Breaux, Fargas Named Chairwomen for Women United

by Brandon Berrio | Assoc. Director of Creative and Digital Content
Breaux, Fargas Named Chairwomen for Women United

BATON ROUGE – LSU gymnastics co-head coach D-D Breaux and women’s basketball head coach Nikki Fargas have been named honorary chairwomen for the Capital Area United Way Women United campaign. 

The program will focus on helping single mothers in the capital area that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations will help feed families in the surrounding community. A $25 donation will feed family of four for a week. 

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“This is such an important program to support for single mothers in the Baton Rouge area,” Breaux said. “Nikki and I are committed to raising money and bringing awareness to this important issue. These women are under so much stress given the circumstances but are committed to provide for their families.” 

“I grew up in a single parent home, and I witnessed firsthand the struggle we went through,” Fargas said. “I also saw the strength in my mom to provide for me and my younger sister. We have our community of single moms here in Baton Rouge who are in need of our help. Let’s challenge ourselves to answer the call.”

Single mothers are one of the most impacted groups because they normally work several jobs to provide for their families, many of which have been shut down or suspended due to the ongoing pandemic. In addition, one out of three single mothers suffers from anxiety and depression that has likely been heightened during the ongoing events. These families are also ten times more likely to suffer poor mental and physical health. 

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