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The Mary and Woody Bilyeu LSU Golf Practice Facility

It has proven to be everything it was hoped to be. The men’s and women’s golf teams at LSU have the home they’ve always wanted right at their home course, the University Club. The Mary and Woody Bilyeu Golf Practice Facility offers the year-round ability to concentrate on improving the play of LSU’s student-athletes.

“This facility gives our athletes all the opportunity to succeed,” Director of Golf Chuck Winstead said. “The hitting bay, the locker room, the meeting area, the range, the putting green, you name, we have it. Our goal is to supply our athletes with every resource possible that could help them become a better golfer and this facility does just that.”

An $850,000 facility funded by the Tiger Athletic Foundation, the The Mary and Woody Bilyeu Golf Practice Facility functions primarily as a golf-learning center for the LSU men’s and women’s teams.

It is helping the recruiting efforts, since many of LSU’s competitors either have similar facilities or are in the process of building a similar facility.

LSU’s golf teams are already well equipped for practice at University Club, with a 100-yard-long tee box and 10,000-square-foot putting green that has bunkers around it.

In all, the Golf House also contains locker rooms for the men and women, an office for each coach, a kitchen and indoor and outdoor storage.

Recently, the Golf House has undergone a renovation that features a spectacular graphic design in the lobby and meeting room that showcases the history of both the men’s and women’s golf programs at LSU.