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Cutting-Edge NILSU App Now Available to Connect Student-Athletes and Businesses for NIL Opportunities

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Cutting-Edge NILSU App Now Available to Connect Student-Athletes and Businesses for NIL Opportunities

NILSU and Matchpoint Connection have partnered to launch the brand new NILSU app, a groundbreaking platform designed to connect LSU student-athletes with local businesses for Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities.

The NILSU app, unique across the entire landscape of collegiate athletics, aims to revolutionize the way student-athletes and businesses interact, providing a streamlined approach to NIL opportunities, as well as comprehensive education and resources designed by NILSU for businesses and student-athletes interested in partnering for deals.

“We are excited about the opportunity the NILSU app will provide to all student-athletes at LSU,” said Taylor Jacobs, LSU’s Associate Athletic Director for NIL and Strategic Initiatives. “Our goal in athletics is to ensure our student-athletes receive the best education, build a strong brand and maximize opportunity during their time as a student-athlete.  This app will allow them do just that.”

The app is now available for download through all major app providers and features a number of benefits designed by Matchpoint Connection to create a seamless process for NIL opportunities, from custom contracts to payment processing. LSU student-athletes can create an enhanced bio, offering a comprehensive platform to market themselves for potential NIL opportunities and beyond. This feature enables athletes to showcase their skills, achievements, and personal brand to attract the right business partnerships.

“It’s an honor to have been selected by LSU to design and develop the official NILSU app, the first university-branded two-way marketplace in the country. Our vision of NIL aligns perfectly with LSU, which allowed us to create a customized platform that is compliant and able to adapt with regulation changes,” said Mackenzie Landry, COO of Matchpoint Connection

LSU student-athletes will also have access to customized educational tools designed to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of NIL and ensure they are well-informed and compliant with state, federal, and NCAA legislation.

Local, regional, and national businesses and brands interested in engaging with LSU student-athletes for NIL opportunities can create an account on the NILSU app, making it easier than ever to find the perfect match for sponsorship deals, endorsements, or other collaborative opportunities.

In line with state law requirements, all deals brokered through the NILSU App will automatically be disclosed to LSU. This feature ensures transparency and compliance, safeguarding the interests of both student-athletes and businesses.