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No. 28 LSU Falls To No. 8 Tennessee, 4-0

No. 28 LSU Falls To No. 8 Tennessee, 4-0

BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU Men’s Tennis team (11-6, 1-5 SEC) fell to No. 8 Tennessee (16-4, 5-1 SEC) by a score of 4-0 in Sunday’s match at the LSU Tennis Complex.

Tennessee took the doubles point in today’s match. The Tigers started off strong with a win on the No. 3 court from Chen Dong and Julien Penzlin. They defeated James Newton and Younes Lalamai in a quick 6-1 win. The Tiger duo added to their perfect record, making it 9-0 in this dual season.

On the No. 2 court, No. 73-ranked George Stoupe and Welsh Hotard narrowly fell to No.20 Filip Pieczonka and Shunsuke Mitsui by a score of 6-4.

The Volunteers clinched the doubles point on the No. 1 court after No. 4-ranked Johannus Monday and Angel Diaz defeated No. 51 Aleksi Lofman and Stefan Latinovic in a close 6-4 match..

The Volunteers took a 2-0 lead after No. 94 Pieczonka defeated Julien Penzlin on the No. 4 court by a score of 6-3, 6-4.

On the No. 2 court, Aleksi Lofman fell to No. 23 Mitsui by a score of 6-1 in the first set. The second set was battled out in a tiebreaker with Mitsui taking the point by a score of 7-6(8).

Chris Li clinched the match for Tennessee on the No. 3 court after defeating George Stoupe. Li took the first set by a score of 6-2 before narrowly winning the second set by a score of 7-5..

Up Next
The Tigers will travel to Athens to take on Georgia on Friday. March 22 at 4 p.m. CST. The match will be held at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex.


#8 UT 4, #28 LSU 0

1. #44 Monday/Diaz (UT) def. #51 Latinvoic/Lofman (LSU) 6-4
2. #2 Pieczonka/Mitsui (UT) def. #73 Stoupe/Hotard (LSU) 6-4
3. Dong/Penzlin (LSU) def. Newton/Lalami (UT) 6-1

1. Stefan Latinovic (LSU) vs. #5 Johannus Monday (UT) (3)6-7, 6-6, unfinished
2. #23 Shunsuke Mitsui (UT) def. Aleksi Lofman (LSU) 6-1, 7-6(10-8)
3. Chris Li (LSU) def. George Stoupe (LSU) 6-2, 7-5
4. Alessio Vasquez (LSU) vs. Angel Diaz (UT) 6-7, 6-4, 2-2, unfinished
5. #94 Filip Pieczonka (UT) def. Julien Penzlin (LSU) 6-3, 6-4
6. Rudy Ceccon (LSU) vs. James Newton (UT) 6-1, 6-6(6-6) unfinished

Match Notes
Order of Finish: Doubles (3, 2, 1), Singles (5, 2, 3)

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