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No. 5 Tigers Defeat No. 19 South Carolina, Goes 3-0 On Day One of Tiger Beach Challenge

No. 5 Tigers Defeat No. 19 South Carolina, Goes 3-0 On Day One of Tiger Beach Challenge

Baton Rouge, La. – The No. 5 LSU Beach Volleyball Team won all three of its matches Saturday at the Tiger Beach Challenge, taking down UAB, Tusculum and No. 19 South Carolina.

“Today was great,” said head coach Russell Brock. “Wonderful first day of the second weekend. We talk about trying to build and improve and we for sure did that today. We played every healthy player and everyone did a great job. We still have work to do tomorrow, but really pleased with the effort and execution today.”

On Sunday, LSU will start the day with a matchup against UNA at 10:00 a.m. CT before wrapping up the weekend against Southeastern Louisiana at 3:00 p.m. CT.

“There’s zero doubt that our fans gave us energy today and especially tonight,” said Brock. “It was a great environment that’s absolutely like no other and we love to play in it!”

The Tigers began the day with a win 5-0 win against UAB. Courts 4 and 5 took care of business early to set the tone for LSU. Lara Boos and Ella Larkin won Court 4, 21-9 and 21-17. On Court 5 Amber Haynes and Cassidy Chambers won, 21-16 and 21-17.

Kylie DeBerg and Ellie Shank came out on top on Court 1 winning, 21-16 and 21-14. Grace Seits and Parker Bracken won Court 2, 21-12 and 21-9. Hannah Brister and Reilly Allred won Court 3, 21-18 and 21-12.

After a few hours of rest, LSU was back in the sand to defeat Tusulum, 5-0. Both Courts 4 and 5 won in straight sets. On Court 4, Melia Lindner and Haynes won, 21-13 and 21-15. Brooke Blutriech and Chambers won Court 5, 21-14, 21-11.

DeBerg and Shank dominated on Court 1 winning, 21-3 and 21-7. Elizabeth Master and Bracken won Court 2, 21-19 and 21-12. Larkin and Boos handled Court 3 winning, 21-13 and 21-15.

In the final match of the day, the Tigers defeated No. 19 South Carolina under the lights in Death Volley going 3-0 on the first day of the Tiger Beach Challenge. Haynes and Chambers took care of business winning Court 5, 21-9 and 21-17. Boos and Larkin won Court 4, 21-15 and 21-15.

DeBerg and Shank came out on fire winning Court 1, 21-9 and 21-9. Seits and Bracken fell to South Carolina on Court 2, 21-14 and 22-20. Brister and Allred won Court 3, 21-19 and 21-12.


LSU 5, UAB 0

  1. Kylie DeBerg/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Pertuit, Brooke/Haas, Jasmine (UAB) 21-16, 21-14
  2. Grace Seits/Parker Bracken (LSU) def. Pereira, Adriana/Law-Heese, Mikayla (UAB) 21-12, 21-9
  3. Hannah Brister/Reilly Allred (LSU) def. Copping, Arden/Andraka, Emma (UAB) 21-18, 21-12
  4. Lara Boos/Ella Larkin (LSU) def. Ennis, Jessica/Alexander, Ella (UAB) 21-9, 21-17
  5. Cassidy Chambers/Amber Haynes (LSU) def. Stant, Olivia/Wofford, Dominique (UAB) 21-16, 21-17

LSU 5, Tusculum 0

  1. Kylie DeBerg/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Kassidy Mercado/Morgan Pacione (TU) 21-3, 21-7
  2. Liz Masters/Parker Bracken (LSU) def. Kyla Oppenhuis/Jordyn Anderson (TU) 21-19, 21-12
  3. Ella Larkin/Lara Boos (LSU) def. Emma Johnson/Hannah Marsh (TU) 21-17, 21-12
  4. Melia Lindner/Amber Haynes (LSU) def. Katie McLamb/Charlyn Miller (TU) 21-13, 21-15
  5. Brooke Bluetreich/Cassidy Chambers (LSU) def. Landry Tea/Riley Rushing (TU) 21-14, 21-11

LSU 4, South Carolina 1

  1. Kylie DeBerg/Ellie Shank (LSU) def. Skylar Allen/Simone Priebe (SC) 21-9, 21-9
  2. Kaeli Crews/Hannah Mackenhausen (SC) def. Grace Seits/Parker Bracken (LSU) 21-14, 22-20
  3. Hannah Brister/Reilly Allred (LSU) def. Allison Coens/Chase Teal (SC) 21-19, 21-12
  4. Lara Boos/Ella Larkin (LSU) def. Jillian Gleason/Peyton Gray (SC) 21-15, 21-15
  5. Amber Haynes/Cassidy Chambers (LSU) def. Jolie Cranford/Hailey Cabeceiras (SC) 21-9, 21-17