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Beach Goes 2-2 At The East Meets West Invitational

Beach Goes 2-2 At The East Meets West Invitational

Manhattan Beach, CA.  – The No. 8 LSU Beach Volleyball team went 1-1 on Sunday as they finished the weekend, 2-2, in the East Meets West Invitational.

“We have high expectations for our group,” said head coach Russell Brock. “We came into this weekend knowing that if we played our best across the board, we would win four matches. However, even with those expectations, heading back 2-2 isn’t considered a bad weekend. It could have been better, but I’m really proud of how we played, and the wins we earned were a good representation of our ability. There is no doubt that we are better right now than when we headed out here on Monday morning. The training and competitions we were able to participate in were indispensable for our development. I can’t wait to get back to work.”

LSU is back on the road next weekend, March 23-24, for the Mid-Season CCSA tournament in Tallahassee, Florida. The Sandy Tigs will face No. 4 FSU, No. 17 Grand Canyon, South Carolina and Jacksonville over the course of two days.

The Sandy Tigs started the day with a 3-2 win over No. 10 LMU. Reilly Allred and Parker Bracken won a three-set match to start the game on Court 2; 21-16, 19-21 and 15-10. Emily Meyer and Yali Ashush followed with a three-set battle on Court 4; 21-17, 12-21 and 18-16.

Brooke Blutreich and Skylar Martin clinched the match for the Tigers with a win on Court 5; 21-14 and 21-16. Ella Larkin and Ellie Shank lost on Court 3 in three sets; 17-21, 21-19 and 10-15. Gabi Bailey and Amber Hanes lost Court 1; 17-21 and 22-24.

After a break, LSU faced No. 13 Hawaii. Meyer and Ashuh lost Court 4; 21-13 and 21-9. Allred and Bracken lost Court 2 in three sets; 14-21, 22-20 and 11-15.

Larkin and Shank won in three sets on Court 3; 21-15, 21-23 and 16-14. Blutreich and Martin lost Court 5 in three sets; 21-19, 18-21 and 10-15. Bailey and Haynes lost Court 1; 16-21, 21-18 and 12-15.


LSU 3, LMU 2

  1. Vilhelmiina Prihti/Michelle Shaffer (LMU) def. Gabi Bailey/Amber Haynes (LSU) 21-17, 24-21
  2. Parker Bracken/Reilly Allred (LSU) def. Isabelle Reffel/Abbey Thorup (LMU) 21-16, 19-21, 15-10
  3. Anna Pelloia/Jacinda Ramirez (LMU) def. Ella Larkin/Ellie Shank (LSU) 17-21, 21-19, 10-15
  4. Emily Meyer/Yali Ashush (LSU) def. Alisha Stevens/Chloe Hooker (LMU) 21-17, 12-21, 18-16
  5. Skylar Martin/Brooke Blutreich (LSU) def. Cassie Chinn


LSU 1, Hawaii 4

  1. Jaime Santer/Alana Embry (UH) def. Gabi Bailey/Amber Haynes (LSU) 21-16, 18-21, 15-12
  2. Kaylee Glagau/Julia Thelle (UH) def. Reilly Allred/Parker Bracken (LSU) 21-14, 20-22, 15-11
  3. Ella Larkin/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Julia Lawrenz/Pani Napoleon (UH) 21-15, 21-23, 16-14
  4. Riley Wagoner/Sydney Amiatu (UH) def. Emily Meyer/Ashush Yali (LSU) 21-13, 21-9
  5. Sydney Miller/Anna Maidment (UH) def. Skylar Martin/Brooke Blutreich (LSU) 19-21, 21-18, 15-10