LSU Spirit Squad Appearance Request

Please review these details before making your request.

1. All requests must be made via this online form.
2. Completion of this form does not guarantee the fulfillment of the request. Students may not miss class to attend events. Confirmations are typically sent within a week of appearance application receipt.
3. Personal events including weddings and birthday parties will not be considered.
4. Only requests within a 10-mile radius of the LSU Baton Rouge campus will be considered.
5. Mascot costumes will not be loaned or rented.
6. Mascot appearances require a private and lockable changing room. Please provide water in the changing room.
7. Due to the changing schedule of athletics and our students, it is suggested that applications are received at least 3 but not more than 8 weeks prior to the event.
8. Due to LSU Athletics’ contractual agreements, businesses are NOT allowed to utilize the LSU name or logo to advertise or promote the event.


– Non-University or LSU Athletics-related event fee: $350 per hour per group (Cheerleading Squad, Mike the Tiger, or Tiger Girls).
– University or LSU Athletics-related event fee: $150 for each group, Cheerleaders, Tiger Girls, or Mike the Tiger.
– Parades and Mardi Gras Balls: $350 per hour, max 3 hours with breaks.

An invoice will be sent once event is confirmed.