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Geaux Figure: Tigers Getting Stronger Heading Into Bye Week

More in-depth statistics on LSU's use of RPOs, Harold Perkins, and Mekhi Wingo, only on LSU GOLD.

by Cody Worsham
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Geaux Figure: Tigers Getting Stronger Heading Into Bye Week

Under Brian Kelly, LSU keeps improving.

On a macro level, that’s true of the season, as the Tigers continue their rise up the polls and enter the bye week atop the standings of college football’s most competitive division.

On a micro level, that’s true of the games themselves, too, as LSU’s slow starts keep giving way to strong finishes, on both sides of the ball – mostly.

Offensively, LSU’s ability to get better as the game goes along is uncanny. This is a breakdown of the Tigers’ offensive ranking by quarter among 65 Power 5 teams. The metric used here is +EPA%, which is a percentage of plays that result in an increase in expected points for the offense. A positive EPA is a good result for the offense; a negative EPA is good for the defense.

(In this case, the ranking is used, not the metric itself, but the explanation above is for clarity).

LSU Offense Ranking, By Quarter, Power 5 Teams

1st Quarter: 37th

2nd Quarter: 19th

3rd Quarter: 7th

4th Quarter: ….

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