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Tigers Win Podcast: Matt McMahon

by Cody Worsham
Tigers Win Podcast: Matt McMahon

Values and vision.

If you’re wondering what makes Matt McMahon the right coach at the right time for LSU Basketball, start there.

His values – hard work, unselfishness accountability, toughness, and joy – helped him become one of the best young coaches in the country, climbing ladders and cutting down nets at every stop in his career.

His vision – of what LSU Basketball can be, both as a program on the national stage and as a transformative institution for the state of Louisiana – is what brought him to Baton Rouge.

On this edition of Tigers Win, we talk about how he formed those values and why he believes in that vision. We discuss the standards that define his program and the influences that shaped him as a coach. And we get to the core of who Matt McMahon is, what he believes, and why he’s here at LSU.