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2023-24 LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team

2023-24 LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team Photo

Front Row (Left to Right)
Alexandra Pereira, Logan Driver, Isabella Avila, Kennedy Butterfield, Paige Manuel, Chloe Couvillion, Rachael Reese, Jillian Miller.

Middle Row (Left to Right)
Alessandra Brown, Maya Snell, Amani Williams, Brielle Poche, Darah Haidet, Jessica Mirabal, Arianna Belmonte.

Back Row (Left to Right)
Abigail Trammel, Mia Torres, Lauren Toci, Kennedy Cooks, McKenna Dickson, Jessica Alexander, Claire Cunningham, Summer O’Haver.



Tiger Girls Dance Team

The LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team is the official dance team of LSU Athletics. Entering its 27th season in 2023-24, the LSU Tiger Girls are consistently recognized for their rankings at the UDA College Nationals, as well as their participation on campus for various sporting events.

In 2022, the LSU Tiger Girls won a national championship for Division 1A hip hop at the UDA/UCA College National Competition. They have also placed in the top 10 in the jazz category for the past 12 years. The Tiger Girls perform on the sidelines at football, men and women’s basketball games, as well as appearances at gymnastics meets. They are also involved in frequent promotion opportunities and activities around campus and in the community. They also have the opportunity to travel for postseason basketball tournaments in the spring.

About the Tiger Girls


How often do the Tigers Girls Practice and what are the time commitments?

Our program is a year long commitment. Our season starts in July and ends in May. We practice about 10-12 hours a week during our Gameday seasons. This current year (2022-2023) our practice schedule is 8-10:15 a.m. MWF and Tuesdays 5:30-8:30 p.m. Throughout the week, dancers attend games and promotions. Our practice schedule is different during nationals season. We practice longer hours due to being out of school for Christmas break.

Is the team required to workout?

Yes! Health and fitness is a major part of our program. We work out with a trainer three times a week before practice as also have access to an athletic nutritionist on campus.

Do you have academic requirements?

To remain eligible, student athletes must have at least a 2.0 and pass 24 hours every year. They must also be a full-time student (currently enrolled in 12 hours each semester).

Our program is well known for having great academic standings. In spring of 2021 our team GPA average was a 3.24.

Are there any financial obligations?

No. Our program is under athletics, so our team is provided with everything that we need (including uniforms, practice gear, per-diem when traveling and nationals). Extra TG gear can be purchased for fun, and is not mandatory.

What LSU sports do you dance/cheer for?

The Tiger Girls dance for home football games, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and gymnastics and multiple home baseball games. Selected dancers travel to the SEC/NCAA basketball championships.

Do you compete?

The Tiger Girls have competed at the UDA/UCA College National Championship for the past 24 years. The team competes in D1A jazz and D1A hip hop. We have placed in the top 10 since 2005. The tiger girls have medaled multiple times including our newest win at the 2022 competition in the D1A hip hop division.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! Scholarships are given upon coaches choice. They are promised for the academic year and vary from season to season.

Do you have members from out of state?

Yes! LSU had 18 dancers from all over the United States in 2022-23.

How do I become a Tiger Girl?

The Tiger Girls will be using a Recruitment Model which will include an information page, video submissions, references and meeting the coaching staff.

Please visit our Recruitment Page to learn more.

Meet the Coaching Staff

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Kandace Hale

Kandace Hale

Tiger Girls Head Coach
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Londyn Daniel

Londyn Daniel

Tiger Girls Assistant Coach
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Mattie Winfield

Mattie Winfield

Director of Spirit Operations

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