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LSU Athletics has partnered with Altius Sports Partners to provide educational support to student-athletes and the department in an ever-changing NIL landscape:

Altius is a leading-edge NIL focused firm that delivers comprehensive consulting, strategic planning, compliance support and education to its clients. Providing all stakeholders – athletic departments, coaches and student-athletes – with the resources they need to thrive in this new age of college athletics, Altius leverages its deep reservoir of sports business expertise to help those impacted by NIL changes prepare and excel. We’ve built the best-in-class team of cross-disciplinary leaders to reach higher levels of education, higher access to opportunities and higher standards of excellence.

Connect with the experts at Altius by following the link below:

Additional Information

Agent Information

Is my agent registered with the State of Louisiana AND LSU Athletics? Find out below:

Please note that all agents, attorneys, marketing representatives, brand managers, etc. must be registered with the state of Louisiana.  In addition to their state registration, such individuals must also register with the LSU Compliance Office.  Please find links below:

As a reminder, representation for any purpose other than for the marketing of your NIL will jeopardize your athletics eligibility.  If you intend to remain eligible for intercollegiate athletics, any representation by an agent, attorney, marketing representative, brand manager, etc. should be limited to the marketing of your NIL.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the compliance office if you have any specific questions.

Financial Aid

Student-athletes’ compensation for use of NIL rights will not affect their scholarship but has the potential to affect their state and/or federal financial aid.  These grants may be awarded based on financial need and the criteria for available need-based grants can be found here. Student-athletes with questions about need-based financial aid are encouraged to reach out to the Louisiana State University Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Student-athletes should also seek tax assistance for any NIL compensation earned. Student-athletes should note that taxable compensation might include any tangible and intangible items given in exchange for use of the student-athlete’s name, image, and likeness.

International Students

Opportunities for international students to earn NIL compensation may be limited by their student-visa requirements. Prior to engaging in any NIL compensation, international student-athletes should seek clarification from the Louisiana State University International Services Office.