SAAC Holds a Meditation & Relaxation Session Sunday

by Ashleigh Maerke | Communications Student
SAAC Holds a Meditation & Relaxation Session Sunday

BATON ROUGE — LSU student-athletes, coaches and staff members from multiple sports attended the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s Power Relaxation and Meditation Session on Sunday afternoon in the Football Indoor Practice Facility.

Shelly Mullenix, Sr. Associate Athletics Director for Health and Wellness led the attendees in a variety of stretches and yoga poses followed by mindful meditation under dim lighting and calming music.

“When I did this back in college, I know what it did for me. I know what the stress of the daily grind is for these guys and girls and they need to give themselves a break,” said Mullenix. “Being able to give them an hour of peace once a day, once a week, whenever, is something that’s invaluable for them and their recovery.”

The student-athletes were very grateful to have this time set aside to learn and practice mindfulness and relaxation.

“Mindfulness is such a good thing for all the student-athletes to learn about and partake in as we go through this really stressful time. To have this time was really special,” said Co-President of SAAC and swimmer, Kit Hanley.