LSU Gold


"What I didn't realize is the brand. Those three letters, L-S-U, they don't mean anything else but Louisiana State University. It's an international brand.

-Kim Mulkey, Women's Basketball Head Coach

Brand Meetings

At LSU we give our student-athletes the resources and connections needed to build their personal brand. NILSU assists student-athletes in using the unrivaled and historic brand of LSU to help develop their own separate identity. Student athletes have the privilege to meet with our staff in two separate meetings that explore their personal brand identity and strategic planning.

The brand identity meeting is designed to learn more about the student-athlete outside of sports and what drives them. We want to align their values, hobbies, and interests with specific brands that will generate the most success.

The brand strategy meeting follows identity and helps student-athletes plan the process in securing an NIL deal. Student-athletes cultivate new ways to reach out to potential brands and develop social media content strategies to propose on various platforms in order to meet their obligations.