Tigers Win: Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey is hungry.

by Cody Worsham | Digital Media Reporter
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Tigers Win: Kim Mulkey

Kim Mulkey is hungry.

Not just for po-boys and Ponchatoula strawberries — though she’s missed them dearly during her time away from Louisiana.

She’s hungry to win, and that appetite has never been satiated. Not after three championships as a head coach, two as a player, and one as an assistant. Not after an Olympic gold medal in 1984 or more than 600 career wins since 2000.

Mulkey also senses a hunger in Louisiana, as she comes back home to take over the reins at LSU after 21 years away from her home state.

Why return now? For the same reason she left then: God’s timing.

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1:09 – Intro

6:00 – Campus security secures a new coach

8:40 – From Player to Coach

10:40 – Title IX Icon?

12:26 – Earning her trust

14:22 – Coming home

16:17 – Leaving Baylor

19:50 – First step vs. final step

20:39 – Kramer’s Mom

22:47 – Early LSU memories

23:51 РGetting started 

25:00 – Michael Jordan?!?

28:39 – 1 on 1 with Emily Dixon