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Purple Defeats Gold in Beach Scrimmage

by Grant Kauvar | Communications Graduate Assistant
Purple Defeats Gold in Beach Scrimmage

BATON ROUGE – In the final tune up before the season begins on Friday, Purple defeated Gold in the scrimmage at LSU Beach Volleyball Saturday afternoon.

“I thought the scrimmage went great,” said head coach Russell Brock. “We looked good which is all you can ask right now, especially coming off a crazy week of weather. It was good to get back the sand and to have the jerseys on, actually competing a week away from real competition. I was really pleased with the effort and execution.”

No. 1 LSU is set to begin its season this week at the Houston Baptist Tournament with four matches against Houston Baptist (twice), Texas A&M – Corpus Christi and New Orleans.

“It’s been nearly a year since we competed and just the thought of getting to play someone else is so exciting to me,” said senior Claire Coppola from the Purple team.

The scrimmage consisted of four rounds where all six courts played one set to 21. Purple, who wore black, had the scrimmage clinched after the third round, but Gold, wearing the white uniforms, fought hard in the final round. Purple won, 15-8.

Purple Team: Reilly Allred, Tatum BallardLara BoosHailey CabeceirasSierra CaffoClaire CoppolaHunter DomanskiTaryn KlothMelia LindnerGrace MorganKristen NussOlivia Ordonez and Alexis Toney 

Gold Team: Brooke BlutreichAllison CoensKelli Greene-AgnewAmber HaynesJess LansmanNatalie MartinElizabeth MastersMacy MiglioreSydney MooreAshlyn Rasnick-PopeToni RodriguezGrace SeitsEllie Shank and Kahlee York

Round 1: Purple, 5-1

Round 2: Purple, 4-2

Round 3: Purple, 4-2

Round 4: Gold, 4-2

“We were competing against each other,” explained senior Kristen Nuss who was on Purple, “but it brought us together in that we were cheering for our own team, but when the other team made a great play we were recognizing that awesome play. Every team, each court was making amazing plays.”

The scrimmage was a good opportunity for the Tigers to tune up before they begin the spring where they enter as the top-ranked team in the country for the first time in program history. Every player from last year’s team that was ranked No. 1 when the season ended prematurely is back for year ahead.

“I think it’s hard not to look across the sand and understand how special it is to have the fifth or sixth or seventh year seniors back and also we’ve got a group of actual seniors,” Brock said. “To have that many veteran players who understand really what it means to put on that jersey and compete at this level and to watch how they lead the younger players, it’s good. 

“There’s a certain level of comfort in knowing you have that many veterans who not only have been doing this a long time, but have been doing it at a really high level.”

For the newcomers it was an opportunity to show what they can do when the jerseys go on and the music goes up.

“We see them in practice so we have a good idea of who they are and what they’re capable of,” explained Brock. “There’s another level that some people go to when you put the jerseys on and you put the music on and you play against somebody in a different jersey. To see some of them in that situation it was good feedback that we needed. We have some really good players who are young that will be important team members over the coming years.”