LSU Cheerleading Tryouts

Tryout dates and clinics for the 2022-23 LSU Cheerleading Squad will be announced in the spring of 2022.


General Information
LSU Spirit is looking for committed team members who exemplify athleticism through their skill level, fitness, health, and work ethic. Our team is continuously in the public eye and is expected to represent LSU by maintaining an athletic/professional image.

About the Team
Commitment to a full year of participation is mandatory. Cheerleaders participate at all home and away football games, home Volleyball matches, Men’s and Women’s basketball games and home Gymnastics meets. The cheerleaders also travel to postseason football and basketball tournaments as assigned by athletic administration. Cheerleaders participate in additional athletic department events, campus and community service activities during the year. Participation in UCA College Nationals will be determined on a yearly basis. There is not a weight or height restriction.


To be considered for an tryout, your application and all required documents must be submitted no later than April 30, 2021.

Complete the LSU Spirit Squad Application

Current LSU students …
• Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to be eligible
• Must be enrolled full-time (12 hours) to be eligible
• Must be in good disciplinary and academic standing with the university

Transfer students …
• Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to be eligible
• Must be disciplinarily and academically eligible to return to the university from which they are transferring

Incoming freshmen ARE eligible to apply by submitting …
• A copy of LSU acceptance letter

Applicants will receive an email verification that your application has been received. (If you do not receive an email confirmation within 48 hours please contact us at


All tryout material will be emailed May 3 to those who submit an application. Please see below for further details.

Material will consist of a sideline, the fight song with a standing tuck, and a band dance. You will also video your standing back handspring tuck as well as any specialty standing tumbling. Filming can be recorded in a yard, it does not require being filmed in a gym.

In addition to game day material and standing tumbling, you will also submit a video up to one minute in length of your running tumbling skills and coed stunting skills. These video clips should be within the past three months prior to tryouts.

Females: a long waisted sports top and soffe style gym shorts is recommended.
Males: a polo style shirt tucked into gym shorts.
Please wear LSU school colors or black, white and grey.

Females: Curled/Teased hair. It is preferred that sides are pulled back and tied with a ribbon. Makeup should be of natural tones.
Males: We are looking for a professional look. Hair should be neatly combed and no facial hair.

How can I prepare for LSU Cheer tryouts?

We are looking for a well-rounded individual. First and foremost an outgoing personality as well as good character is very important. The LSU Cheerleaders are highly visible within our community and therefore must be able to represent the University in a positive way. Grades and how well you work with others and our coaches will also be considered at tryouts. We are looking for well-rounded cheerleaders diverse in partner stunts, tumbling and game day motions.

Game Day
Sharp, properly placed, collegiate style motions are important. Knowledge of the material, confidence with loud voices will be looked for and weigh heavily. A sideline and a fight song will be evaluated.

Partner Stunting
Females are required to midlayer and top, both stunts and pyramids. Members of the LSU Cheerleading squad typically have intermediate to elite-level partner stunts.

Tumbling is required for female cheerleaders. The minimum skills are a standing tuck and standing back-handspring tuck. Running tumbling varies from tucks to trick passes. Male members range from no tumbling to trick passes.

If you have any questions regarding tryouts, please email the Spirit Director at