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Shelly Mullenix

Shelly Mullenix
Sr. Associate AD / Health and Wellness
(225) 578-6785
North Miami Beach, Fla.
Alma Mater
Florida State (1991)

Shelly Mullenix holds degrees in Health Education (BS), Athletic Administration (MS), and Social Work (LMSW) and has more than 30 years’ experience as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) in Championship collegiate programs. Nationally recognized as an expert in the administration of multi-disciplinary healthcare in sport and a pioneering woman in the field, Mullenix is uniquely qualified to assure the physical and mental well-being of LSU’s student-athletes.

A Senior Associate Athletic Trainer for the celebrated LSU Football program since 1997, Mullenix’s promotion to senior administration in 2019 expanded her professional scope and influence to serve the entire LSU student-athlete population. Mullenix plays a key role in the development and implementation of the department’s healthcare policies, which are grounded in decades of field experience and specialized training and are now seen as national models.

Mullenix’s years in Athletic Training and hands-on sports administration give her a unique perspective on the needs of athletic training programing, mental health and substance use treatment and prevention, nutritional support, enhancement of strength & conditioning training, and staff and student leadership development. Adding a second master’s degree in Social Work from LSU (2019) further expanded her capacity to provide student-athletes, coaches, and Department staff expert support in behavioral health medicine and social justice issues.

Mullenix serves as a liaison to the COX Academic Center for Student-Athletes, forging a link between athletics and academics through the Athletic Department Assistance Program (ADAP). This relationship enhances student learning experiences and supports collaborative efforts between the athletic and academic worlds. With an eye on the future of her field, Mullenix pursues and facilitates nationally recognized scientific research in the areas of injury & illness prevention, biological and genetic evaluation related to injury & illness recovery, as well as the exploration of new academic and clinical theories in mental health awareness in sports.

A seasoned course Instructor in the LSU Department of Kinesiology (1999 – 2012), Mullenix is an engaging and sought-after public speaker. Often cited as a pioneer among females in collegiate sports administration, Mullenix is seen as a role model for emerging professionals and relishes her role as informal coach and mentor to women in the field. Sometimes blunt—always on point—Mullenix regularly lectures to students and groups of medical, athletic and academic professionals on a wide range of related issues.

In the private sector, Mullenix created Integrated Sports Management, LLC in 2006, a consulting firm that provides a unique systematic approach to program administration, integrating four critical components of successful intercollegiate athletic programs: drug testing, behavioral health medicine, peer leadership development, and nutritional guidance. Through ISM, Mullenix has shared decades of expertise with several non-competing Division I athletic programs as well as providing psychological consultation to the Miami Dolphins under Coach Nick Saban.

Shelly Mullenix is married to communications consultant Matt Mullenix. Their twin daughters Maggie and Briana attend LSU.