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Tigers Win: Ashleigh Gnat

by Cody Worsham | Digital Media Reporter
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Tigers Win: Ashleigh Gnat

Who knows perfection better than Ashleigh Gnat?

Nine times in her decorated career as an LSU gymnast, Gnat scored a perfect 10, tied for the most in school history. That’s not to mention her 17 All-American honors, her 2017 national championship in the floor exercise, and the multitude of honors, awards, and trophies to her name.

But Gnat’s perspective on perfection is unexpectedly refreshing: “Perfect isn’t even perfect.” As in, perfection is subjective, a moving target, a line in the sand that keeps getting washed over by the waves.

I wanted to talk to Gnat about perfection, but the conversation ended up in a bigger and better place. We discussed transitions, the intersection of journeys, learning from the people around you, perception vs. reality, how gymnastics is as much art as it is sport, the 2021 LSU Gymnastics squad’s postseason hopes, and so much more.

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