BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU Tiger Life program has announced its members of the 2021-22 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), highlighting student-athletes from all LSU sports.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee serves as a medium of communication through which student-athletes, Southeastern Conference administrators, institutional representatives, and coaches discuss and take action on issues relating to rules governance, student-athlete welfare, community service initiatives and diversity and inclusion.

Football’s Avery Atkins and Volleyball’s Jill Bohnet will lead the committee as Co-Presidents.

“I am extremely honored to serve as the Co-President of SAAC again this year,” Atkins said. “I’m determined to help all LSU student- athletes reach their fullest potential. As we begin to slowly reopen the world, we look forward to reaching back out to the community and making an impact.”

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as Co-President alongside Avery Atkins,” Bohnet said. “With the diverse group that we have, the ability and opportunity for positive change in the athletic community is very attainable. I’m looking forward to this coming year, and I’m excited to serve the athletic and local community to the best of this group’s ability.”

SAAC is committed to making each student-athlete’s athletic and academic experience the best that it can possibly be. The committee will initiate projects to help cultivate a tighter-knit student-athlete community as well as coordinate support for the Baton Rouge and LSU communities.

Track & Field’s Jackson Martingayle will serve as Vice-President, and Beach Volleyball’s Melia Lindner has been appointed as the Community Engagement Executive Officer.

Track & Field’s Julia Palin enters her second year as the Communications Executive Officer, and Baseball’s Giovanni DiGiacomo will serve as the Events Executive Officer.

“It is a pleasure to have another year to grow and learn from this group,” said Courtney Randall, Director of Tiger Life and Co-Advisor for SAAC. “Last year’s SAAC was extremely resilient and helped establish a blueprint for how to lead through circumstances. I am positive that there will be no drop-off with the 2021-22 group. I can’t wait to see how great of an impact this year’s SAAC will make.”

2021-22 SAAC Executive Officers

  • Avery Atkins, Football (Co-President)
  • Jill Bohnet, Volleyball (Co-President)
  • Jackson Martingayle, Men’s Track & Field (Vice-President)
  • Julia Palin, Women’s Track & Field (Communications)
  • Melia Lindner, Beach Volleyball (Community Engagement)
  • Giovanni DiGiacomo, Baseball (Events)

 2021-22 SAAC Team Representatives

  • Giovanni DiGiacomo, Baseball
  • Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope, Beach Volleyball
  • Ellie Shank, Beach Volleyball
  • Melia Lindner, Beach Volleyball
  • Max Peterson, Football
  • Cade York, Football
  • Avery Atkins, Football
  • Rebecca D’Antonio, Gymnastics
  • Spencer Mays, Men’s Basketball
  • Trey Winstead, Men’s Golf
  • Spencer Adrian, Men’s Swimming & Diving
  • Jackson Martingayle, Men’s Track & Field
  • Ben Koch, Men’s Tennis
  • Ali Newland, Softball
  • Shelbi Sunseri, Softball
  • Mollee Swift, Soccer
  • Molly Thompson, Soccer
  • Anna Rockett, Soccer
  • Anita Anwusi, Volleyball
  • Hannah Brister, Volleyball
  • Alia Williams, Volleyball
  • Jill Bohnet, Volleyball
  • Emily Ward, Women’s Basketball
  • Alden Wallace, Women’s Golf
  • Allie McDaid, Women’s Swimming & Diving
  • Sarah Thompson, Women’s Swimming & Diving
  • Zoe Mekus, Women’s Swimming & Diving
  • Natalie Kucsan, Women’s Swimming & Diving
  • Maggie Cubitt, Women’s Tennis
  • Safiya Carrington, Women’s Tennis
  • Doria Martingayle, Women’s Track & Field
  • Adele Broussard, Women’s Track & Field
  • Julia Palin, Women’s Track & Field