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LSU Athletics Hall of Fame Coach/Administrator Nominations

Coach/Admin Nomination Form


• In addition to this form, please email two (2) letters of recommendation to Emily Dixon or mail to LSU Athletics c/o Emily Dixon, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. 
• Information must be submitted online, typed or printed for consideration by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
• Please fill out completely. Incomplete forms will not be considered by the Selection Committee.
• Self-nominations will not be considered by the Selection Committee.

For induction into the LSU Athletic Hall of Fame in the Coach/Administrator category, an individual must meet all of the following criteria as outlined by the Constitution of the Hall of Fame:
(1) Have been granted an earned baccalaureate, professional or graduate degree by Louisiana State University or by some other regionally accredited institution of higher learning
(2) Have made significant contributions to LSU athletics in a capacity other than that of an athlete (i.e., coach, trainer, etc.)
(3) Have gained national distinction through exceptional accomplishment in his/her field of expertise
(4) Have established a personal reputation for character and citizenship which reflects favorably upon the University
(5) Have been retired from his/her profession for at least five (5) years


Coach / Administrator Nominee Information

(i.e., contributions to professional organizations, participation in charitable and/or community activities)

Nominator Information

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