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Geaux Time

In this new era of NIL, it is time to get up and GEAUX.

At our annual Geaux Time event, we invite businesses and business professionals in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas to join us for an evening of education and opportunity for questions.

This is a new space and we want to ensure that the LSU supporters know what it looks like to support LSU student-athletes in ways that are within NCAA and state legislation.

Build Your Board

A big part of our education surrounding NIL is the value of having a strong “board” of individuals who support and guide you in the best ways that align with your personal brand.

At our annual Build Your Board event, LSU student-athletes are given the opportunity to be paired with business professionals in their field of study who can provide insight and guidance into their chosen career path.

In addition to talking about best practices moving forward in their journey to find a job, these business professionals provide great insight on how to seek out opportunity and what it looks like to present a strong personal brand throughout the job search process.