Board of Supervisors Approves Gym, Men's Basketball Ticket Changes

by Todd Politz | Director of Digital Media
Board of Supervisors Approves Gym, Men's Basketball Ticket Changes

BATON ROUGE – The LSU Board of Supervisors today approved changes to the men’s basketball and gymnastics season ticket pricing structure. The change is the first in men’s basketball since 2014 and the first since 2017 in gymnastics. The new pricing structure will take effect for the 2020-2021 season.

“We want to be competitive at an elite level in all that we do,” said Athletic Director Scott Woodward. “Men’s basketball and gymnastics are highly successful and growing sports for LSU in which we are investing for future success. The board’s approval of this new plan will help us in that effort.”

Both men’s basketball and gymnastics have seen record growth in popularity amongst LSU fans. 

Season ticket sales numbers for gymnastics have risen each year for eight years with an all-time high of nearly 7,000 season tickets sold for the 2019-2020 season. Men’s basketball has marked three straight years of growth in season ticket sales, renewals and signups for the season ticket waiting list. For the 2019-2020, men’s basketball sold 7400 season tickets, a record amount since 1994.

As approved by the Board of Supervisors, men’s basketball season ticket price changes include a 30% reduction for nearly 600 upper bowl season tickets, while the remaining upper bowl ticket prices will continue unchanged. Season tickets prices in the 200 level will increase from $100 to $150. Lower bowl season ticket prices will increase by $150-$350 depending on exact location. Student tickets are not impacted by the new pricing model.

In gymnastics, discounted youth season tickets will still be offered in all sections while adult season tickets will increase in the 100 level from $40 to $80 and from $40 to $65 in level 200 prime areas. Level 200 seats on the ends will increase from $30 to $55. All level 300 adult season tickets will increase from $30-$36. 

Youth season tickets for gymnastics will be priced at $45 for level 100 seats, $35 in level 200 prime seats and $25 in level 200 end seats. Youth season tickets in level 300 will remain the same at $18 while student tickets remain free with a valid student ID.

Changes to season ticket prices in men’s basketball and gymnastics are based on data from renewal rates, secondary market sales, season ticket growth and price-point comparisons to other SEC programs. Data gathered by LSU Athletics showed men’s basketball season ticket prices lagged behind comparable programs in the SEC.

“When you look at the averages, it is clear we need to update our ticket pricing structure,” said Associate Athletic Director of Ticket Operations Brian Broussard. “This change helps us to stay competitive while protecting the affordability of these events.”

LSU Athletics is also adding 12 floor seats for men’s basketball and raising the season ticket prices for those seats by $750 per season. Details of the new pricing structure will be released in the coming weeks.