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Beach Starts Season 2-0, Defeating No. 15 Washington

Beach Starts Season 2-0, Defeating No. 15 Washington

Houston, Tx. – The No. 6 LSU Beach Volleyball team began its season Friday afternoon at the Third Coast College Classic with two wins over No. 15 Washington and Houston Christian.

“Today was a good day,” said head coach Russell Brock. “We had a great test in the morning and responded fantastically down the stretch in every match. You absolutely need those challenges early in the season. The second match was really fun. I really saw people playing free across every flight. Fantastic finish to the day! We also had so many people with their first LSU lineup win. Gabi, Emily, Skylar, Amelia and Kate. Proud of all the girls!”

The Tigers will play two more matches on Saturday beginning at 9 AM CT with Central Arkansas and then finishing the day with No. 4 TCU at 1 PM before heading home. LSU will host the Tiger Beach Challenge the next weekend.

LSU began the day with a 4-1 victory over Washington in its morning match to start the season 1-0. Brooke Blutreich and Kate Baker got the action started for the Sandy Tigs on Court 5 by winning a three-set battle; 21-12, 20-22 and 15-11. On Court 4, it was another three-set battle that LSU won. Amelia Taft and Skylar Martin won their first collegiate match; 19-21, 23-21 and 17-15.

On Court 1, Amber Haynes and Gabi Bailey fell to the Huskies; 15-21 and 20-22. Ella Larkin and Ellie Shank took care of business on Court 3 winning; 21-13 and 25-23. To cap off the win, Reilly Allred and Parker Bracken won another three-set battle; 19-21, 23-21 and 17-15.

After a break, the Sandy Tigs were back in the sand to take on Houston Christian that ended with an LSU 5-0 sweep. Larkin and Shank won Court 4; 21-9 and 21-16. On Court 5, Blutreich and Martin won; 21-18 and 20-22.

Emily Meyer and Allred took Court 2; 21-14 and 21-15. Haynes and Bailey won Court 1; 21-18 and 21-9. To finish off the match, Taft and Bracken won; 21-16 and 21-9.

“Tomorrow brings new matchups that will give us more opportunities to play and grow,” said Brock. “I love this time of the year. So much learning and development.”


No. 6 LSU def. No. 15 Washington

  1. Monk, Piper/Rabitsch, Maggy (UW) def. Bailey, Gabi/Haynes, Amber (LSU) 21-15, 22-20
  2. Allred, Reilly/Bracken, Parker (LSU) def. Henson, Zoey/Wilcock, Lauren (UW) 18-21, 24-22, 15-12
  3. Larkin, Ella/Shank, Ellie (LSU) def. Dahl, Scarlett/Ulrich, Josie (UW) 21-13, 25-23
  4. Taft, Amelia/Martin, Skylar (LSU) def. Mather, Kendall/Balue, Brooke (UW) 19-21, 23-21, 17-15
  5. Blutreich, Brooke/Baker, Kate (LSU) def. Martin, Natalie/Barton, Kierstyn (UW) 21-12, 20-22, 15-11

LSU def. Houston Christian

  1. Bailey, Gabi / Haynes, Amber (LSU) def. Kleymeyer, Kristen / Gilmour, Kristin (HCU) 21-18, 21-9
  2. Allred, Reilly / Meyer, Emily (LSU) def. Bufkin, Abbey / Griffith, Kylann (HCU) 21- 14, 21-15
  3. Bracken, Parker / Taft, Amelia (LSU) def. Heilbrun, Rachel / Lockhart, Tatum (HCU) 21-16, 21-9
  4. Shank, Ellie / Larkin, Ella (LSU) def. Armstrong, Killan / Palmer, Paige (HCU) 21-9, 21-16
  5. Blutreich, Brooke / Martin, Skylar (LSU) def. Axelrod, Gabi / Silverthorn, Alisia (HCU) 21-18, 21-18