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PMAC Adds Largest Center Hung Videoboard in Nation

PMAC Adds Largest Center Hung Videoboard in Nation

BATON ROUGE – The Maravich Center on the LSU campus moved into a new realm of video and digital technology prior to the 2017-18 season when the school installed what was then the largest center hung videoboard in college basketball. 

Featuring the latest in HD technology, the Maravich Center videoboard at the time ranked 11th in size among all center hung boards in NBA arenas. 

The videoboard features two sideline high-definition screens that each measure 42 feet by 21 feet for a total of 882 square feet of video space per board. The baseline facing boards, also in HD, measures 24 feet by 20.5 feet for 984 square feet of video space. In all, the videoboard gives fans 2,748 square feet of HD video.  

The videoboard, priced at over $3 million, was fully funded by the Tiger Athletic Foundation and will be used for sporting events and other major events in the Maravich Center including LSU’s commencement ceremonies, which take place three times a year in the venue.  

To put the size of the videoboard into perspective, it would take 105 50-inch televisions to equal the size of the new board. 

Some of the features that fans can expect to enjoy with the videoboard include:

  • True 16:9 aspect high-definition video
  • Dedicated area for game-in-progress information (score, clock, etc.), individual and team stats
  • Dynamic content area that will feature out of town scores, crowd prompts, in-depth player stats and social media content

In addition to the new center hung videoboard, the Maravich Center is outfitted with four new portal screens, which replaced older scoreboards that used to occupy that space. There is also an improved scorer’s table LED board. 

The portal screen boards and scorer’s table features  game information, stats and other dynamic content. 

All boards and screens in the Maravich Center can be tied together to produce content or unique displays during the course of a game or event.