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LSU Season Ticket Holder Policies

A ticket to an LSU athletic event only authorizes the holder to attend that event on the terms and conditions described on the ticket. Purchasers of the tickets, including season tickets, acquire no other rights. The ticket purchaser has no opportunity to renew or transfer tickets except as provided under the policies of the LSU Board of Supervisors. Such policies create no vested rights and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Board.

LSU season football, baseball, and men’s and women’s basketball tickets may be renewed in accordance with the ticket reorder priorities policy of the Board of Supervisors by the individual, organization or company names on the account.

Any change in the address of the account can only be made by the account holder of the tickets; i.e. that person, or company named on the account. Any such address change must be made in writing by the account holder or the chief executive officer of the organization or company. Season ticket accounts are non-transferable except as set forth in the following three paragraphs below.

  1. In the case of death of the season ticket holder of record, the surviving spouse will automatically become the ticket holder of record. The surviving spouse must notify the ticket office with a notarized letter and copy of death certificate to have the name changed on the account. If there is no surviving spouse, the Athletics Department will offer the option to renew tickets to a surviving child if provided with a notarized and uncontested request by the child to be the season ticket holder of record. If there is no surviving child, the transfer will be made to a surviving grandchild if provided with a notarized and uncontested request by the grandchild to be the season ticket holder of record.
  2. Furthermore, at the time of ticket renewals an individual ticket holder may request a transfer of the ticket holder’s ticket or tickets to a spouse or to a natural or adopted child or stepchild of the ticket holder. If there is no surviving child, a transfer may be made to a grandchild. The Athletics Department will offer the option to renew tickets to the spouse or child (or grandchild, if applicable) if provided with a notarized and uncontested request by the season ticket holder to do so.
  3. If a company is the ticket holder of record and goes out of business, tickets revert to the Athletics Department for resale. If the company is acquired by another company and the original company name is changed, the chief executive officer must notify the Ticket Office in writing of the change to maintain the option to renew season tickets. Tickets in the name of a company cannot be transferred into a personal name.

Transfer requests (.pdf) may be sent only at the time of ticket renewals for the sport being transferred. Requests must be sent in the form of a notarized letter which includes the required information below:

  • Account Number and Full Name of transferor
  • Account Number (if applicable) and Full name of transferee
  • Contact information for transferee (i.e. address, email address, daytime phone #, and nighttime phone #)
  • Sport of tickets being transferred (i.e. football, baseball, basketball)
  • Specific seat locations to be transferred
  • Relationship between transferor and transferee (See above for restrictions)
  • Proof of relationship (i.e. Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.)
  • Signatures of both transferor and transferee

The transfer of season tickets does not guarantee the transfer of priority points associated with a season ticket account. Please visit for information on priority point policies.

All correspondence and further clarification should be addressed to:

LSU Athletics Ticket Office
Athletic Admin. Bldg.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803