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Tigers Win: JuVaughn Harrison

Mr. Jumps discusses the things that fuel him – his mom, his failures as a freshman, his success as a sophomore, and his love of subs and spicy chicken sandwiches – on the latest episode of the Tigers Win podcast.

Tigers Win: JuVaughn Harrison

JuVaughn Harrison isn’t just one of the greatest athletes in LSU history.

He’s among the very best in the world.

No one in America jumps higher or farther than Mr. Jumps, and we will find out this weekend if anyone in the world can out-jump Harrison, who will become the first man since Jim Thorpe in 1912 to represent the U.S. in the high and long jump at the Olympics.

Harrison is set to take flight on the world stage in the high jump on Thursday and the long jump Friday (CST). It’s a rare combination – jumpers tend to specialize in one or the other, because the skillsets required are vastly different – but Harrison is a rare athlete.

Before taking off for Tokyo, he joined us, via Zoom, from Bernie Moore Track Stadium to talk about preparing for the Olympics, making his mom proud, and how fast food fuels his flights.