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Mondo Duplantis Strikes Gold Once Again at the World Athletics Championships

by Braydin Sik
Mondo Duplantis Strikes Gold Once Again at the World Athletics Championships

BUDAPEST, Hungary – LSU alumni Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis was able to solidify himself as the best pole vaulter in the world once again, ending on top at the World Athletics Championship in Budapest on Saturday.

Duplantis conquered the first height of 5.55 meters (18’ 2.5”) on his first try of the day. All thirteen pole vaulters competing in the final were able to clear the height on their first or second attempt, but unlike Mondo, attempted the second height instead of skipping to save energy.

Mondo joined back in the competition at 5.85 meters (19’ 2.25”), before skipping the fourth height of the day.

When Duplantis joined back in the competition at 5.95 meters (19’ 6.25”), only five people, including him, were left to compete. The four other competitors had already taken a minimum of four vaults compared to Mondo’s two.

The American-born Swede was crowned world champion for the second year in-a-row in a final that ended at the height of 6.10 meters (20’ 0”).  Duplantis cleared six heights on six attempts, being the only one to clear the height of 6.05 meters (19’ 10.25”) and 6.10m prior to attempting a what would’ve been a new world-record height of 6.23 meters (20’ 5.25”).

“I’m trying to stay at the top and that’s a lot different than climbing to the top,” said Duplantis.

The silver medal went to Philipinnes’ Ernest John Obiena who equaled his own Asian record of 6.00 meters (19’ 8.25”), while bronze was shared between the USA’s Christopher Nilsen and Australia’s Kurtis Marschall at the height of 5.95m.

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