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LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team

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LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team

2010-11 LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team
Hip-Hop National Champions (2010)

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Top Row: Katherine Frederickson, Ashleigh Hurelbrink, Sheena Kaiser, Jacie Scott, Kristen Davis (Captain), Michelle Douglas, Megan Bundy, Tara Mouton, Sara Brignac
Bottom Row: Bethany Hebert, Jasmine Olivier, Alexis Lawson, Haley Taylor, Jennifer White, Natalie Legendre, Hayley Kropog (Captain), Erika Liew, Katie Morton, Taylor Courtney, Sadie Newell, Jenny Craig


Tiger Girls Third in 2011 Hip Hop, Fourth in Jazz

ORLANDO, Fla. — Two days after Mike the Tiger finished fifth in the national mascot competition, the LSU Cheerleading squad and the Tiger Girls Dance team also posted Top-5 finishes in the 2011 College Cheerleading and Dance Team Championship on Jan. 16, 2011.

The cheerleaders placed fourth in the 10-team finals, while the Tiger Girls were third in the Hip Hop National Championship and fourth in the Jazz competition.

2011 College Cheerleading and Dance Team Championships

Division IA Hip Hop Final Results
1. Memphis
2. Cincinnati
3. LSU
4. Tennessee
6. Kentucky
7. Arizona St.
8. Oklahoma
9. Rutgers
10. Florida St.
11. Wisconsin

Division IA Jazz Final Results
1. Minnesota
2. Tennessee
3. Florida St.
4. LSU
5. Arizona St.
6. Michigan St.
7. Wisconsin
8. Colorado
9. Iowa
10. Mississippi
11. Ohio St.
12. Alabama

General Information

The Tiger Girls are under the Direction of Pauline Zernott and are coached by Denise Dicharry and Alisha Andrepont. For more information about the Tiger Girl program or to schedule and appearance by the Tiger Girls, please contact Pauline Zernott at

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How can I prepare for the annual LSU Tiger Girl Dance Team Auditions (typically in mid-spring)?

We are looking for well-rounded dancers in all areas of jazz, hip-hop and pom technique. If you have not had experience in a certain area of dance, it is recommended to please gain experience prior to auditions. Our Audition clinic is a great resource. Dance Studios and College squads are also great resources to find help with private lessons.

In addition, if you do not dance on a high school squad and you are on a competitive team only, please consider getting a private coach to assist you in learning “game day” cheerleading. Being talented is important but you must also know how to “lead a crowd” and cheer in front of fans as well as dance. Your Performance score will play a vital role in the audition process.

While we do not have a weight or height restriction, our girls range in size from 100 pounds to 145 pounds and 5’0 to 5’11. Your appearance score and technical scores are extremely important and typically carry the same percentage at tryouts. A combination of appearance, technique, hip hop, pom and performance will all factor in to an “overall effect” score.

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For more information regarding the LSU Tiger Girls Squad, contact the LSU Spirit Coordinator at