Tigers United: LSU Athletics' Diversity & Inclusion - Leadership Council

Tigers United: LSU Athletics' Diversity & Inclusion - Leadership Council


Leadership Council  

Name Title
Stephanie Rempe, Chair Executive Deputy Athletics Director/COO 
Bennie Brazell Assistant Coach, Track & Field
Dr. Ashley Clayton Assistant Professor, School of Education
Nikki Fargas Head Coach, Women’s Basketball 
Fran Flory Head Coach, Volleyball/Council Liaison to Head Coaches
Bill Franques Sr. Associate Communications Director
Walt Holliday Executive Director, Academic Center for Student-Athletes
Eddie Kennison Director of Player Development, Football
Dr. Lori Martin Professor/Faculty Athletics Representative, LSU Dept. of Sociology and African & African-American Studies
Dr. LaKeitha Poole Director, Student-Athlete Mental Health
Courtney Randall Director, Tiger Life
Milan Stokes Athletics Human Resources Master’s Student

Statement of Purpose, Goals and Steps

As of August 2020


Chart a path of sustainable progress toward a clear vision of results-oriented change in the area of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I); serve as a leadership body; make needed connections in the department, campus and the community.


Inclusive, equitable and transformational athletics program. 

Goals and Steps

Goal One: Enhance the understanding of racial equality 
    Step One: Survey department staff/coaches and student-athletes to assess current level of understanding 
    Step Two: Implement training program for staff and coaches 
    Step Three: Create a Coach and Staff Diversity and Inclusion Council whose goals are directly tied to staff diversity education. 
    Step Four: Create a Student-Athlete Diversity and Inclusion Council whose goals are directly tied to student-athlete diversity education.
    Step Five: Survey department staff/coaches and student-athletes to assess level of understanding and incentive after implementing educational programming 

Goal Two: Measure and track the results of all efforts toward racial equality 
    Step One: Create a repository to capture all data and progress, including but not limited to student-athlete racial demographics, graduation rates, all hires, community service hours, etc. 
    Step Two: Track communication engagement through social media platforms.
    Step Three: Track student-athlete, coaches, and staff participation in internal and external D&I educational programming.
    Step Four: Include measured and tracked data from all three councils’ goals.

Goal Three: Increase the number of underrepresented/marginalized individuals in coaching and staff leadership roles
    Step One: Hire a senior level administrator who has a primary responsibility of diversity and inclusion in the job description
    Step Two: Create a Coach and Staff Diversity and Inclusion Council whose goals are directed at impacting the recruitment, hiring, training, development and retention of underrepresented/marginalized individuals in the Athletic Department and tracking the results. 
    Step Three: Create and support professional development opportunities for underrepresented/marginalized individuals
    Step Four: Provide resources, external to athletics, for marginalized coaches and staff to seek support and serve as advocates 

Goal Four: Evaluate Department Strategic Plan / Mission / Values from a D&I perspective
    Step One: Review and revise all internal department strategic plans, mission statements, and values from a D&I perspective 
    Step Two: Provide visibility to department’s statements on D&I messaging 

Goal Five: Increase the number of Black contractors/vendors utilized by the department, and track the results 
    Step One: Work with campus to grow the list of Black contractors/vendors
    Step Two: Train the athletics staff on the outreach and selection of Black contractors/vendors 
    Step Three: Track and evaluate athletics spending with all underrepresented vendors/contractors annually
    Step Four: Increase the spending with Black-owned businesses department-wide
    Step Five: Provide an opportunity to promote Black-owned businesses to the community

Goal Six: Sponsor and host an event designed to show LSU Athletics’ commitment to D&I and the movement for racial equality. 
    Step One: Select a group to create an event that makes a significant impact
    Step Two: Determine the expected outcome and track the results

Goal Seven: Serve as a department leadership council 
    Step One: Create awareness of the council through staff announcements, website presence and communication
    Step Two: Create a communication channel for staff, campus and the community to report, examine, and promote topics and issues related to D&I
    Step Three: Enhance communication with campus on athletics D&I initiatives