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From Spain to Baton Rouge: Aran Teixidó Garcia Finds a Second Home at LSU

by Courtney Howell | South Stadium Productions Graduate Student
From Spain to Baton Rouge: Aran Teixidó Garcia Finds a Second Home at LSU

In the small, quiet streets of the city Lledia, nestled in the Northwest of Spain, lies the foundational story of a remarkable and gifted female tennis player, Aran Teixidó Garcia.

In the picturesque region of Catalonia, just outside the bustling metropolis of Barcelona, Aran embarked on her journey through childhood athletics, starting out playing soccer and gymnastics. However, her inspiration for tennis came from her mother’s side, as she and her grandparents had been a part of that sport for generations.

It was within the confines of a local tennis club, while her parents were away at work, that Aran’s destiny took shape.

“When I was younger my parents worked all day on the weekends, so they used to leave my sisters and I at our local tennis club all day where we would just play around and do gymnastics lessons,” Teixidó said. “Somehow my sisters and I always ended up hitting balls on the tennis wall. That’s how everything started, with a tennis wall. We would spend from 9am to 9pm in the tennis club hitting against the wall and just playing around.”

Teixidó shares her inspiration and thankfulness towards her grandparents for this opportunity to play tennis.

“They overcame so much in their lives that they are just my inspiration day in and day out,” she said. “They will forever be my reminder of resilience and strength. They are undoubtedly the driving force behind my aspirations.”

Navigating growing up as a female athlete in Europe, Teixidó knew she wanted to continue to excel at her passion, influence the future generation of athletes, and continue her education in college. She viewed college tennis athletes as the perfect pathway to professional tennis. From Teixidó’s perspective, competing at such a high level while earning a degree and being a part of a university would prepare her for a career and future in an exceptional way that highlights growth, success and passion through effort.

From the vibrant community spirit, unwavering support, and renowned accomplishments LSU is known for worldwide; Aran knew she had to visit Tiger Nation to meet the head coaches and see if playing down in the Bayou was her next best move.

Head coach Taylor Fogleman met with Aran and instantly she knew she was meant to be a Tiger. Her relationship with Fogelman and assistant coach Chris Simpson were key factors in her decision to come to LSU.

“I felt a special connection with Coach Taylor and Chris,” Teixidó said. “LSU had everything I needed to take my career to the next step.”

She believed that her goals aligned with the vision laid out by the Tiger coaching staff, and it would be the perfect place to take her to the next step as she reaches her professional tennis aspirations.

“It really feels like you are representing something bigger than yourself,” she said. “I never really had home matches before coming here, so for me being able to experience a home crowd and the warmth of the people it’s just an indescribable feeling. Also, being surrounded by so many elite athletes on a day-to-day basis is something that I don’t take for granted. It just makes you want to be excellent and inspires me to try my best every day. LSU really is a dream come true for me.”

Teixidó exudes humility and gratitude both on and off the court. She’s come so far since leaving Spain, all in pursuit of tennis and her dreams. But in Baton Rouge, she’s found a new home, and no matter where her dreams take her next, she will always be a Tiger.

“LSU has given me all the tools that I needed for my tennis,” she said. “I have had the pleasure of working with my amazing coaches but also trainers, strength and conditioning coaches that truly care about me. This program has helped me in ways that I can’t even describe. I will forever be grateful for Taylor’s and Chris’ trust and belief during my time here because I would certainly not be the person I am today without this experience. I think LSU has prepared me for life. I feel ready to take on whatever is to come for me.”