Tigers United: Skylar Mays and Ruby Harrold

by Cody Worsham | Digital Media Reporter
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Tigers United: Skylar Mays and Ruby Harrold

Neither Skylar Mays nor Ruby Harrold got the chance to finish their careers at LSU the way they deserved. After all the hard work and the heartache. After all the sacrifice and the celebration. They just ended.

Earlier this week, they joined me for the first in a series of conversations we’re calling Tigers United. 

Each episode we’re going to hear from LSU student athletes, staff, and coaches, on how they’re navigating this new world we’re all living in. We’ll talk mental health and physical health. We’ll look back on the past, and we’ll look forward to the future. 

You can find every episode at LSUSports.net, as well as on our Hey Fightin’ Podcast and Boot Up: The LSU Basketball Podcast feeds. 

We all come from different places. We all play different sports. We all have different obstacles to overcome. But now as always, we’re all Tigers, and we’re all united.