
Sara Pollock, Soccer, Communication Studies
Lauren Simons, Swimming & Diving International Studies
Shannon Stein, Softball, General Studies
Mallory Thompson, Track & Field, International Studies
Erica White,, Basketball, General Studies

Basic Sciences
Christina Herubin, Swimming & Diving Microbiology
Jamie Wright, Swimming & Diving Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Jeremy Bunting, Football, Accounting
Connor Farber, Swimming & Diving Management
Alex Farrer, Basketball, Management
Christoph Lubenau, Swimming & Diving Finance
Chad Moody, Football, Finance
Kristen Morris, Basketball, Management
Nicholas Pontiff, Baseball, Management
Marina Skender, Volleyball, Management

Kyle Beerbohm, Baseball, Kinesiology
Jeremy Benton, Football, Kinesiology
Vanessa Duenas, Swimming & Diving Kinesiology
Rabun Fox, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Christy Zirkle, Track & Field, Elementary Education

Kevin Braud, Swimming & Diving Construction Management
Colt David, Football, Construction Mgt.
Valerie Vogler, Soccer, Mechanical Engineering

Mass Communication
Melissa Clarke, Soccer, Mass Communication
Josh Graham, Football, Mass Communication
Kate Spytek, Volleyball, Mass Communication

Graduate School
Stefanie Carver, Swimming & Diving, Education
Josh Dicharry, Football, Business Administration
Kristen Hobbs, Softball, Kinesiology
Kim Meck, Women’s Golf, Accounting
John Woosley, Track & Field, ISDS – PhD
Anthony Zehyoue, Football,

Fall (Dec. 19, 2008)

Reggie Dardar, Track & Field, Agricultural Business

Arts & Sciences
Jeffrey Adolph, Track & Field, General Studies
Rahim Alem, Football, Liberal Arts
Caleb Angelle, Football, General Studies
Megan Broussard, Track & Field, General Studies
Brady Dalfrey, Football, General Studies
Tiffany Garcia, Softball, Communication Studies
Donald Hains, Football, General Studies
Tyson Jackson, Football, General Studies
Herman Johnson, Football, General Studies
Quinn Johnson, Football, General Studies
Tremaine Johnson, Football, General Studies
David Jones, Football, General Studies,
Deonna Lawrence, Track & Field, Sociology
Philip Pigott, Football, General Studies
Killian Roessner, Softball, General Studies
Brent Struthers, Golf, General Studies
Curtis Taylor, Football, General Studies
Reuben Twijukye, Track & Field, Sociology
Jimmy Welker, Football, General Studies

Basic Sciences
Ryan Fontenot, Track & Field, Biological Sciences
Will Goodwin, Baseball, Geology

Business Administration
Quinlan Duhon, Softball, General Business
Brian Leveille, Golf, Economics
Cole Louviere, Football, Marketing
Miko Malberg, Swimming & Diving, Finance
Charles Simon, Baseball, Management
Beck Troutman, Golf, Management

Donnie Chaucer, Football, Kinesiology
Lindsay Day, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Dee Dee Henderson, Softball, Kinesiology
Heather Hoffman, Golf, Kinesiology
Ryan Miller, Football, Kinesiology

Roland LeBlanc, Track & Field, Industrial Engineering
Alexis Lewis, Track & Field, Construction Management

Mass Communication
Katie Dawson, Track & Field, Mass Communications
Rebecca Kuhn, Golf, Mass Communications
Tiffany Tucker, Tennis, Mass Communications

Graduate School
Alexis Rather, Golf, Kinesiology
Jan Zelezny, Tennis, Accounting


Summer (Aug. 8, 2008)

Arts & Sciences
Ashleigh Clare-Kearney, Gymnastics, English
Sherry Fletcher, Track & Field, General Studies
Nedra Gross, Track & Field, Sociology
Amanda Harmata, Track & Field, General Studies
Maxwell Holmes, Football, Psychology
Alcender Jackson, Football, General Studies
Katy Leininger, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Jason Lewis, Baseball, General Studies
Dameon Mason, Basketball, General Studies
Kassi Mikulik, Volleyball, General Studies
Jacob O’Hair, Football, General Studies
Tanya Osbourne, Track & Field, Psychology
Erik Powell, Track & Field, General Studies
Jonathan Wilhite, Baseball, General Studies
Marian Whitfield, Basketball, General Studies

Kathryn Coleman, Track & Field, Kinesiology

Mass Communication
Andrea Linton, Track & Field, Journalism

Graduate School
Patricia Minnis, Tennis, PhD – Communication Disorders

Spring (May 16, 2008)

Chris Jackson, Football Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science

Art & Design
Bruna Colosio, Women’s Tennis Interior Design
Joleen Phillips, Soccer Interior Design

Arts & Sciences
Katie Antony, Women’s Basketball Communication Studies
Michael Bonura, Baseball General Studies
Juanita Broaddus, Track & Field General Studies
Danny Bryan, Men’s Tennis General Studies
Shaunette Davidson, Track & Field General Studies
Marlon Favorite, Football General Studies
David Fleshman, Basketball General Studies
Daniel Francis, Football General Studies
Colt Gaston, Tennis General Studies
Michael Hendry, Track & Field Sociology
Lavar Johnson, Football General Studies
Josh McManus, Football Communication Studies
Brooklynn Morris, Track & Field English
Brian Noonan, Golf Communication Studies
Jeffrey Parker, Track & Field Communication Studies
Melville Rogers, Track & Field General Studies
Garrett Runion, Golf General Studies
Carnell Stewart, Football General Studies
Caroline Vanderpool, Soccer Political Science
Erin Vandivort, Track & Field English
Siraj Williams, Track & Field Psychology

Basic Sciences
Harold Boutte, Track & Field Biochemistry & Chemistry
Robert Smith, Football Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Sean Gaudet, Football Management
Brittany Harris, Track & Field Marketing
Brett Helms, Football Management
RaShonta LeBlanc, Basketball General Business
Kim Meck, Women’s Golf Finance
Luke Sanders, Football Management
Clare Schepens, Swimming & Diving Marketing
Staten Spencer, Tennis Economics
Garrett Temple, Basketball Management
Ashley Thomas, Basketball Marketing

Kate Accardo, Track & Field Kinesiology
Colleen Bertirotti, Swimming & Diving Elementary Education
Stefanie Carver, Swimming & Diving Elementary Education
Kevin Dessauer, Men’s Tennis Kinesiology
Michelle Hensgens, Volleyball Kinesiology
Michelle Stabler, Swimming & Diving Elementary Education
Jennifer Stark, Track & Field Kinesiology

Paige Brown, Swimming & Diving Biological Engineering
Christopher Cloutet, Swimming & Diving Civil Engineering
Matthew Coenen, Swimming & Diving Chemical Engineering
Gavin Fleming, Track & Field Construction Mgt
James Presley, Track & Field Biological Engineering
Joe Veron, Swimming & Diving Electrical Engineering

Graduate School
Perri Budd, Tennis Public Administration
Antonio Leonardi-Cattolica, Baseball Veterinary Medicine
Margaret Reaves, Track & Field Business Admin.

Fall (Dec. 21, 2007)

Agriculture, 1
Jennifer Radecker, Track & Field, Nutrition Science

Arts & Sciences, 14
Will Arnold, Football, General Studies
Nicki Butler, Gymnastics, General Studies
David Davis, Football, History
Matt Flynn, Football, General Studies
Drew Haro, Track & Field, English
Ross Hebert, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Ali Highsmith, Football, General Studies
Isa Phillips, Track & Field, Political Science
Kirston Pittman, Football, General Studies
Kate Ripple, Soccer, Geography
Steven Waguespack, Baseball, General Studies
DeTrina White, Women’s Basketball, General Studies
Jonathan Zenon, Football, General Studies
Keith Zinger, Football, General Studies

Business Administration, 3
Angel Boyd, Track & Field, Marketing
Mit Cole, Football, Finance
Jace Gohres, Track & Field, Marketing

Education, 4
Kristi Esposito, Gymnastics, Elementary Education
Micah Metrailer, Football, Kinesiology
Renaldo Thompson, Football, Kinesiology
Cameron Vaughn, Football, Kinesiology

Engineering, 1
Marlon Greensword, Track & Field, Industrial Engineering

Mass Communication, 4
Lauren Delahoussaye, Softball, Mass Communication
Patrick Fisher, Football, Mass Communication
Lacey Galliano, Volleyball, Mass Communication
Brandon Ledgister, Football, Mass Communication

Graduate School, 1
Roman Starns, Football, Business Administration


Summer (Aug. 10, 2007)

Arts and Sciences
Edwin Billot, Men’s Track and Field — General Studies
Quianna Chaney, Women’s Basketball — General Studies
Melody Clark, Volleyball — Psychology
Clay Dirks, Baseball — General Studies
Meisue Francis, Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country — General Studies
Vanessa Freeman, Volleyball — Psychology
Patrick Gavin, Men’s Track and Field/Cross Country — General Studies
Camille Harris, Softball — General Studies
Kelly Phelan, Gymnastics — General Studies
Daniela Romero, Volleyball — Sociology
Cynetheia Rooks, Women’s Track and Field — Sociology
Marvin Stevenson, Men’s Track and Field — Psychology

Christian Clausen, Men’s Swimming & Diving — Finance
Darnell Lazare, Men’s Basketball — Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Chris Wells, Men’s Golf — Management
Jan Zelezny, Men’s Tennis — Finance, Summa Cum Laude

Rachael Graham, Women’s Track and Field/Cross Country — Kinesiology
Brandon Racca, Men’s Track and Field — Kinesiology

Spring (May 19, 2007)

Burke Brooks, Track & Field, Environmental Mgt. Systems

Art & Design
Ivana Kuzmic, Volleyball, Studio Art – Printmaking

Arts & Sciences
Ryan Ashby, Swimming/Diving, Communication Studies
Torey Bennett, Football, General Studies
Austin Benton, Track & Field, General Studies
Jason Bourgeois, Golf, General Studies
Lauren Castle, Softball, General Studies
Terrell Clayton, Football, General Studies
Brad Cook, Track & Field, General Studies
Leo Desselle, Football, General Studies
Patrick Frischhertz, Track & Field, History
Tina Harris, Track & Field, General Studies
Alleyne Lett, Track & Field, Psychology
William Lefevre, Tennis, Anthropology
Hannah Martin, Swimming/Diving, General Studies
Justin Meier, Baseball, General Studies
Khalilah Mitchell, Basketball, General Studies
Whitney Mitchell, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Tara Mitnick, Soccer, General Studies
Doug Planchard, Football, General Studies
Kenneth Skupski, Tennis, General Studies
Emily Turner, Softball, Communication Studies
Anthony Zehyoue, Football, History

Basic Sciences
Leslie Klein, Softball, Biological Sciences
Julie Neumann, Soccer, Biological Sciences
Lynley Roche, Track & Field, Biological Sciences
Andrew Wright, Football, Biochemistry

Business Administration
Steven Broschofsky, Baseball, Management
Eric DeRoche, Tennis, Finance
Melissa Eaton, Golf, Marketing
Nicola Eaton, Golf, Marketing
Matthew Guy, Track & Field, Accounting
Andrew Keane, Swimming/Diving, Finance
Justin Landry, Track & Field, Finance
Lisa Rennie, Gymnastics, Marketing
Melissa Stanley, Swimming/Diving, Marketing
Gerald Taylor, Track & Field, International Trade & Finance

William Davis, Baseball, Secondary Education
Megan Duet, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Stephanie Ford, Soccer, Kinesiology
Andrew Huston, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Shawn Jordan, Football, Kinesiology
Lauren Leaumont, Volleyball, Kinesiology,
Terin Martinjak, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Carlos Rachel, Football, Kinesiology
Hali Saucier, Swimming/Diving, Kinesiology,

Paul Coryell, Football, Construction Management
Daysi Espinal, Tennis, Civil Engineering
Michael Ricks, Football, Construction Management
Kwami Roberts, Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering

Mass Communication
Mark Growcott, Tennis, Mass Communication
Kristen Hobbs, Softball, Mass Communication
Alexis Rather, Golf, Mass Communication
Lauren Seaman, Tennis, Mass Communication

Graduate School
Kevin Ayer, Swimming/Diving, Mechanical Engineering
Lueroy Colquhoun, Track & Field, Business Administration
Brandon Hurley, Football, Business Administration
Lauren Harvey, Swimming/Diving, Business Administration
Brandon Nowlin, Football, Kinesiology
Rachel Taylor, Swimming/Diving, Social Work

Fall (Dec. 21, 2006)

Art & Design
Steven Arflin, Football Studio Art-Ceramics

Arts & Sciences
Christopher Cahill, Baseball General Studies
Willie Demps, Football General Studies
Robyn Desormeaux, Soccer General Studies
Keron Gordon, Football General Studies
Paris Hodges, Football General Studies
Brian Johnson, Football General Studies
Steven Mares, Football Communication Studies
Jason Spadoni, Football General Studies
Megann Steege, Softball General Studies
Garett Wibel, Football General Studies

Basic Sciences
Sarah Colosimo, Track & Field Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Victoria Meyer, Golf Int’l Trade & Finance

Angelia Crockett, Basketball Kinesiology
Megan Durning, Gymnastics Kinesiology
Schirra Fields, Football Kinesiology
Kelly Lea, Gymnastics Kinesiology
Jonathan Spear, Football Kinesiology
Ryan Willis, Football Kinesiology

Graduate School
Stephanie Butler, Track & Field Kinesiology
Stephen Naremore, Swimming & Diving Nuclear Science


Summer (Aug. 11, 2006)

Arts & Sciences, 7
Rikki L’Heureux, Gymnastics, General Studies
Michelle Hymel, Track &Field, Psychology
Alonzo Manuel, Football, General Studies
Nicole Sprung, Soccer, General Studies
Rebecca Struthers, Golf, General Studies
Jessica Wantz, Swimming/Diving, General Studies
Xavier Whipple, Basketball, General Studies

Business, 1
Jelena Mijatovic, Volleyball, Marketing

Education, 3
Camila Caliari, Tennis, Kinesiology
Paul Thompson, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Gerard Victoriano, Baseball, Kinesiology

Engineering, 1
Andre Gill, Football, Mechanical Engineering

Graduate School, 1
Nick Accardo, Track & Field, Master of Education

Spring (May 19, 2006)

Heather Brand, Swimming and Diving, Wildlife & Fisheries

Art & Design
Chad Ogea, Baseball, Landscape Architecture

Arts & Sciences
Chelsea Agar, Soccer, Sociology
April Burkholder, Gymnastics, General Studies
Rhett Buteau, Baseball, General Studies
Marina Chiarelli, Tennis, Economics
Christopher Cochran, Swimming and Diving, Psychology
Lauren Companioni, Gymnastics, Psychology
Chase Dardar, Baseball, General Studies
Holly Davis, Soccer, English
Peter Dyakowski, Football, History
Louis Earl, Basketball, General Studies
Stephanie Hill, Softball, Political Science
Katherine Hilton, Gymnastics, General Studies
Andrew Lanahan, Golf, General Studies
Nate Livings, Football, General Studies
Ranysha LeBlanc, Track & Field, Communication Studies
Phillip Maxwell, Football, General Studies
Darrel Mitchell, Basketball, General Studies
Sam Mwape, Track & Field, General Studies
Lisa Newton, Soccer, Psychology
Patrick Perrien, Track & Field, General Studies
Michael Serio, Baseball, Communication Studies
Jacob Shaw, Golf, General Studies
Collin Smith, Baseball, General Studies
Mario Stevenson, Football, General Studies
Daniel Trosclair, Track & Field, General Studies
Tillie Willis, Basketball, Sociology

Basic Sciences
Chelsea Agar, Soccer, Biochemistry
Leigh Ann Danos, Softball, Biological Sciences
Jack Hunt, Football, Chemistry
Gant Petty, Football, Biological Sciences
David Pollet, Golf, Biological Sciences
Paul White, Tennis, Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Megan Akre, Track & Field, Marketing
Joshua Dicharry, Football, Management
Ryan Gaudet, Football, Management
Shontae Harris, Track & Field, General Business
Stephanie Hill, Softball, Finance
Aaron Smith, Golf, Management

Gino Giambelluca, Football, Kinesiology
Regan Hood, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Myles Jaynes, Swimming and Diving, Kinesiology
Shamekia Louis, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Amanda Mang, Tennis, Kinesiology
Christopher McDougall, Baseball, Kinesiology
Stacie McDougall, Soccer, Kinesiology
Jennifer Molinski, Swimming and Diving, Kinesiology

Andre’ Boagni, Football, Construction Management
Isabel Cysneiros, Golf, Mechanical Engineering
Gregory Hercules, Football, Chemical Engineering
Evan Martinec, Swimming and Diving, Construction Management

Mass Communication
Peter Richman, Tennis, Mass Communication
Bruce Sprowl, Baseball, Mass Communication

Graduate School
Beth Cowley, Volleyball, Business Administration
Jeffrey Fisher, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Rachel Franzella, Gymnastics, Education
James Moon, Swimming and Diving, Business Administration
Stephen Naremore, Swimming and Diving, Nuclear Science
Reed Robelot, Swimming and Diving, Kinesiology

Fall (Dec. 17, 2005)

Justin Boyes, Swimming & Diving, Textiles, Apparel, Merchandising

Arts & Sciences
Joseph Addai, Football, General Studies
Neisha Bernard-Thomas, Track & Field, General Studies
Willie Bradley, Track & Field, General Studies
Jason Hazley, Tennis, Psychology
Kory Hebert, Football, General Studies
Derek Hinds, Football, Philosophy
Kenneth Hollis, Football, General Studies
Wendlyn Jones, Basketball, Psychology
Ruth Nanyinza, Track & Field , Sociology
Hazel Regis, Track & Field, Psychology & English
Chad White, Football, General Studies
Andrew Whitworth, Football, General Studies

Katrina Flanders, Track & Field, Finance
Jan Minartz, Swimming & Diving, Information Systems & Decision Sciences

Brad Bass, Baseball, Kinesiology
Perri Budd, Tennis, Elementary Education
Margaret Moore, Swimming & Diving, Secondary Education

Jared Strecker, Swimming & Diving, Construction Management
Jeffery Wiggins, Track & Field, Electrical Engineering

Mass Communication
Dianne Harrison, Track & Field , Mass Communication
Jade Jenkins, Gymnastics, Mass Communication

Graduate School
Jason Horrell, Golf, Kinesiology
Garrett Prather, Golf, Kinesiology


Summer (2005)

Arts & Sciences
Seimone Augustus, Basketball, General Studies
Shyrone Carey, Football, General Studies
Christy Connor, Softball, General Studies
Anthony Ewers, Track & Field, General Studies
Michael Harrison, Football, General Studies
James McLachlan, Football, General Studies
Ronnie Prude, Football, General Studies
Kevin Steltz, Football, General Studies
Florence Williams, Basketball, General Studies
Tania Woods, Track & Field, General Studies
Calah Young, Track & Field, General Studies

Suzanne Drake, Soccer, Kinesiology
Cynthia Martinez, Swimming, Kinesiology
Katherine McKeever, Track & Field, Kinesiology

Jennifer deHay, Soccer, Civil Engineering

Graduate School
Artie Brown, Soccer, Kinesiology
Christopher McCauley, Football, Accounting

Spring (May 20, 2005)

Nick Accardo, Track and Field, Biological Sciences
William Alvarez, Swimming and Diving, Math
Margaret Beadle, Swimming and Diving, Biological Sciences
Leon Cannizzaro, Swimming and Diving, Biological Sciences
Matthew Carroll, Track and Field, Biological Sciences
Jamison Carter, Track and Field, General Studies
Rachel Cohen, Soccer, General Studies
Pete Coley, Track and Field, Sociology
Brandon Conine, Track and Field, Biological Sciences
Jimmy Courtenay, Football, Public Administration, Graduate School
Nadia Davy, Track and Field, Sociology
Wynand Dempers, Track and Field, Business Administration, Graduate School
Katie Denton, Track and Field, Nutrition
Jason Determann, Baseball, Biological Sciences
Barrett Dupuy, Football, General Studies
Jordan Faircloth, Baseball, Political Science
Rocio Fantilli, Women’s Tennis, International Trade and Finance
Sara Fitzgerald, Softball, Kinesiology
Rachel Franzella, Gymnastics, Elementary Education
Kristin Frischhertz, Soccer, Psychology
Annie Gagnon, Gymnastics, Marketing
Margot Gathings, Swimming and Diving, Kinesiology
Marlon Greensword, Track and Field, General Studies
William Guthrie, Swimming and Diving, Landscape Architecture
Christine Haman, Soccer, Geography
Alice Hardesty, Swimming and Diving, Dietetics
Lauren Harvey, Swimming and Diving, General Business
Derek Hinds, Football, Kinesiology
LaDonia Hughes, Softball, General Studies
Brandon Hurley, Football, Mass Communications
Christopher Jackson, Track and Field, Mass Communications
Zamyal Jackson, Track and Field, Sociology
Lori “Lolo” Jones, Track and Field, Economics
Martin Latz, Swimming and Diving, Business Administration, Graduate School
Donna Leslie, Swimming and Diving, Anthropology
Brittany Littlejohn, Track and Field, Business Administration, Graduate School
Keioike Lutcher, Track and Field, Psychology
Laurie Luttrell, Swimming and Diving, Business Administration, Graduate School
Lane Mestepey, Baseball, Kinesiology
John Moffitt, Track and Field, General Studies
Rudy Niswanger, Football, Kinesiology
Robert Parham, Track and Field, Economics
Rachel Pittman, Volleyball, Mass Communications
John Gray Pou, Men’s Tennis, Business Administration, Graduate School
Ryan Richard, Baseball, Biological Sciences
Demetri Robinson, Football, General Studies
Tiffany Robinson, Track and Field, Finance
Cory Ross, Men’s Tennis, Mass Communications
Matthew Rucker, Swimming and Diving, General Studies
Brooke Shelton, Women’s Golf , Marketing
Benjamin Shumaker, Track and Field, Sociology
Peter Simon, Track and Field, General Business
Ronetta Smith, Track and Field, Public Administration, Graduate School
Lindsay Staak, Swimming and Diving, Kinesiology
Christopher Stanczyk, Swimming and Diving, Management
Nick Stavinoha, Baseball, Management
Rachel Taylor, Swimming and Diving, Psychology
Dustin Weaver, Baseball, General Studies
Chuck Wiley, Football, Kinesiology, Graduate School
Ben Wilkerson, Football, General Studies
Paul Wolfert, Men’s Basketball, Finance

Fall (2004)

Brandon Nall, Baseball , Plant Systems/Turfgrass Management

Arts & Sciences
Harold Bicknell, Football, General Studies
Ross Buffington, Swimming, General Studies
Marian Burnett, Track, General Studies
Ty Jensen, Baseball, General Studies
Joe Lochridge, Track, General Studies
Marcus Randall, Football, General Studies
Jarvus Ryes, Football, Sociology
Nicole Toney, Track, Psychology

Basic Sciences
Barret Olivier, Track, Biological Science

Business Administration
Kurt Ainsworth, Baseball, General Business
Brandon Aydlett, Golf, Marketing
Stephanie Butler, Track, Marketing
Neil Lowe, Swimming, Information Systems MGT.

Gabriel Caraway, Track, Kinesiology
Cedric Donaldson, Football, Kinesiology
Laura Klatter, Soccer, Elementary Education
Amanda Mueller, Gymnastics, Elementary Education

Ryan O’Neal, Football, Construction Management
Jarett Roche, Track, Construction Management

Mass Communication
Ryan Clark, Football, Mass Communication

Graduate School
Dwhyte Barrett, Track, Mechanical Engineering
Bonnie Otillio, Soccer, Education


Summer (Aug. 5, 2004)

Chelsea Richard, Gymnastics Merchandising

Arts & Sciences
Ashley Bethel-Roman, Track General Studies
Zak Blanchard, Tennis General Studies
Dorsett Buckels, Football General Studies
Walter Davis, Track General Studies
Vanessa Deggins, Track History
Eric Edwards, Football General Studies
Temeka Johnson, Basketball General Studies
Jason Ledoux, Football General Studies
Brandon Nicholson, Tennis General Studies
Corey Webster, Football General Studies
Crystal White, Basketball General Studies
Eric Wiethorn, Baseball General Studies
Bryce Wyatt, Football General Studies

Business Administration
Beth Cowley, Volleyball Management
Brad David, Baseball Management
Jason Horrell, Golf Marketing
Christopher McCauley, Football Finance
Jeffrey Riemann, Golf Finance

Stephanie Smith, Swimming Kinesiology

Graduate School
Martina Barkman, Track Industrial Engineering
Chere Richards, Swimming Kinesiology
Korey Wales, Football Education

Spring (May 21, 2004)

Jennifer Reeves Softball Family & Consumer Science

Arts & Sciences
Lindsay Beddow Gymnastics Psychology
Marian Burnett Track General Studies
Michael Jotautas Swimming General Studies
Keith Nunez Track General Studies
Kristin Schmidt Softball Political Science
Charles Thompson Basketball General Studies
Torran Williams Football General Studies

Art & Design
Marina Degteva Gymnastics Interior Design

Basic Sciences
Jeremy Burnham Football Biological Sciences
Ross Cockrell Football Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Sarah Bailey Track Marketing
Blaise DeRouen Volleyball Accounting
Bryan Fisher Tennis Marketing
Jeffrey Fisher Track Accounting
Katrina Flanders Track Accounting
Ashley Gardner Track Management
Randall Gay Football Marketing
Brandon Nowlin Football General Business
Brad Sowa Track Marketing
Marcus Toft Swimming Finance

Levar Anderson Track Kinesiology
Thomas Barrett Football Secondary Education
Artie Brown Soccer Kinesiology
Nathan Goulding Golf Kinesiology
Michael Hilton Track Secondary Education
Luke Kinnard Track Kinesiology
Katie Kubena Volleyball Elementary Education
Shanyn MacEachern Gymnastics Elementary Education
Chris Phillips Baseball Kinesiology
Garrett Prather Golf Kinesiology
Maria Romero Track Kinesiology
Althea Thomas Track Kinesiology
Julie Wiese Softball Kinesiology

James Moon Swimming Electrical Engineering
Jonathan Shensky Football Construction Management
Geoffry Thompson Football Construction Management

Mass Communication
Devon Day Golf Mass Communication
Patty Hanten Women’s Basketball Mass Communications
Catherine Miltenberger Swimming Mass Communication
Sebastian Rutka Tennis Mass Communication
Bonnie White Tennis Mass Communication

Graduate School
Lauren Cuyler Volleyball Business Administration
Mandy Leach Swimming Kinesiology
Charles Lee Golf Business Administration
Rodney Reed Football Accounting
William Tanner Swimming Civil Engineering
Blake Theriot Track Public Administration
Wendell York Football Business Administration

Fall (Dec. 19, 2003)

Arts & Sciences
Byron Dawson, Football, General Studies
Kara Dean, Soccer, Communication Studies
Shawn French, Baseball, General Studies
Matt Heath, Baseball, General Studies
Kellee Monet Rice, Track and Field, History
Jill Thomas, Swimming and Diving, Philosophy

Basic Sciences
Brian Green, Basketball, Biological Sciences
Chili Kay, Track and Field, Biological Sciences

Business Administration
Donnie Jones, Football, Finance
John Sruk, Tennis, Accounting
Kyle VanArsdall, Swimming and Diving, Marketing

Arts & Sciences
Thomas Dunson, Football, Kinesiology
Julie Johnson, Swimming and Diving, Elementary Education
Matt Mauck, Football, Kinesiology
Rob Sale, Football, Kinesiology
Melissa Shelton, Soccer, Kinesiology
Jake Tompkins, Baseball, Kinesiology

John Corbello, Football, Construction Management
Michael Dupuis, Football, Mechanical Engineering
Justin Sevier, Golf, Construction Management
Traun Smith, Track and Field, Construction Management

Mass Communications
Brooke Cazeaux, Gymnastics, Mass Communications
Jesse Smatt, Tennis, Mass Communications

Graduate School
Erin Sarver, Women’s Golf, Kinesiology


Summer (Aug. 7, 2003)

Arts & Sciences
Harold Boudreaux (Basketball), General Studies
Kristi Bruce (Soccer), Political Science
Brain Tadlock (Track and Field), General Studies
Trey Triplette (Football) General Studies
Trisha Ward (Softball), Psychology

Business Administration
Damon Julian (Golf), Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Ronetta Smith (Track and Field), Marketing

Carson Ben Broussard (Track and Field), Kinesiology
David Neubauer (Football), Kinesiology
Aleshia Perry (Softball), Kinesiology
Chere Richards (Swimming), Kinesiology
Shaun Wynn (Football), Kinesiology

Jessica Clark (Softball), Biological Engineering

Graduate School
Bhrett McCabe (Baseball), PhD-Psychology
Jessica Miranda (Volleyball), MA-Liberal Arts
Neal Satterly (Swimming), MS-Environmental Studies

Spring (May 23, 2003)

Art & Design
Reed Robelot (Swimming & diving), Graphic Design

Arts & Sciences
Matthew Elder (Swimming & diving), General Studies
Alleyne Francique (Track & Field), General Studies
Daniel Gagliano (Track & Field), General Studies
Rick Green (Baseball), Communication Studies
Bradie James (Football), Sociology
Jason Laine (Track & Field), General Studies
Billy McBride (Baseball), General Studies
Elice Parker (Football), General Studies
Bo Pettit (Baseball) General Studies
Sandra Smith (Track & Field) General Studies
Kesha Tardy (Basketball), Sociology
Jamie Watkins (Swimming & diving), General Studies
Jason Wilson (Basketball) General Studies

Basic Sciences
Chad Vaught (Baseball), Biological Sciences

Business Administration
James Courtenay (Football), Accounting
Lindsey Daigle (Track & Field), Marketing (Honor Graduate)
Steve Gluck (Swimming & diving), Finance
Johanna Hill (Swimming & diving), Management
John Humphries (Golf), Marketing
Martin Latz (Swimming & diving), Info. Systems and Decision Sciences
Ashley Mitnick (Soccer), Marketing
John Gray Pou (Tennis), General Business
Rodney Reed (Football), Accounting (Honor Graduate)
Susan Schepens (Swimming & diving), Marketing
Nicholas Tarantino (Swimming & diving), Accounting
Marcus Whitty (Football), Marketing

Carson Ben Broussard (Track & Field), Kinesiology
Meghan Claney (Swimming & diving), Elementary Education
Michelle Coryell (Swimming & diving), Kinesiology (Honor Graduate)
Alonzo Diodene (Football), Kinesiology
Meredith Duncan (Golf), Kinesiology
Ryan Gallup (Track & Field), Kinesiology)
Candice Gonzalez (Track & Field), Kinesiology (Honor Graduate)
Jenny Greco (Volleyball), Kinesiology
Jennifer Hampton (Volleyball), Kinesiology
Mandy Heintz (Soccer), Kinesiology
Kenneith Henry (Track & Field), Kinesiology
Leigh McGovern (Soccer), Kinesiology (Honor Graduate)
Francisco Nieto Gonzalez (Track & Field), Kinesiology
Bonnie Otillio (Soccer), Elementary Education (Honor Graduate)
Trena Peel (Softball), Kinesiology
Marcus Thomas (Track & Field), Kinesiology: Rachet Vogt (Volleyball), Kinesiology

Brandon Guillory (Track & Field), Chemical Engineering
Cordelle Seals (Track & Field), Mechanical Engineering

Mass Communications
Nicole Arnstad (Gymnastics), Advertising
Rebecca Lightsey-Belcher (Gymnastics), Electronic Media

Music & Dramatic Arts
Geoffrey Grice (Swimming & diving), Music

Graduate School
Michal Chmela (Tennis), Business Administration
Barbara Gorst (Swimming & diving), Kinesiology
Lauren O’Connor (Volleyball), Communications Disorders
Catherine Ranken (Soccer), Business Administration
Amanda Rice (Tennis), Kinesiology
John Woosley (Track & Field), Information Systems and Decision Sciences.

Fall (Dec. 20, 2002)

Willie Harvey, Football, Environmental Management Systems
Jeff Leaumont, Baseball, Animal Science
Ashley Lewis, Softball, Family Child and Consumer Sciences
Joe Wesley, Football, Vocational Education

Arts and Sciences
Meagan Davis, Volleyball, Psychology
David Raymer, Baseball, General Studies
Gregory Scott, Track, General Studies
Jeremy Shealy, Football, Sociology

Basic Sciences
Tommy Banks, Football, Microbiology
Omar Jefferson, Track, Chemistry
Megan Szmajda, Track, Biology

Business Administration
Blair Barbier, Baseball, Finance
Patrick Coogan, Baseball, General Business
Daniel Kiernan,, Tennis, Marketing
Solomon Lee, Football, Information Systems Design
Chad Lewis, Football, Marketing

Pete Bozek, Basketball, Kinesiology
Ashley Culpepper, Swimming, Elementary Education
April Janzen, Softball, Elementary Education
Mandy Leach, Swimming, Kinesiology
Barry Manuel, Baseball, Jerel Meyers, Football, Kinesiology
Erin Sarver, Golf, Kinesiology
Britni Sneed, Softball, Kinesiology

Martina Barkman, Track, Industrial Engineering
David Miller, Baseball, Civil Engineering
Dennis Rowe, Swimming, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mass Communications
Jeanne Bennett, Soccer, Advertising
Lindy Hitdlebaugh, Golf, Advertising

Graduate School
Collis Temple III, Men’s Basketball, M.S. in Sports Management


Summer (Aug. 8, 2002)

Somalia Lindsey, Track/Soccer (Merchandising)

Arts & Sciences
Brad Bridgewater, Basketball (General Studies)
Wendy Gutierrez, Soccer (General Studies)
Craig Taylor, Golf (General Studies)
Jermaine Williams, Basketball (Sociology)

Michael Beckers, Golf (General Business)

Elaine Powell, Basketball (Kinesiology)
Chucky Son, Baseball (Kinesiology)

Dechelle Mack, Track (Electrical/Computer Engineering)

Graduate School
Christian Bourgeois, Baseball (Education)
Jennifer Conrad Garcia, Gymnastics (Education)
Sean Keenan, Swimming (Oceanography)
Chris Loupe, Golf (Finance)
Charles Thomas (Football), Education

Spring (May 24, 2002)

Ashley Marxen, Swimming, Animal Science

Arts & Sciences
Melissa Ballew, Golf, Psychology
Bryon Bennett, Baseball, General Studies
Tamara Botts, Tennis, Sociology and Political Science
Billy Brian, Baseball, General Studies
Jamin Garidel, Baseball, General Studies
Justin Hill, Baseball, General Studies
Addie Prewitt, Volleyball, Political Science
Johnnie Thibodeaux, Baseball, General Studies
Anthony Vastola, Football, Sociology
Robert Wynne, Football, History

Basic Sciences
Michael Fultz, Swimming, Zoology
Kris Kessler, Football, Zoology
Chris Magliolo, Swimming, Biological Sciences
Tommy Morel, Baseball, Zoology
Stephen Naremore, Swimming, Zoology
Shannon O’Neal, Swimming, Zoology
Amanda Reed, Track, Microbiology
Ed Rubin, Tennis, Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Woodworth, Track, Biological Sciences

Claston Bernard, Track, Management
William Bohlke, Track, International Trade and Finance
Jason Carroll, Track, Marketing
Lauren Cuyler, Volleyball, Management
Wynand Dempers, Track, Information Systems Design
Trev Faulk, Football, Marketing
Chasin Frew, Swimming, Management Info. Systems
Barb Gorst, Swimming, Management
Weylin Guidry, Baseball, Marketing
Chip Lee, Golf, Finance
Tim Nugent, Baseball, Marketing
Bianca Rockett, Track, Marketing
Blake Theriot, Track, Information Systems Design
Fernanda Tsucamoto, Tennis, International Trade and Finance
Corey Wilson, Track, Marketing
Holly Winters, Swimming, Information Systems Design
Wendell York, Football, Accounting

Beth Boudreaux, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Meghan Bedford, Volleyball, Kinesiology
Russ Buller, Track, Kinesiology
Adrienne Couret, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Demetria Douglas, Softball, Kinesiology
Nakisha James, Basketball, Kinesiology
Heather Meesey, Soccer, Elementary Education
Jennifer Schuelke, Softball, Secondary Education – English
John Young, Football, Kinesiology
Trisha Ward, Softball, Kinesiology

Kevin Ayer, Swimming, Mechanical Engineering
Jarvis Green, Football, Construction Management
Joseph Greer, Swimming, Industrial Engineering
Courtney Hernandez, Baseball, Construction Management
Brent Martin, Track, Industrial Engineering
Margaret Reaves, Track, Chemical Engineering
Cordelle Seals, Track, Mechanical Engineering
William Tanner, Swimming, Civil Engineering

Mass Communications
Lyndsey Benson, Volleyball, Journalism
Kelly Craycraft, Tennis, Public Relations
Jemia Ellis, Track, Journalism
Corey Fox, Swimming, Journalism
Walter Moreham, Football, Advertising
Laura Prichard, Soccer, Journalism

Graduate School
Kathryn Burke, Swimming, Mass Communication
Passmore Furusa, Track, Social Work
Sarah Gilbert, Soccer, Education
Melvin Hill, Football, Kinesiology
Erik Petursson, Swimming, Business
Kevin Ward, Baseball, Business

Fall (Dec. 21, 2001)

Kevin Calmes, Track and Field, Animal Science

Arts & Sciences
Carlos Garcia, Track and Field, Sociology
Jason Green, Football, General Studies
Sharene Mamby, Gymnastics, Psychology and Anthropology
Carl Passantino, Track and Field, General Studies

Basic Sciences
Sara Krupa, Soccer, Biochemistry

Business Administration
Lueroy Colquhoun, Track and Field, Accounting
Ralf Kahles, Track and Field, Management Information Systems
Kyle Kipps, Football, Marketing
Brandon Landry, Basketball, Management
Chenelle Marshall, Track, Marketing
Erick Oynes, Swimming, Marketing

Jeremy Comeaux, Basketball, Kinesiology
Stephanie Hastings, Softball, Kinesiology
Corey Miller, Swimming, Secondary Education-Art
Lindsey Mooney, Swimming, Kinesiology
Matt Myers, Swimming, Kinesiology
Claudia Rodriguez, Volleyball, Kinesiology
April Sams, Track, Kinesiology

Mass Communication
Auburne Ziober, Softball, Advertising


Summer (Aug. 2, 2001)

Derrick Brew, Track & Field, General Studies
April Brown, Women’s Basketball, Kinesiology
Myra Combs, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Angie Delage, Soccer Kinesiology
Peta-Gaye Dowdie, Track & Field, Marketing
Christopher Hart, Swimming, General Studies
Michael Lillie, Football, Management
Ajay Ramaswami, Men’s Tennis, International Trade and Finance
Amanda Rice, Women’s Tennis, Kinesiology
Robert Royal, Football, Kinesiology
Collis Temple III, Men’s Basketball, Business
Randi Winn, Volleyball, Political Science
Delyle Woods, Track & Field, General Studies

Spring (May 18 2001)

Kelly Thompson, volleyball (family and consumer science)

Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Conrad, gymnastics (mathematics)
Tricia Corbello, gymnastics (mathematics)
Bridget Cusack, track and field (psychology)
Carly Farrell, swimming (psychology)
Mike Golbioski, track and field (history)
Kristen Gutierrez, track and field (communications disorders)
Chirs Hill, football (general studies)
Jean Joplin, swimming (general studies)
Trey McClure, baseball (general studies)
Lauren O’Connor, volleyball (communications disorders)
Neal Satterly, swimming (English)
Bryan Scott, football (general studies)
Oliver Smith, football (political science)
Allison Wiener, basketball (political science)

Basic Sciences
Frank Ensley, track and field (biochemistry)
Kelli Klein, swimming (zoology)
Neal Satterly, swimming (microbiology)
Miriam Tyndall, track and field (zoology)

Muskingum Barnes, football (management information systems)
Brian Beshara, basketball (finance)
Michal Chmela, tennis (marketing)
William Dressler, golf (general business)
Nicole Driscoll, track and field (accounting)
Paul Gardner, track and field (finance)
Katy Harris, golf (management information systems)
Jill Lytle, volleyball (general business)
Kathleen McBride, swimming (management information systems)
Tommy Starkweather, swimming (management information systems)

Katie Thomas, soccer (landscape architecture)

Christy Carr, volleyball (kinesiology)
John Compton, football (kinesiology)
Joe Domingeaux, football (kinesiology)
Ashlee Ducote, softball (kinesiology)
Marie Ferdinand, basketball (kinesiology)
Sarah Gilbert, soccer (elementary education)
Stephanie Hyett, gymnastics (kinesiology)
Melissa Knox, swimming (kinesilogy)
Charles Thomas, football (kinesiology)
Kim Traina, softball (kinesiology)
David Waddleton, track and field (kinesiology)
Bryna Warnock, soccer (kinesiology)

Roger Williams, football (electrical engineering)

Mass Communication
Lesley McClurg, golf (advertising)

Fall (Dec. 15, 2000)

Jimmy Taylor, football (vocational education)

Arts and Sciences
Christian Bourgeois, baseball (general studies)
Leah Concannon, gymnastics (English)
Caroline Ellender, soccer (general studies)
Eddy Furniss, baseball (general studies)
Kareem Mitchell, football (general studies)
Shaquille O’Neal, basketball (general studies)
Candice Porter, basketball (general studies)
Charles Smith, football (general studies)
Michael Valillo, golf (general studies)
Theo Williams, football (general studies)

Basic Sciences
Brad Cupit, track and field (computer science)
Jennifer Johnson, track and field (zoology)

Business Administration
Jason Goltz, swimming (economics)
Ana Paula Mores, tennis (international trade and finance)
Antoine Simon, baseball (finance)
Marc Smith, track and field (general business)
Andy Stroup, football (marketing)
Ryan Thomassie, football (general business)

Don Alfred, track and field (kinesiology)
Tara Asbil, softball (kinesiology)
Josh Daulton, baseball (kinesiology)
Tina Fountain, track and field (kinesiology)
Monique Freeman, track and field (kinesiology)
Shaunte` Freeman, softball (kinesiology)
Toni Gross, basketball (kinesiology)
Katrina Hibbert, basketball (kinesiology)
Trey Hodges, baseball (kinesiology)
Jeremy Loftice, baseball (kinesiology)
Michael Mitchell, football (kinesiology)
Taryn Perry, softball (elementary education)
Ben Saxon, baseball (kinesiology)
Kellye Smith, gymnastics (secondary education)
Julie Stashko, softball (kinesiology)
Louis Williams, football (kinesiology)

Wardell Sykes, football (construction management)

Mass Communication
J.J. Barton, track and field (political communication)
Alex Forst, track and field (advertising)
Kirsty Nethercott, swimming (public relations)
Jack Warner, basketball (public relations)


Summer (Aug. 7, 2000)

Arts and Sciences
Alvin Puckett, Football, General Studies

Basic Sciences
Jonathan Hurd, Men’s Tennis, Microbiology

Business Administration
Mike Daly, Baseball, Marketing
Christian Nehme, Track & Field, Management Information Systems

Claude Eyamba, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Estelle Hunter, Track & Field , Kinesiology
Stacey Newton, Softball/Women’s Basketball, Kinesiology
Sa’Donna Thornton, Track & Field , Kinesiology

Ryan Hebert, Football, Construction Management

Spring (May 19, 2000)

Keith Hoffield, Track & Field, poultry science

Arts & Sciences
Tom Bernhardt, Baseball, general studies
Jason Carr, Men’s Swimming, geography
Christine Dessauer, Volleyball, psychology
Corey Gibbs, Football, general sciences
Jessica Miranda, Volleyball, psychology
Anyssa Oliverez, Women’s Track & Field, general studies

Basic Sciences
Samer Shamieh, Men’s Tennis, zoology
John Uffman, Men’s Track & Field, zoology

Richard Burke, Football, marketing
Matt Colvin, Baseball, information systems
Jason Humphries, Men’s Golf, marketing
Mike Koerner, Baseball, management
Lisette Lee, Women’s Golf, finance
Gretchen Mury, Women’s Diving, marketing
Erik Petursson, Men’s Diving, international track & finance
Cindy Rome, Women’s Track & Field, marketing
Joshua Stibrich, Men’s Swimming, accounting
Jeremy Wilkinson, Men’s Golf, finance

Michael Ayer, Men’s Swimming, architecture
Nikki Rasheed, Women’s Tennis, graphic design

Ashley Bankston, Women’s Basketball, kinesiology
Colleen Barger, Gymnastics, kinesiology
Harold Bishop, Football, kinesiology
Abbey Burns, Gymnastics, kinesiology
Kerry Descalopoulis, Gymnastics, elementary education
Kim Descalopoulis, Gymnastics, elementary education
Jill Galatas, Women’s Swimming, kinesiology
Blaine McCorkle, Football, kinesiology
Joey Moore, Men’s Track & Field, kinesiology
Kristin Schlipf, Women’s Swimming, kinesiology
Damien Tullier, Football, kinesiology
Todd Tyson, Men’s Track & Field, kinesiology
Stacey Wegener, Gymnastics, kinesiology
Jeremy Witten, Football/Baseball, kinesiology

Walead Atiyeh, Men’s Track & Field, electrical/computer engineering
Jeff Maynor, Men’s Swimming, chemical engineering

Mass Communications
Marguerite Atchley, Women’s Swimming, electronic media
Katie Burke, Women’s Swimming, advertising
Amanda Robie, Women’s Swimming, advertising

Danny Boyd, Football, music education

Fall (Dec. 3, 1999)

Arts and Sciences
Emily Blake, Track & Field, general studies
Danny Higgins, Baseball, general studies
Lora Stewart, Women’s Basketball, general studies
Clifton White, Football, general studies

Basic Sciences
Angela Accomando, Soccer, zoology
Lucas Duvall, Swimming, microbiology

Lenear Burns, Men’s Basketball, management and information systems
Chris Loupe, Men’s Golf, finance
Henry Wieniewitz, Men’s Golf, finance

Willie Anderson, Men’s Basketball, kinesiology
Celena Clark, Track & Field, kinesiology
Latasha Dorsey, Women’s Basketball, kinesiology
Rondell Mealey, Football, kinesiology
Mike Neal, Baseball, kinesiology
Meg Norwood, Volleyball, kinesiology
Jodi Otten, Softball, kinesiology
Dione Perry, Soccer, kinesiology
Denise Savoie, Gymnastics, kinesiology
Kevin Shipp, Baseball, kinesiology
Doug Thompson, Baseball, kinesiology
Stephanie Viado, Gymnastics, kinesiology

Amanda Occhi, Track & Field, electrical engineering
Catherine Ranken, Soccer, civil engineering
Markeith Spears, Football, construction management.

Mass Communication
Wes Davis, Baseball, public relations
Jamal Pack, football, mass communications

August 1999

Moran Sommerfeld, Swimming & Diving, Ag. Business
Joseph Barreca, Football, General Studies
Jaime Bastidas, Track & Field, Math and Spanish
Eugene Daniel, Football, General Studies
Hareldau Argyle, Track & Field, Management
Stacey Carter, Basketball, Interior Design
Kendall Cleveland, Football, Kinesiology
Nathan Dunn, Baseball, Kinesiology
Marita Hunt, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Kenneth Knox, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Reggie Tucker, Basketball, Kinesiology

May 1999

Ruben Pineda, Swimming & Diving, Agri Business
Kwajalein Butler, Track & Field, English
Clint Earnhart, Baseball, General Studies
Tom Hand, Tennis, Political Science
Nathan Mascaro, Track & Field, Philosophy & Psychology
Celeste Roper, Golf, General Studies
Donna Schmidt, Soccer, Psychology
Chip Bankston, Swimming & Diving, Zoology
Daren Guertin, Swimming & Diving, Microbiology
Daniel Henk, Track & Field, Plant Biology
Brad Lively, Football, Microbiology
Amy McClosky, Gymnastics, Zoology
William Allgood, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Rodrigo Godoi, Swimming & Diving, Int’l. Trade & Finance
Anthony McFarland, Football, Management
Ron Patron, Track & Field, Accounting
Jonas Samuelsson, Tennis, Info. Systems
Eduardo Villagomez, Tennis, Architecture
Jennifer Banda, Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Rusty Barrilleaux, Football, Kinesiology
Brian Baum, Swimming, Kinesiology
Amanda Cook, Soccer, Kinesiology
Chris Cummings, Football, Kinesiology
Robin Evans, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Gretchen Francois, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Melvin Hill, Football, Kinesiology
Chantel Jiles, Basketball, Kinesiology
Roshaun Matthews, Footballs, Kinesiology
Katie Weis, Swimming & Diving, Secondary Education – Math
Robert Brickham, Track, Industrial Engineering
Shannon Hoesing, Volleyball, Chemical Engineering
Patrick Passantino, Track & Field, Chemical Engineering
Mike Dibens, Swimming & Diving, Info. Systems
Lucy Findlay, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Martin Nyberg, Swimming & Diving, Natural Sciences
Rikki Johnson, Soccer, Advertising

December 1998

Karen Jenny, Volleyball, Ag. Busines
Allen Stansberry, Football, Vocational Education
Mike Alridge, Track & Field, General Studies
Sarah Gaubert, Soccer, Anthropology
D’Andre Hill, Track & Field, General Studies
Cathy Knox, Volleyball, Psychology
Suzette Lee, Track & Field, General Studies
Laura Moore, Golf, Speech
Demetra Thomas, Track & Field, Speech
Korey Wales, Football, General Studies
Sean Wells, Football, General Studies
Emily Boken, Volleyball, Microbiology
Mauricio Cunha, Swimming & Diving, Information Systems
Christopher Jarrell, Football, Finance
Adam Manuel, Golf, Marketing
Parker Smith, Golf, Finance
Todd Walker, Baseball, General Business
Ashley Winn, Golf, Marketing
Jennifer Barr, Tennis, Kinesiology
Meghan Deily, Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Kevin Faulk, Football, Kinesiology
Sophia Mount, Softball, Kinesiology
Joey Painich, Baseball, Kinesiology
Steven Pettes, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Melissa Poole, Softball, Kinesiology
Brandon Smith, Football, Kinesiology
Nathan Turner, Track/Football, Kinesiology
Rafael Castellanos, Swimming & Diving, Industrial Engineering
Jarrod Marrs, Swimming & Diving, Mechanical Engineering
Jamie Vallotton, Tennis, Civil Engineering
Michael Wich, Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Casey Cuntz, Baseball, Electronic Media
Laura Olave, Tennis, Public Relations

August 1998

Ian Kennedy, Golf, Psychology
Jennifer Abernathy, Golf, General Business
Roxanne Henry, Volleyball, Marketing
Jeff Harris, Baseball, Kinesiology
Aida Canovas Koepplinger, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Mark O’Dowd, Football, Kinesiology
Pat Rogers, Football, Kinesiology
Wendy Siskin, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
John Picou, Basketball, General Studies
Kristy Savoie, Gymnastics, Sports Administration

May 1998

Syreeta Barnett, Gymnastics, Dietetics
Karen Boone, Track & Field, Apparel Design
Eric Griffin, Football, Vocational Education
David Jenny, Swimming & Diving, Environmental Management Systems
Bert Rareshide, Track & Field, Environmental Management Systems
Guy Ridout, Swimming & Diving, Environmental Management Systems
Jennifer Wood, Gymnastics, Dietetics
Jennifer Housholder, Track & Field, Mathematics
Matt Huerkamp, Football, Microbiology
Marc Workman, Football, Zoology
Aga Cieslak, Basketball, International Trade and Finance
Ralph Diez, Swimming & Diving, Management
Jenny Gibbs, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Michelle Louviere, Golf, Marketing
Jason Stein, Football, Marketing
Brett Horton, Track & Field, Architecture
Rich Krajewski, Basketball, Painting
Aparna Ray, Gymnastics, Interior Design
David Bosley, Basketball, Kinesiology
Becky Gibbs, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Kia Howell, Basketball, Kinesiology
Dayna Kohn, Basketball, Kinesiology
Cindy Marion, Gymnastics, Kinesiology
Amy Mason, Soccer, Elementary Education
Julie McLaughlin, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Brandon Michel, Football, Kinesiology
Nathaniel Perry, Football, Kinesiology
Matt Newchurch, Football, Kinesiology
Wade Richey, Football, Construction Management
Pedro Braga, Tennis, General Studies
Kim Carson, Track & Field, General Studies
James Gillyard, Football, General Studies
Jermaine Grant, Track & Field, General Studies
Joe Mero, Football, General Studies
Derrick Thymes, Track & Field, General Studies
Derriel McCorvey, Football, Law School

December 1997

Chantal Harrison, Swimming & Diving, Dairy Production
Tim Hutton, Football, Training and Development
Latarsha Stroman, Track & Field, Merchandising
Keith Polozola, Baseball, Sociology
Chad Kessler, Football, Microbiology
Warren Morris, Baseball, Zoology
Casey Taber, Football, Zoology
Lenear Burns, Basketball, Finance
Stanley Chapman, Football, International Trade & Finance
Gus Fernandes, Tennis, International Trade & Finance
Brandi Landry, Softball, Kinesiology
Scott McGrail, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Shannon Miller, Soccer, Elementary Education
Adam Perry, Football, Kinesiology
Brad Poole, Football, Kinesiology
Chuck Wiley, Football, Kinesiology
John Woosley, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Chad Harris, Golf, Mechanical Engineering
Pete Ballis, Football, General Studies
Brian Daugherty, Baseball, General Studies
Nathan Higdon, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Celeste Gehring, Basketball, Broadcasting
Suzana Rodrigues, Tennis, Advertising

July 1997

John Dermody, Track & Field, Mathematics
Katie Higdon, Swimming & Diving, Sociology
Mark LaRosa, Baseball, Speech
Doug Admire, Football, Kinesiology
Tyra Perry, Softball, Kinesiology
Keith Powell, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Cathy Whitlock, Softball, Kinesiology
Andrea Williams, W. Basketball, Kinesiology
Chad Cooley, Baseball, General Studies
Cornelia Gayden, W. Basketball, General Studies
Casey Howard, Football, General Studies
Jeff Jenkins, Football, General Studies
Robert Toomer, Football, General Studies
Marcus Carmouche, Football, Journalism

May 1997

Robert Champagne, Football, Vocational Education
James Hemphill, Baseball, Vocational Education
Antonio Leonardi-Cattolica, Baseball, Animal Science
Delton Rea, Track & Field, Wildlife & Fisheries
Cindy Rome, Track & Field, Dietetics
Stacey Rome, Track & Field, Dietetics
Luciana Santana, Volleyball, Dietetics
Jackie Bode, Volleyball, Sociology
Christopher Cain, Track & Field, History
Stacey Carter, Basketball, Liberal Arts
Emily Horton, Track & Field, Speech
Rachel Mequet, Track & Field, English
Rachel Milano, Swimming & Diving, Math
Martin Nyberg, Swimming & Diving, German & Math
Derrick Prentice, Track & Field, English
Casey Scott, Golf, Speech
Christian LeBlanc, Track & Field, Microbiology
Chip McDonald, Golf, Biochemistry
Toysha Walker, Basketball, Computer Science
Renata Costa, Volleyball, Marketing
Chris Demouy, Baseball, Management
Chad Dudley, Tennis, Marketing
Lucy Findlay, Swimming & Diving, International Trade & Finance
Derrick Harvey, Track & Field, Marketing
Marcelo Kingston, Swimming & Diving, General Business
Myron Lambert, Football, Management
Jose Leon Manteca, Tennis, International Trade & Finance
Eric Berthelot, Baseball, Kinesiology
Mike Calais, Football, Kinesiology
Jennifer Landry, Gymnastics, Elementary Education
Tim Lanier, Baseball, Kinesiology
Jeramie Moore, Baseball, Kinesiology
Kimberly Poche, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Silje Rasmussen, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Kelley Redwine, Diving, Kinesiology
Julie Ricketts, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Michael Savoie, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Cindy Unruh, Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Nigel Green, Track & Field, Electrical Engineering
Ben Lormand, Track & Field, Electrical Engineering
Shannon Hanson, Golf, General Studies
Ryan Ideta, Tennis, General Studies
Greg Triefenbach, Diving, General Studies
Blanca Morales, Swimming & Diving, Horticulture
Elizabeth Wilson, Gymnastics, Public Administration
Kris Perret, Football, Public Relations

December 1996

Ben Bordelon, Football, Ag. Business
Larissa Lowing, Gymnastics, Psychology
David Moody, Swimming & Diving, Geography,
Lloyd Peever, Baseball, Psychology
Jan Pieterse, Track & Field, Economics
Elina Rocha, Tennis, Psychology
Michael Stepteau, Football, Economics
Sean Keenan, Swimming & Diving, Zoology
Kevin Ainsworth, Baseball, Management
Mike Dibens, Swimming & Diving, Operations Mgt.
Charlene Maulseed, Track & Field, Accounting
Robert Thibodeaux, Football, General Business
Nathan Thomson, Swimming & Diving, Mgt. Information Systems
Sion Brinn, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
David Lafleur, Football, Kinesiology
Mario Sategna, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Jeremy Tyson, Baseball, Kinesiology
Michael Williamson, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Melody Lormand, Basketball, Mechanical Engineering
Carol Atchison, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Louis Desobry, Track & Field, Construction
Jim Greely, Baseball, General Studies
Marvin Gibson, Track & Field, General Studies
Aaron Schneider, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Brian Ward, Football, General Studies
Kirsty Llewellyn, Tennis, Advertising
Cindy Pineda, Softball, Broadcasting
Kristy Savoie, Gymnastics, Advertising
Martha Harris Brennan, Track & Field, Education

July 1996

Brett Bech, Football, Psychology
Linda Tran, Volleyball, Sociology
Tara Curtis, Basketball, General Studies
Ally Lawton, Golf, General Studies
Tammy Western, Volleyball, General Studies
Gabe Northern, Football, Broadcasting

May 1996

Passmore Furusa, Track & Field, Sociology
Valerie Mauney, Tennis, Sociology
Misha Mutavazic, Basketball, History
Michelle McDaniel, Track & Field, Plant Biology
Troy Ashley, Swimming & Diving, Accounting
Brian Bateman, Golf, Marketing
Kimojha Brooks, Football, General Business
Dave Grant, Track & Field, Int. Trade & Finance
John Hendry, Track & Field, Marketing
Mary Lewis, Basketball, Operations Mgt.
Roman Rubchenko, Basketball, Int. Trade & Finance
Philip Schmitt, Golf, Marketing
Philip Sims, Track & Field, Accounting
Alana Long, Gymnastics, Graphic Design
Joshua Reed, Football, Graphic Design
Kathy Carboy, Diving, Secondary Education
Scott Gerold, Football, Kinesiology
Mark King, Football, Kinesiology
Pat Klester, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Shelia Powell, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Stacey Smith, Basketball, Kinesiology
Rodney Young, Football, Kinesiology
Jeff Drouet, Track & Field, Mech. Eng.
William Crowell, Football, General Studies
Venessa Hackett, Volleyball/Basketball, General Studies
Ronnie Haliburton, Football, General Studies
Todd Kinchen, Football, General Studies
Brandon Stelly, Football, General Studies
Eric Valentino, Football, General Studies
Jason Williams, Baseball, Construction
Brad Wilson, Baseball, General Studies
Scott Berardi, Baseball, Advertising
Bernd Linhart, Football, News – Editorial
Scott Elkman, Swimming & Diving, Business Admin

December 1995

Zundra Feagin, Track & Field, Speech
Esther Jones, Track & Field, Sociology
Bhrett McCabe, Baseball, Psychology
Cymantha Owen, Tennis, Sociology
Gai Kapernick, Track & Field, Biochemistry
Martin Nyberg, Swimming & Diving, Physics
Andre Lafleur, Football, Marketing
Thomas Linn, Football, Finance
Bryan McArthur, Track & Field, Marketing
Jacob Clark, Football, Kinesiology
Odell Beckham, Football, General Studies
Tarleisha Brown, Basketball, General Studies
Clay Parker, Baseball/Football, General Studies
Derrick Farrell, Track & Field, Broadcasting
Sharon Jaklofsky, Track & Field, Broadcasting

July 1995

Dawn Bowles, Track & Field, Sociology
Martha Harris, Track & Field, Math
Patrick Henry, Football, Speech
Debbie Parris, Track & Field, Sociology
Jose DelSolar, Golf, Int. Trade & Finance
Roovelroe Swan, Football, Finance
Thomas Turner, Football, Management
David Womack, Football, Industrial Engineering
Cheryl Taplin, Track & Field, General Studies
Chris Watermeier, Football, Construction
Sean Teague, Baseball, Advertising

May 1995

Laurie Luttrell, Swimming & Diving, Textiles
Johnny Fayard, Football, Speech
Gregg Moock, Baseball, English
Nelly Pardo, Tennis, Political Science & Theatre
Margaret Sale, Tennis, Liberal Arts
Roman Starns, Football, Political Science
Jean Boucaud, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Janne Holtari, Tennis, Finance
Lotfi Khaida, Track & Field, Int. Trade & Finance
Nate Miller, Football, General Business
Thomas Mullertz, Swimming & Diving, Int. Trade & Finance
Juha Pesola, Tennis, Int. Trade & Finance
Michael Simon, Football, Int. Trade & Finance
Philip Sims, Track & Field, Finance
Jeffrey Broussard, Football, Kinesiology
Heidi Hargett, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Daniel Huang, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Robin McManus, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Gary Pegues, Football, Kinesiology
Jill Rohrbacher, Track & Field, Elementary Education
Philip Duhon, Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Kenny Jackson, Baseball, Biological/Ag. Engineering
Shannon Kvien, Track & Field, Civil Engineering
Kyle Franklin, Football, Construction
Natalie Kerner, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Danyel Mitchell, Track & Field, General Studies
Susie Ryan, Diving, General Studies
Chris A. Williams, Football, General Studies
Brian Winders, Baseball, General Studies

December 1994

David Paddison, Track & Field, Russian Area Studies
Jefferson Robert, Football, English,
Anne-Marie Vanneste, Track & Field, Speech Communication
Mike Blanchard, Football, Zoology
Jason Rector, Football, Microbiology
Julio Nutt, Golf, Finance
David Singoei, Track & Field, Int. Trade & Finance
Robert Baudier, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Will Hunt, Baseball, Kinesiology
Jennifer Lagrange, Volleyball, English Education
Katarina Hallberg, Track & Field, General Studies
Andy Sheets, Baseball, General Studies
Scott Sterling, Golf, General Studies
Mike Garrett, Football, M.A. in Education
Edward Wolf, Swimming & Diving, M.S. in Psychology

August 1994

Felix Barrientos, Tennis, Economics
Juan Cendoya, Football, Speech
John Kendall, Golf, Economics
Jeff Naquin, Baseball, Mass Communication
Pedro Suarez, Football, Advertising
Geert Hammink, Basketball, General Business
Dennis Brown, Basketball, General Studies
Mitch Dinkle, Football, General Studies
Ron Sancho, Football, General Studies
Patricia Woods, W. Basketball, Education

May 1994

Luis DelSolar, Golf, Ag. Business
Leo Abel, Football, History
Meegan Curry, Swimming & Diving, Sociology
Dahlia Duhaney, Track & Field, Broadcast Journalism
Michael Faust, Track & Field, Political Science
Heather Hageman, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Indira Hamilton, Track & Field, Speech
Anne Howard, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Tracy Kennedy, Diving, Psychology
Ross Klingberg, Swimming & Diving, Advertising
Guy Sandin, Diving, Psychology
Nikki Scarberry, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Suzanne Schnelker, Track & Field, Latin
Elizabeth Wilson, Gymnastics, Spanish
Amy Zeno, Track & Field, Speech
Earl Maricello, Track & Field, Political Science
Daryl Brach, Swimming & Diving, Int. Trade & Finance
Jesse Daigle, Football, Finance
Miriam Farr, W. Basketball, Management
Mike Hewitt, Football, Management
Sean McCall, Swimming & Diving, Quantitative Business Analysis
Luciana Reis, Volleyball, Management
Ronnie Simnicht, Football, Finance
Tess Sulatycki, Volleyball, Quantitative Business Analysis
Jeff Wolff, Golf, Finance
Nelson Sanchez, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Heather VanNorman, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Steve Vasquez, Tennis, English Education
Carlton Buckels, Football, General Studies
Dennis Harris, Track & Field, General Studies
Keith Johnson, Football, General Studies
Judge Little, Golf, General Studies
Scott Ray, Football, General Studies
Jason Wall, Baseball, General Studies
Byrum Webb, Golf, General Studies
Kendall Webb, Football, General Studies
Corey White, Football, General Studies
Lawrence Williams, Football, General Studies
Annette Jackson Lowery, W. Basketball, Master of Education
Tyke Tolbert, Football, Master of Education

December 1993

Bobby Koob, Swimming & Diving, Ag. Business
Vikki Chambers, Tennis, Mass Communication
Scott Elkman, Swimming & Diving, Economics
Gary Hymel, Baseball, Speech Communication
Chris King, Track & Field, Psychology
Mike Sirotka, Baseball, Psychology
Sarah Stewart, Tennis, Psychology
Robert Wyman, Track & Field, Criminal Justice
Chad Loup, Football, Microbiology
Camille Jackson, Track & Field, Marketing
Craig Johnston, Football, Management
Dan Kite, Baseball, General Business
Kristine McDonald, Gymnastics, Marketing
JoAnne Moore, Volleyball, Marketing
John Malagarie, Football, Kinesiology
John Mawae, Football, Kinesiology
Mark Morris, Track & Field, Mechanical Engineering
Stephen Boatner, Football, General Studies
Kristi Coats, Golf, General Studies
Mary Cobb, Track & Field, General Studies
Alvin Lee, Football, General Studies
Kevin Mawae, Football, General Studies

August 1993

Michael Duplantis, Football, Ag. Business
Carla Berry, Basketball, Advertising
John Booker, Football, Psychology
Ricky Alexander, Football, Kinesiology
Rafael Adams, Football, General Studies
Kelli Hill, Diving, General Studies
Darron Landry, Football, General Studies
Mitzi Plaeger, Track & Field, General Studies
Derrick Taylor, Basketball, General Studies

May 1993

Norman Davidson, Track & Field, Wildlife & Fisheries
Blanca Morales, Swimming & Diving, Environmental Mgt. Systems
Camilla Strid, Track & Field, Dietetics
Tom Lange, Track & Field, Psychology
Samantha Lewis, Swimming & Diving, History
Derriel McCorvey, Football, Economics
Angie Miller, Volleyball, English
David Walkup, Football, Economics
Helen Walsh, Swimming & Diving, History
Michael Wesbrooks, Tennis, Economics
Anthony Williams, Football, Criminal Justice
Matt Chamberlain, Baseball, Microbiology
Julio Rios, Football, Microbiology
Mike Graham, Baseball, Real Estate
Jon Griffin, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Mike Hansen, Basketball, Int. Trade & Finance
Dani Reis, Volleyball, Marketing
Nyla Shepherd, Volleyball, Accounting
Felicia Webster, Track & Field, Marketing
Wendi Widdle, Basketball, Accounting
Todd Champagne, Football, Kinesiology
Andrew Coverdale, Football, Secondary Ed/Social Studies
Tonya Johnson, Volleyball, Kinesiology
T.J. Pugh, Basketball, Kinesiology
Julia Robertson, Swimming & Diving, Elementary Education
Laurie Trapp, Track & Field, Kinesiology
Dana Castillo, Volleyball, General Studies
Bo Davis, Football, General Studies
Frank Godfrey, Football, General Studies
John Gremillion, Track & Field, General Studies
Barbara Henderson, Basketball, General Studies
Roger Hutchinson, Football, General Studies
Blake Miller, Football, General Studies
Jared Mula, Baseball, General Studies
Matt Oehrle, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Corey Raymond, Football, General Studies
Henri Saunders, Baseball, General Studies
Jimmy Tritt, Golf, General Studies
Jennifer Vernon, Golf, General Studies
Mike Svets, Diving, MBA
Jamie Bice, Football, Law Degree

December 1992

Rett Crowder, Golf, Economics
Michael Garrett, Football, Psychology
Cinnamon Sheffield, Track & Field, English/Speech
Thad Slaton, Tennis, Journalism
Peter O’Konski, Swimming & Diving, Zoology
Curt Billings, Diving, Marketing
Mario Pacheco, Tennis, Int. Trade and Finance
Julie Stempel, Volleyball, Finance
Christine Wetzel, Gymnastics, Int. Trade and Finance
Daniel Ahrens, Track & Field, General Studies
Ricky Blanton, Basketball, General Studies
Wes Grisham, Baseball, General Studies
Verge Ausberry, Football, M.A. in Education

August 1992

Charles Scavo, Football, Economics
Llewellyn Starks, Track & Field, Criminal Justice
Scott Wharton, Football, History
Timothy Bauer, Baseball, Marketing
John Morgan, Football, Accounting
Greg Naquin, Baseball, Finance
Jami Snopek, Gymnastics, Fine Arts – Painting
Tyrone Black, Basketball, General Studies
Andy Deichert, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Tookie Johnson, Baseball, General Studies
Richard Krajewski, Basketball, General Studies
Andy Martin, Football, General Studies
Chris Truax, Football, General Studies
Michael Murla, Football, M.S. Environmental Studies

May 1992

Laura Beard, Swimming & Diving, History
Aimee Churchill, Gymnastics, Psychology
Todd Delcambre, Track & Field, English
Patricia Minnis, Tennis, Communication Disorders
Craig Norris, Football, Criminal Justice
Derek Pope, Football, Sociology
Roxanna Redden, Basketball, Speech
Michael Singletary, Track & Field, Political Science
Dana Tanner, Swimming & Diving, English
Terry Thorton, Track & Field, Political Science
Walker Slip Watkins, Football, Criminal Justice
Edward Wolf, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Simon Williams, Track & Field, Microbiology
Russell Grant, Basketball, Accounting
Christian Ladner, Track & Field, Management
Jason Larson, Golf, Marketing
Jeffrey Saucier, Football, Finance
Reginald Walker, Football, Accounting
Magnus Bengtsson, Track & Field, General Studies
Karl Dunbar, Football, General Studies
Derek Hopkins, Track & Field, General Studies
Efram Melendez, Track & Field, General Studies
Chris Moock, Baseball, General Studies
Shelly Rains, Basketball, General Studies
Steven Reading, Football, General Studies
Bruce Reid, Track & Field, Mater of Social Work

December 1991

Justin Anderson, Basketball, Psychology
Claudia Herrera, Tennis, Economics
Eva Hozman, Gymnastics, Psychology
Jennifer Middleton, Swimming & Diving, Advertising
Marjory Bloem, Golf, Int. Trade & Finance
Chip Castagnos, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Charles Onsare Gichaba, Track & Field, Accounting
David Herry, Baseball, Marketing
Kathy Moore, Golf, Int. Trade & Finance
Lyle Mouton, Baseball/Basketball, Marketing
Donalda Duprey, Track & Field, Special Education
Billy Uribe, Tennis, Kinesiology
Phillip Blake, Track & Field, Civil Engineering
Jim Arnold, Football, General Studies
Dana Chatman, Basketball, General Studies
Mark Elliott, Track & Field, General Studies
Paul Ernst, Football, General Studies
Pat Garrity, Baseball, General Studies
Annette Jackson Lowery, Basketball, General Studies
Mike Marix, Football, General Studies
John Mogensen, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Jeff Reinholtz, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Robbie Smith, Baseball, General Studies
Leon Tolbert, Football, General Studies
Tammie Young, Track, General Studies

May 1991

Mark Fowler, Track & Field, Environmental Health
Rhonda Phillips, Track & Field, Family Life & Environment
George Mimms, Track & Field, Economics
Amanda Owens, Swimming & Diving, Broadcast Journalism
Mimi Young, Tennis, Broadcast Journalism
Barry Henry, Track & Field, Zoology
David Browndyke, Football, Marketing
Dennis Tracey, Basketball, Marketing
Mike Suits, Diving, Accounting
Letticia Herrera, Tennis, Graphic Design
John Beaudoin, Track & Field, Secondary/Special Education
Beth Boulet, Basketball, Kinesiology
Darryl, Cronje, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Kenneth Davidson, Football, General Studies
William Lanier, Golf, General Studies
Troy LeBlanc, Football, General Studies
Joseph Zimmerman, Baseball, General Studies

December 1990

Tracey Payne, Volleyball, Merchandising
Catherine Hlavin, Volleyball, Advertising
Frances Lupo Lowder, Volleyball, Broadcast Journalism
Patricia Woods, Basketball, Advertising
Matthew Breeden, Diving, Biochemistry/Pre Med
Sol Graves, Football, Zoology
Aaron Bass, Football, General Business
Opal Cunningham, Track & Field, Accounting
Simon Finlayson, Swimming & Diving, Finance
Bengt Jarlsjo Hunter, Track & Field, Int. Trade & Finance
Denise Gereghty, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Neil Harper, Swimming & Diving, Kinesiology
Oliver Brown, Basketball, Industrial Engineering
Roland Barbay, Football, General Studies
Rene Bourgeois, Football, General Studies
Craig Cala, Baseball, General Studies
Thomas Clapp, Football, General Studies
Anthony Delvescovo, Football, General Studies
Jacqueline Gallagher, Golf, General Studies
Donald Leaycraft, Tennis, General Studies
Ron Lim, Baseball, General Studies
Frank Mazza, Track & Field, General Studies
Robert Packnett, Football, General Studies
Christopher Pettaway, Football, General Studies
Roland So, Tennis, General Studies
Schowanda Williams, Track & Field, General Studies
Cheryl Wilson, Track & Field, General Studies

August 1990

Marta Homedes, Tennis, Advertising
Steven Kalbaugh, Track & Field, Economics
Mary Jane Perry, Volleyball, Psychology
George Edward Schwing, Tennis, Economics
Elizabeth Van Strien, Golf, Broadcast Journalism
Danyel Wofford Simmons, Track & Field, Psychology
Monica Freitas, Volleyball, Economics
Mark Andrews, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Matthew Rose, Track & Field, General Studies
Todd Waggoner, Baseball, General Studies

May 1990

Helena Duplantis, Volleyball/Track & Field, Dietetics
Michael Finney, Golf, Advertising
Greg Lesher, Golf, Economics
Kyle Mall, Baseball, Psychology
Bruce Reid, Track & Field, Psychology
Wade Riddick, Swimming & Diving, English
Colleen Scanlan, Track & Field, History
Greg Jeansonne, Track & Field, Zoology
Bryan LeBean, Track & Field, Microbiology
Pete Bush, Baseball, Management
Sibel Gurkan, Volleyball, Marketing
Johan Kjellsten, Tennis, Finance
Jason Lewis, Swimming & Diving, Marketing
Fred Lindgren, Golf, Int. Trade & Finance
Marie Nilsson, Swimming & Diving, General Business
Ruffin Rodrigue, Football, Marketing
Robin VanHelden, Track & Field, Marketing
Verge Ausberry, Football, Secondary Education/Social Studies
Chris Carrier, Football, General Studies
Lavern Eve, Track & Field, General Studies
Kim Fenton, Track & Field, General Studies
Tommy Hodson, Football, General Studies
Brian Kinchen, Football, General Studies
Nina Roffey, Gymnastics, General Studies

December 1989

Craig Faulkner, Baseball, Agri Business
Jamie Bice, Football, History
Randy LaBauve, Track & Field, Broadcast Journalism
Jena Mastronardi, Swimming & Diving, Psychology
Jennifer Campbell, Swimming & Diving, Accounting
Oliver Lawrence, Football, Finance
Enno Tjepkema, Track & Field, Marketing
Mike Bianco, Baseball, General Studies
Dan Blacksher, Track & Field, General Studies
Marcy Deniro, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Shane Doll, Football, General Studies
Richard Doughty, Baseball, General Studies
Jay Egloff, Football, General Studies
Randy Everatt, Swimming & Diving, General Studies
Patty Kieckhefer, Gymnastics, General Studies
Ronnie Lewis, Football, General Studies