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A Year of Gold

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A Year of Gold

To the LSU GOLD community:

Thank you. 

We are storytellers by trade, and quite often, our job is to capture the perfect words to convey a meaningful and memorable message. And as we celebrate one year of LSU GOLD, it’s hard to top those two words. So we’ll say them again. 

Thank you. 

One year ago, we launched GOLD, having no idea of what to expect. 

We had no idea that our football team would beat Bama, win the West, and finish the season covered in celebratory Cheez-Its. 

We just knew we wanted to be there for every step of The Path

We had no idea our gymnastics program would overcome impossible odds to reach unprecedented heights. 

We just knew we wanted to be there for every moment of The Climb

We had no idea that our women’s basketball team would piece it together, dance until April, and win the whole damn thing, all the while changing the sport forever and claiming LSU’s 50th national championship.

We just knew we wanted to be there for every second of The Show

And we had no idea that our baseball program would follow suit, win No. 51, then make history by having the No. 1 and No. 2 players selected in the Major League Baseball draft, all in just a few weeks. 

We just knew we wanted to be there to showcase The Powerhouse of College Baseball. 

When we launched GOLD, the dream was to be there for every step of LSU’s next championship journey, and to bring the fans along with us, in whatever way possible. We remembered what it was like to follow the greatest team in the history of college football in 2019, and the next time LSU made history, we wanted to bring more cameras, provide more access, and share more stories with the best fans in the country. 

One year later, we’re grateful to have seen that dream become reality, and all we can say is thank you. 

Thank you to the coaches, student-athletes, and staff for allowing us to tell your stories wholeheartedly and authentically.  

Thank you to the fans who signed up on day one and watched every episode, every podcast, and every feature. 

Thank you to the fans who watched even just a second of something we made, because you make the championship journey worth following. 

And thank you to the fans who are ready for another year of unrivaled content and unprecedented access. Whether you’ve been here for a year, a month, a day, or the time it took to read this letter, thank you. We are forever grateful for your support. 

Now, let’s run it back for Year Two – with more access, more content, and more wins to celebrate together. 

Geaux Tigers!

– LSU GOLD x South Stadium Productions