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Tiger Stadium Tailgating Policies

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Tiger Stadium Tailgating Policies


Tailgating has become a part of college football all across the country, but at LSU, for Tiger fans it is an art form. Over two-thirds of Tiger fans tailgate for five or more hours before every game, and many begin celebrating the great Tiger football experience more than 24 hours before kickoff.

LSU encourages its fans to come to campus early and enjoy the great tradition of tailgating. LSU also encourages its fans to tailgate in a responsible manner, respectful of the campus and of other Tiger fans and fans from visiting schools.

Help us keep your campus clean by bagging your trash and using recycling containers. LSU’s Facility Services Department distributes trash bags throughout campus on game days for your convenience.

For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please follow these guidelines when tailgating at LSU football games. Tailgating Setup is allowed after 5 p.m. CT on the Friday prior to game day. Also, tailgate setups are subject to removal for violation of tailgating policies. Please direct all questions regarding tailgating to LSU Athletics Guest Services at (225) 578-4085.

General Tailgating Policies

POLICY: Live musical bands and other live performances are NOT allowed at tailgating sites or on campus without prior approval from LSU Athletics.
REASON: This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of other fans. Musical tastes and tolerable noise levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party.

POLICY: Music must be confined to your tailgate area and speakers must be directed into your tailgate party. All music must be turned off by midnight the night before games and by 2 a.m. after games. Tailgaters are encouraged to contact LSU Police at (225) 578-3231 when music from another tailgate party becomes a nuisance.
REASON: This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of other fans. Musical tastes and tolerable noise levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party.

POLICY: Caterers making deliveries must have proper parking permits to be admitted to private tailgate areas in reserved lots. Dropping off tailgate orders or supplies without a permit will not be allowed. Caterers will be denied access if they do not have proper credentials.
REASON: Parking lot attendants are instructed to only allow vehicles with parking permits into reserved lots. They cannot be expected to monitor vehicles that intend to drop off items and leave the lots.

POLICY: All corporate or commercial tailgate activities, including the allocation of space and provision of services, is managed by LSU Sports Properties.
REASON: No corporate or commercial tailgates are allowed on University property except as authorized by LSU Sports Properties. For more info call (225) 578-8883.

POLICY: Cookers on trailers are not allowed in reserved lots, and no cooker at any location on campus may be larger than a 55-gallon drum (23” in diameter x 35” long). Cookers may not be placed in travel lanes or in parking spaces. Cookers may not be placed inside buildings.
REASON: All parking spaces are reserved for vehicles and may not be occupied by cookers. The size of cookers is regulated for safety reasons so that a cooker may be moved if necessary in the event of an accident or emergency. Cookers inside buildings are an obvious safety hazard.

POLICY: Cooking is not permitted under building entrances, patios, covered walks or on any exposed aggregate, ornamental concrete, brick pavers, etc., where grease drippings can stain surfaces. Cooking is not permitted on Memorial Plaza or the War Memorial.
REASON: Concrete stains are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove which is degrading to the appearance of the campus structures and can be a safety hazard by creating slippery conditions in the humid climate.

POLICY: Fans may not erect or remove fencing or barricades of any type (permanent or temporary) on the LSU campus. Fan may also not setup any temporary flooring on the LSU Parade Ground or other areas deemed to be sensitive or prone to damage.
REASON: Only University personnel are authorized to erect or remove fencing on campus. University personnel are responsible for maintaining a beautiful campus year round and many temporary fences and flooring create damage to the landscaped areas.

POLICY: Charcoals and other items must be disposed of properly. Coals should be allowed to burn themselves out completely. Please do not place or dump charcoals or other flammables in trash cans, under trees, near vehicles, or leave unattended in the parking lots.
REASON: Even items that appear to be extinguished may remain flammable and cause fires.

POLICY: No food sales or vendors are allowed on campus without approval of LSU Athletics and its concessionaire.
REASON: LSU regulates the sale and distribution of food and beverages on campus through corporate contracts. For more information, contact LSU Athletics at (225) 578-8001.

POLICY: Companies and individuals may not issue samples or products without being properly licensed by the University. Food, drink, and other items may neither be sold nor given to the general public.
REASON: This is a matter of legal liability for everyone involved. The University does not allow the sale or distribution of food on the LSU campus without proper credentials and insurance.

POLICY: Portable electrical generators are permitted, but are discouraged. For temporary electrical needs, LSU recommends the use of battery operated inverters that convert the battery current to house current. These recommended devices do not generate hazardous carbon monoxide emissions, do not require gasoline cans and resultant hazards, and do not create noise that is potentially damaging to hearing and a nuisance to fellow tailgaters. The operation of portable electrical generators that create excessive noise, emission hazards or other safety concerns will not be permitted.
REASON: Older generators can be loud and intrusive for other tailgaters. Older generators can also pose safety issues and may create a pollution hazard.

POLICY: Glass containers are strongly discouraged for use during tailgating activities.
REASON: Broken glass can cause a safety hazard, not only for tailgaters, but also for students on campus during the week. This is a particular concern on the Parade Ground and other areas that are used for student recreational activities.

POLICY: Golf carts, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, go carts hover boards and other custom motorized vehicles are not permitted on the LSU campus unless authorized by LSU Athletics.
REASON: The use of motorized vehicles other than automobiles and motor homes can be a danger to pedestrians, especially children.

POLICY: Political activity is subject to the same rules that apply to all signage, banners, solicitation, distribution of literature and other non-LSU activities on the LSU campus. Distribution of flyers, stickers, buttons, signs, or promotional items is prohibited without approval by LSU Administration. Contact the LSU Office of Finance & Administration at (225) 578-3386 prior to game day for information on the approval process. Subject to reasonable restrictions to protect safety and pedestrian access, you may display political signs measuring not more than 2 feet in any dimension within your immediate tailgating area, if you are present at the location at all times and the signs do not block any walkway or other path.
REASON: The University, as a government agency, recognizes the First Amendment rights of those visiting campus. It imposes these reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on distribution and display of commercial, non-profit, and political materials to protect the public safety. In addition to the public safety concerns, LSU will not allow itself to be perceived as endorsing any commercial, non-profit, or political activity, campaign, or issues except as authorized by law and LSU policy.

POLICY: Individuals may not arrange to bring portable restrooms onto campus. LSU provides port-o-lets and restrooms in many buildings throughout campus for the convenience of fans.
REASON: Unless LSU manages the activity of providing port-o-lets on campus, these units can be left in parking lots in areas utilized by students on class days, and may remain un-serviced, resulting in unsanitary conditions.

POLICY: The use and/or operation of remote-controlled equipment/cameras/toys/aircraft (including all drones and unmanned aircraft systems) is strictly prohibited on all areas of the LSU Campus – including Gamedays and during gameday related activities (i.e. Friday game preparations). All grounds and parking lots are considered part of the LSU Campus.
REASON: LSU Athletics and the LSU Police department strive to maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone in attendance. In accordance with FAA guidelines, LSU Athletics will adhere to these restrictions and protective measures for fan safety, security, and privacy.

POLICY: It is the responsibility of each tailgate party to secure tailgate items prior to entering the stadium. Tailgaters should lock food, beverages and valuables out of sight in vehicles; extinguish all fires or flames; unplug electrical outlets; secure barbecue pits, chairs, and ice chests; and store beverages in locked containers. LSU Athletics is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
REASON: Up to 120,000 fans tailgate on the LSU campus on game days. All fans must take personal responsibility and be aware of your property.

POLICY: All tailgating activities in this section are not permitted on sidewalks, bike paths and landscaped areas.
REASON: Sidewalks and bike paths are necessary routes for pedestrians to reach Tiger Stadium. If sidewalks and bike paths are blocked, pedestrians may be forced into streets in the path of vehicular traffic.

POLICY: Banners and signage recognizing businesses, may not be displayed, nor may promotional/commercial materials be distributed without prior approval by LSU Administration. For non-commercial messages (that is, non-profit or political messages), and subject to reasonable restrictions to protect safety and pedestrian access, small signs, measuring not more than 2 feet in any dimension, may be placed within your immediate tailgating areas, if you are present at the location at all times and the signs do not block any walkway or other path. (also see political activity above)
REASON: LSU operates a successful corporate sponsor program. In order to fulfill contractual obligations with its sponsors, LSU cannot permit businesses to display banners or signage on campus. Only companies that have corporate sponsor agreements with LSU Athletics may display their signage. Companies interested in more information on this subject should contact LSU Sports Properties at (225) 578-8883.

POLICY: Solicitations of any kind, for commercial, non-profit, political, or other purposes, within LSU facilities or on LSU premises are prohibited unless specifically approved by LSU Administration. The distribution of flyers or leaflets on parked vehicles is expressly prohibited.
REASON: This is also a matter of legal liability and institutional control. LSU does not allow the sale or distribution of goods and services on the LSU campus without proper credentials and insurance.

POLICY: The use of electrical outlets in or on LSU facilities, or other utilities such as water sources, is expressly prohibited. This policy will be strictly enforced and violators will be subject to arrest for theft of utilities.
REASON: Overuse of utilities can cause outages, surges or shortages that may affect critical operations on the LSU campus.

Tent Policies

Revelry Sports & Entertainment
LSU Athletics has partnered with Revelry Sports & Entertainment as the Official Tailgate Partner for on-campus, full-service experiences. To learn about tailgate packages located near Patrick Taylor Hall along South Stadium Dr. and Engineering Lane, call (225) 244-9345 or email

POLICY: LSU discourages the use of tents larger than 10′ by 10′. Tents may not be staked into the ground.
REASON: Tents must be of a size that can be moved quickly in the event of an emergency. Stakes can damage utilities beneath the LSU campus and can be dangerous to tailgaters. Oversized tents can impede the tailgating enjoyment of other fans. Please be courteous in the placement of tents.

POLICY: Tents must be taken down before you enter the game.
REASON: Unexpected winds may cause tents to scatter when unattended, and tents are subject to theft when left alone.

POLICY: Fans using a tent or canopy over the tailgate of a vehicle should restrict the size to no larger than 10′ x 10′ and may not take up space in other parking spaces or travel lanes. Tents may not be used to save parking spaces. Tents must not block travel lanes.
REASON: Vehicles must be able to access parking spots via travel lanes. Also, for the safety of tailgaters, travel lanes must remain clear for vehicles and pedestrians to pass. This is also important to allow for the passage of emergency vehicles.

POLICY: Tents may not be set up on sidewalks, bike paths, travel lanes or any other area of regular flow of pedestrian traffic. Tailgating and related activities may not block or impede points of access along sidewalks and parking lots.
REASON: Sidewalks, bike paths and travel lanes must be left passable for pedestrians.

POLICY: Tent canopies/covers are considered signage/displays – Tent canopies may not display corporate logos, adverting, or signage (tent canopies should be plain/generic). Violators will be told to take down or remove corporate logos.
REASON: LSU operates a successful corporate sponsor program. Only companies that have corporate sponsor agreements with LSU Athletics may display their logos/signage. Companies interested in more information on this subject should contact LSU Sports Properties at (225) 578-8883.