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No. 5 LSU Beats No. 15 FIU, Splits Friday Matches at Unconquered Invitational

No. 5 LSU Beats No. 15 FIU, Splits Friday Matches at Unconquered Invitational

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- The No. 5 LSU Beach Volleyball team split its Friday matches at the Unconquered Invitational hosted by Florida State.

LSU started the day with a tough 3-2 win over No. 15 FIU. Later in the day, the Tigers battled No. 4 FSU, but lost the match, 4-1.

“This morning I thought we played well and at times I thought we played good against Florida State,” said head coach Russell Brock. “We’re not where we need to be yet. Looking forward to tomorrow and two good tests. It’s a great opportunity to play the No. 2 team in the country and to play a good Stetson team. It’s a great opportunity for us to get back into it.”

On Saturday, the Tigers will face No. 19 Stetson at 8:30 a.m. CT and No. 2 TCU 1 p.m. before heading back to Baton Rouge. Fans can follow @LSUBeachVB on Twitter for in-match score updates.

In the first game of the day, No. 5 LSU faced off against No. 15 FIU. The two teams battled as the Tigers came out with the victory, 3-2. On Court 1, Bella Bauman and Parker Bracken lost 21-13 and 21-19. On Court 5, Allison Coens and Lara Boos won the first set, 21-10, but lost the next two, 21-14 and 16-14.

On Court 2, Kylie Deberg and Kelli Greene-Agnew won 23-21 and 21-7. On Court 3, Holly Carlton and Reilly Allred lost the first set, 21-19, but bounced back and won the next two, 21-17 and 16-14. On Court 4, Grace Seits and Ellie Shank won 21-16 and 21-15 to secure the victory for LSU.

In their next match of the day, the Tigers battled No. 4 FSU, but lost, 4-1. The Court 4 duo of Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope and Melia Lindner picked up LSU’s lone point of the match. After losing the first set, 21-14, they won the next two, 24-22 and 15-13.

On Court 1, Bauman and Bracken lost 21-14 and 22-20. On Court 2, Deberg and Greene-Agnew lost the first, 21-14, won the second set, 21-14, but lost the third, 15-10. On Court 3, Carlton and Allred lost the first, 21-17, won the second, 21-19, but ultimately lost the third after a tough battle, 16-14. On Court 5, Seits and Shank lost 23-21 and 21-19.

No. 5 LSU 3, No. 15 FIU 2

  1. Paige Kalkhoff/Giada Bianchi (FIU) def. Bella Bauman/Parker Bracken (LSU) 21-13, 21-19
  2. Kylie Deberg/Kelli Greene-Agnew (LSU) def. Roberta Ribeiro/Zuzanna Bielak (FIU) 23-21, 21-7
  3. Holly Carlton/Reilly Allred (LSU) def. Gina Lipscomb/Emma Erteltova (FIU) 19-21, 21-17, 16-14
  4. Grace Seits/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Rachele Mancinelli/Emily Meyer (FIU) 21-16, 21-15
  5. Kendall Mather/Lisa Luini (FIU) def. Allison Coens/Lara Boos (LSU) 10-21, 21-14, 16-14

No. 4 Florida State 4, No. 5 LSU 1

  1. Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer (FS) def. Bella Bauman/Parker Bracken (LSU) 21-14, 22-20
  2. Alaina Chacon/Madison Fitzpatrick (FS) def. Kylie Deberg/Kelli Greene-Agnew (LSU) 21-14, 14-21, 15-10
  3. Morgan Chacon/Jordan Polo (FS) def. Holly Carlton/Reilly Allred (LSU) 21-17, 19-21, 16-14
  4. Melia Lindner/Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope (LSU) def. Kate Privett/Anna Long (FS) 14-21, 24-22, 15-13
  5. Raelyn White/Caitlin Moon (FS) def. Grace Seits/Ellie Shank (LSU) 23-21, 21-19