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Culture and Engagement

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment for our coaches, staff, student-athletes, and community. We are continuously working to advance engagement and inclusion by creating programs and initiatives that promote and uplift those who have been and continue to be marginalized.

We have identified 8 core values that we believe represent a culture here at LSU that we are proud to be a part of as we continue to listen and learn.

Excellence. Integrity. Authenticity. Perseverance. Respect. Equity. Growth. Service.


  • Give student-athletes a world-class education;
  • Give student-athletes the opportunity to compete and win at the highest levels;
  • Do the Right Thing.


  • Cultivating an Inclusive and Supportive Environment
  • Preventing Sexual and Domestic Violence


  • Invest in staff;
  • Foster a healthy and respectful climate;
  • Improve accountability;
  • Increase collaboration with campus and the community;
  • Develop a comprehensive staff, coach and student-athlete training and education program somewhere on the page.

Athletics Culture and Engagement Council

Four organizations have been formed within Athletics to develop strategies that will enhance the understanding of Culture and Engagement.

The purpose of the Athletics Culture and Engagement Council is to create an equitable and transformational athletics community. The council works to cultivate an environment where varying perspectives and experiences are valued by charting a path of sustainable progress toward a clear vision of results-oriented change.


The Councils work to create an equitable and transformational athletics program. The purpose of both councils is for team members to come together to foster an atmosphere that seeks and cultivates a diversity of people and perspectives while promoting equity and inclusion.

The purpose of the Athletics Council on the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence is To help lead the LSU Athletics Program through ongoing efforts to combat sexual and domestic violence and help create a healthy and respectful athletics program culture; to serve as a leadership council to advise athletics leadership on sexual and domestic violence policies, training and education; to assist with community and campus outreach and collaboration; to ensure transparency and accountability.

Racial Climate Survey

The death of George Floyd in May 2020 was a catalyst for social and institutional change within LSU Athletics. The department’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion began following the results of the Racial Climate Survey where 232 full-time employees responded to questions relevant to the general workplace environment, racial/ethnic discrimination in the workplace, efforts related to diversity and inclusion, and the social environment surrounding topics related to activism and police brutality.

Since then, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has been and will continue to be a priority in everything we do.

Read the results of the survey here.