LSU Gold
  • Large, local and loyal fan base
  • The only collegiate sports property in Louisiana that reaches a statewide, regional and national audience
  • The largest media draw in the state of Louisiana
  • No other University can offer the pride, passion and pageantry of LSU Athletics
  • Highly successful athletic and academic institution

The LSU Experience

The band plays the first note of the fight song and more than 90,000 fans rise to their feet, captivated and transformed by what they are about to see. As the game begins the fans create an atmosphere unlike any other in college football, raising their level of intensity as the magnitude of the game heightens with every turn … this could only be a Saturday Night in Tiger Stadium!

“Baton Rouge happens to be the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It’s like being inside a drum.”
– Paul “Bear” Bryant, Head Coach, Alabama

“It makes a body tingle … these folks go berserk when the band marches on the field.”
– Douglas Looney, Sports Illustrated

“I’d been warned prior to my first visit to Baton Rouge that the legendary Death Valley mystique was a myth. That assessment couldn’t have been more wrong. Tiger Stadium was as loud as any I’ve ever heard during the dramatic fourth quarter of Saturday’s Georgia game, the festivities surrounding it as advertised. The streets were lined with purple and gold. Smoke emanated from the grills in the parking lot. Shouts of ‘Go Tigers’ and ‘Tiger Bait’ echoed from the stadium deep into the heart of campus. And that was just Friday night.”
– Stewart Mandel,, September 21, 2003