Dear Future Tigers:

Thank you for your interest in The LSU Tiger Girls! We are proud to say that our program excels in the classroom, gameday, around the community and on the national’s floor.

Our student-athletes get a front row seat to many of LSU’s sporting events along with other amazing opportunities including; media experiences, volunteering hours, and the opportunities to meet people from all over the world. Please visit our homepage to find out more information about our program and eligibility to ensure you understand our program’s time commitment and policies.

The Tiger Girls use a Recruitment Model which  includes an information page, video submissions, references and meeting the coaching staff. Please find our frequently asked questions below to learn more about our recruitment process. (Please note due dates.)

Please provide YouTube links to all material in a clear and concise video format where the dancer’s full body can be seen in the frame.

Videos should be head on and filmed horizontally, as if the dancer is facing the coaching staff. Please have someone follow you with the camera for movement in technique/tumbling videos to prevent being cut out of a still frame or being too far away from the camera. Dancer’s feet should be visible in videos at all times.

Video 1: Intro Video & Skills Check

Please wear crop top of your choice and either hot shorts or leggings during this portion

Intro Video:
– Your full name
– Where you’re from
– Age
– High school or college attended
– One fun fact
– Intro should be personable and fluid. Relax and be yourself!

Skills Check:
– As many turns as you can do
– A la seconde sequence of choice
– Leg extension of choice
– Left and right aerial
– Any tumbling or tumbling pass you may have

Video 2: Dance Combos

– 30-second jazz combo of choice
– 30-second hip hop combo of choice
– Past Solo (can be re-filmed in a studio setting)

If you have any questions about our recruitment process, please email Coach Londyn (

We are looking forward to meeting you and thank you again for your interest in our program!


Coach Londyn Daniel