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April 2024 CCACSA Student-Athletes of the Month

April 2024 CCACSA Student-Athletes of the Month

BATON ROUGE – The LSU Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes (CCACSA) recognizes student-athletes for their scholastic and community achievements each month. Student-athletes are chosen based on their commitment to academic success and for their devotion to volunteerism and service to the community.

Here are the April 2024 CCACSA’s staff Student-Athletes of the Month:

Alyson Campbell

Freshman, Political Science, Soccer

Reason for nomination: Alyson has been a wonderful student this semester. She has taken the initiative to complete her class early. She always came to tutoring with a wonderful attitude and was always prepared. She has worked extremely hard and is even encouraging to others around her. Her determination is unwavering. I cannot wait to see what she will accomplish as a Tiger!

Nominated by:  Mahannah El-Farrah, Tutorial Graduate Assistant

Amari Drayton

Freshman, Entrepreneurship, Gymnastics

Reason for nomination: Amari is such a joy to be around. She has an infectious laugh and energy about her. Balancing the demands of rigorous academic pursuits with the discipline and dedication required for athletic endeavors is no small feat. By excelling in both areas, Amari not only demonstrates her abilities but also sets a commendable standard for others to follow. Her dedication, work ethic, and ability to thrive in multiple domains make her a shining example of what it means to be a student-athlete.

Nominated by: Carli Faulkner, Manager of Student Learning

Kenna Erickson

Freshman, General Business, Women’s Tennis

Reason for nomination: Kenna’s dedication and proactive approach to balancing her academic and athletic commitments are truly worth noting. Her effective communication and forward planning demonstrate a high level of maturity and responsibility. By consistently staying ahead of her assignments and actively engaging with her academic staff and coaches, Kenna sets a positive example for her peers. Kenna’s strong work ethic is sure to lead to continued success in all her endeavors. We eagerly anticipate witnessing her future accomplishments as Tiger both in the classroom and on the court.

Nominated by:  Women’s Tennis Academic Team

Jaxon Howard

Sophomore, Sport Administration, Football

Reason for nomination: Jaxon has been extremely consistent with his academics this semester. He is always on time and ready to work in his academic sessions. His attitude is always positive, and he is a joy to have in session. Jaxon is very communicative and works extremely well with staff to stay on track with his assignments. He also goes above and beyond and comes in outside of his scheduled time to get work done. Jaxon’s hard work and dedication to ensure his academic success does not go unnoticed. We are excited to see all that Jaxon will accomplish throughout his collegiate career!

Nominated by: Football Academic Team

Kylin Jackson

Freshman, Interdisciplinary Studies, Football

Reason for nomination: Kylin consistently maintains high academic standards and demonstrates dedication to his studies this semester. Juggling the demands of academics, athletics, and other commitments can be challenging, but Kylin manages his time effectively. One of his outstanding traits this spring is communicating effectively to the academic staff and holding other student-athletes accountable for their academics.  Kylin is not only focused on achieving his own academic goals but also shows a genuine interests in helping his peers succeed. We cannot wait to see Kylin’s continued academic growth here at LSU.

Nominated by:  Football Academic Team

Mika Rome

Freshman, Biological Engineering, Volleyball

Reason for nomination: Mika’s enthusiasm for learning and her positive attitude towards academics, particularly chemistry, is noteworthy. Her curiosity and willingness to ask questions demonstrate a genuine interest in understanding the subject deeply. It’s wonderful to see her excitement when she grasps the connections within chemistry, as it indicates not only comprehension but also an appreciation for the beauty of the subject. With her determination and passion, there’s no doubt that Mika will excel academically and continue to find joy during her academic pursuits, which will serve her well as an engineering major.

Nominated by:  Volleyball Academic Team

Accountability – Commitment – Success – Integrity – Diversity – Teamwork – Service – Education

It is through living the values of the Total Team Commitment 2017-2022, particularly education, academic success, and service to the community that six student-athletes are recognized as Cox Communications Academic Center Student-Athlete of the month. These values are fundamental to the growth and development of our student-athletes as they enter to learn, then leave to serve.

The Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes is a 54,000 square-foot facility composed of teams for academic affairs, student affairs and information technology, who annually serve more than 500 student-athletes. The purpose of the CCACSA is to provide an all-inclusive, student-centered support structure for all student-athletes from matriculation, through graduation, and life beyond.