LSU Gold

LSU’s All-Time Olympic Medalists

A listing of LSU student-athletes who won Olympic medals before, during or after representing the Tigers in collegiate competition.

A total of 45 Olympic medals have been captured by 34 student-athlete spanning 14 Summer Olympic Games.

Among these, women’s basketball All-Americans Sylvia Fowles (4) and Seimone Augustus (3), track stars Richard Thompson (3), Glenn “Slats” Harbin (2), Derrick Brew (2), and Vernon Norwood (2) are multiple medal winners.

LSU’s Olympic Medalists

NOTE: Coaches, athletic trainers and other staff do not receive Olympic medals is most circumstances.

24 Gold | 10 Silver | 11 Bronze

Year Name (Country) Medal Sport (Event) Location
1932 Glenn “Slats” Hardin (USA) Silver Men’s Track (400 Hurdles) Los Angeles, Calif.
1936 Glenn “Slats” Hardin (USA) Gold Men’s Track (400 Hurdles) Berlin, Germany
1964 Dick Davies (USA) Gold Men’s Basketball (Guard) Tokyo, Japan
1976 Pam Jiles * (USA) Silver Women’s Track (4×400 Relay) Montreal, Canada
1984 Rose Magers (USA) Silver Women’s Volleyball (Middle Blocker) Los Angeles, Calif.
Joe Atiyeh ** (Syria) Silver Men’s Wrestling (100 kg)
1988 Ben McDonald (USA) Gold Baseball (Pitcher) Seoul, South Korea
Sheila Echols (USA) Gold Track (4×100 Relay)
1992 Esther Jones (USA) Gold Track (4×100 Relay) Barcelona, Spain
Kevin Jackson (USA) Gold Men’s Wrestling (82 kg)
1996 Warren Morris (USA) Bronze Baseball (Infield) Atlanta, Ga.
Jason Williams (USA) Bronze Baseball (Infield)
Shaquille O’Neal (USA) Gold Men’s Basketball (Center)
Glenroy Gilbert (Canada) Gold Men’s Track (4×100 Relay)
2000 Kurt Ainsworth (USA) Gold Baseball (Pitcher) Sydney, Australia
2004 Derrick Brew (USA) Gold Men’s Track (4×400 Relay) Athens, Greece
Bronze Men’s Track (400 Meters)
Nadia Davy (Jamaica) Bronze Women’s Track (4×400 Relay)
John Moffitt (USA) Silver Men’s Track (Long Jump)
Ronetta Smith (Jamaica) Bronze Women’s Track (4×400 Relay)
Kelly Willie (USA) Gold Men’s Track (4×400 Relay)
2008 Seimone Augustus (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Guard) Beijing, China
Sylvia Fowles (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Center)
Richard Thompson
(Trinidad & Tobago)
Silver Men’s Track (100 Meters)
Gold*** Men’s Track (4×100 Relay)
2012 Samantha Henry-Robinson (Jamaica) Silver Women’s Track (4×100 Relay) London, England
Ade Alleyne-Forte (Trinidad & Tobago) Bronze Men’s Track (4×400 Relay)
Richard Thompson
(Trinidad & Tobago)
Bronze Men’s Track (4×100 Relay)
Seimone Augustus (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Guard)
Sylvia Fowles (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Center)
2016 Seimone Augustus (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Guard) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sylvia Fowles (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Center)
Allysha Chapman (Canada) Bronze Women’s Soccer
Fitzroy Dunkley (Jamaica) Silver Men’s Track (4×400 Relay)
2020^ Allysha Chapman (Canada) Gold Women’s Soccer Tokyo, Japan
Michael Cherry (USA) Gold Men’s Track (4×400 Relay)
Brooks Curry (USA) Gold Men’s Swimming (4×100 Freestyle Relay)
Mondo Duplantis (Sweden) Gold Men’s Track (Pole Vault)
Sylvia Fowles (USA) Gold Women’s Basketball (Center)
Aleia Hobbs (USA) Silver Women’s Track (4×100 Relay)
Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (Great Britain) Silver Men’s Track (4×100 Relay)
Vernon Norwood (USA) Gold Men’s Track (4×400 Relay)
Bronze Men’s Track (4×400 Mixed Relay)
Duop Reath (Australia) Bronze Men’s Basketball (Center)
Michael Venus (New Zealand) Bronze Men’s Tennis (Doubles)

* won medal prior to attending/running at LSU
** first medalists in his country’s history.
*** originally awarded a silver medal; in 2017, gold medal team DQ’ed and T&T advanced.
^ games held in July-August 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic