LSU Gold

Based on the information you provided, we cannot assist you with your request because of NCAA guidelines restricting our involvement with your event.

Those guidelines dictate that the Louisiana State University is not permitted to:

1. Offer, provide or arrange financial assistance, directly or indirectly, to pay the costs of a prospect’s post-high school education;
2. Provide funding directly or indirectly or through paid advertisements, to benefit a high school or its athletics program. This includes any team or organization that includes or supports prospective-age students (grades 9-12); or
3. Provide athletic equipment to a high school

In addition, it is not permissible for a commercial agency, business or personal entity to use the name, picture, appearance or autograph of a student-athlete to advertise, promote or benefit its own self-interests.

We hope that you understand our obligation and commitment to abide places the LSU athletic department in violation of NCAA rules and jeopardizes our institution’s good standing within the organization.

Thank you for you understanding, and we invite you to contact us for further discussion or future requests.

Louisiana State University
Athletic Compliance Office
(225) 578-3891 or