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LSU Goes 1-1 on Day One of the East Meets West Invitational, Defeating No. 6 California

LSU Goes 1-1 on Day One of the East Meets West Invitational, Defeating No. 6 California

Manhattan Beach, CA – The No. 8 LSU Beach Volleyball team went 1-1 on day one of the East Meets West Invitational, taking down No. 6 California.

“This is why we come out here,” said head coach Russell Brock. “We want to play tough competition in tough conditions. The information we are getting on ourselves and other top teams is critical for our continued development. At times we played as good as we’ve played all year, and there were times where we didn’t play that well, so to come out with a win and a hard-fought loss, you have to look at today as a building point. We have two more tough matches tomorrow, and if we prepare well and play well, we have a great opportunity for a solid weekend.”

On Saturday, the Sandy Tigs will start the day with a matchup against No. 13 Hawaii at 11 AM CT before wrapping up the weekend against No. 10 LMU.

LSU began the day with a battle against No. 6 California, coming out on top 3-2. Emily Meyer and Yali Ashush start the match off hot, winning Court 4; 21-18 and 21-15. Reilly Allred and Parker Bracken followed behind them, winning a three-set battle on Court 2; 15-21, 21-19 and 15-11.

Gabi Bailey and Amber Haynes fell on Court 1; 16-21 and 16-21. Brooke Blutreich and Skylar Martin fought hard in a three-set match on Court 5 but lost; 18-21, 21-16 and 10-15. With the match on the line, it all came down to Ella Larkin and Ellie Shank on Court 3. In yet another three-set battle, Larkin and Shank came out on top to give the Tigers the victory; 16-21, 21-19 and 15-12.

After a break, LSU faced No. 2 UCLA and fell, 1-4. Allred and Bracken fell on Court 2; 18-21 and 13-21. Meyer and Ashush fell on Court 4; 21-12 and 15-21. Bailey and Haynes fell on Court 1; 10-21 and 16-21. Larkin and Shank fought on Court 3, winning; 11-21, 21-18 and 15-12. Blutreich and Martin fell on Court 5; 21-16, 12-21 and 10-15.


LSU 3, Cal 2

  1. Sierra Caffo/Kendall Peters (CAL) def. Gabi Bailey/Amber Haynes (LSU) 21-16, 21-16
  2. Parker Bracken/Reilly Allred (LSU) def. Emma Donley/Alex Young-Gomez (CAL) 15-21, 21-19, 15-11
  3. Ella Larkin/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Gia Fisher/Marilu Pally (CAL) 16-21, 21-19, 15-12
  4. Emily Meyer/Yali Ashush (LSU) def. Brooke Buchner and Lara Boos (CAL) 21-18, 21-15
  5. Porita Sherman/Ella Dreibholz (CAL) def. Skylar Martin/Brooke Blutreich (LSU) 21-18, 16-21, 15-10



  1. Lexy Denaburg/Maggie Boyd (UCLA) def. Gabi Bailey/Amber Haynes (LSU) 21-10, 21-16
  2. Peri Brennan/Devon Newberry (UCLA) def. Reilly Allred/Parker Bracken (LSU) 21-18, 21-13
  3. Ella Larkin/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Kenzie Brower/Jessie Smith (UCLA) 11-21, 21-18, 15-12
  4. Tessa Van Winkle/Jaden Whitmarsh (UCLA) def. Emily Meyer/Ashush Yali (LSU) 21-12, 21-15
  5. Natalie Myszkowski/Ensley Alden (UCLA) def. Brooke Blutreich/Skylar Martin (LSU) 16-21, 21-12, 15-10