Five LSU Beach Pairs Earn AVCA Top Flight Honors

Five LSU Beach Pairs Earn AVCA Top Flight Honors

GULF SHORES, Ala. – Five LSU Beach Volleyball pairs earned AVCA Topflight status which recognizes excellence in college beach volleyball across all courts.


LSU’s AVCA Top Flight Pairs

Kylie Deberg and Kelli Greene-Agnew – Top Flight Court 2

Parker Bracken and Kylie Deberg – Top Flight Court 2

Reilly Allred and Holly Carlton – Top Flight Court 3

Kelli Greene-Agnew and Grace Seits – Top Flight Court 4

Sierra Caffo and Ellie Shank – Top Flight Court 5


With five pairs earning Top Flight honors, LSU ties a record for the most pairs to earn Top Flight on a single season and sets the LSU record. Deberg and Agnew, who earned Top Flight Status on Court 2 together, become the first two players  in Top Flight history to earn the honors with multiple partners. In order to be earn Top Flight recognition a pair must play together in 15 matches or more on the same court and also win at least 75-percent of those matches.

LSU is currently competing at the NCAA Championship and after Wednesday’s win over Cal, the Tigers are one of the final eight teams left standing with double-elimination set to start Friday. LSU will matchup with UCLA at noon CT on Friday on ESPNU. No matter the outcome, the Tigers will play again later Friday afternoon.

Deberg and Greene-Agnew teamed up as a pair on March 26 and have played nearly every match together since then. To earn Top Flight status they have gone 13-4 together on Court 2. They were also 4-0 when competing on Court 3 together. A CCSA All-Conference pair, Deberg and Greene-Agnew are 8-4 against pairs from ranked teams.

Bracken and Deberg began the season as a pair and went 14-5 together on Court 2. With both of them playing college beach volleyball for the first time, Bracken and Deberg won their first 14 matches together and were named the AVCA National Pair of the Week following the third week of the season.

Allred and Carlton have been a solid pair since the start of the season with a 28-5 record on Court 3 where they earned Top Flight. They have also played as a pair on Courts 1 and 2 and have an overall record of 30-10. Allred and Carlton have excelled in crunch time playing over half of their matches all the way to three-sets where they have a 13-8 record. They are also 14-10 against pairs from ranked teams.

Greene-Agnew and Seits were LSU’s main pair of Court 4 to begin the season. They were dominant as a pair with a 15-2 record, playing every match in the four position. After splitting their first two matches of the season, Greene-Agnew and Seits rattled off 10 consecutive wins, all in straight sets. They were 7-2 against pairs from ranked teams.

Caffo and Shank went 15-3 on Court 5 to earn Top Flight status and they also won their only two matches as a pair on Court 4. They were a solid duo for LSU to start the season, beginning the year on a seven-match win streak. Caffo and Shank were 7-3 during the season against pairs from ranked teams.