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LSU Athletics Stationery and Email Signature

LSU Athletics Stationery and Email Signature

Ordering Stationery

What’s Available?

Official LSU Athletics letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, notepads, and notecards are available through the AmeriPrint online catalog available in Workday. Athletics teams and departments are required to order business system items from this vendor. Click here for ordering instructions.

Business Cards

Only LSU Athletics employees may have business cards. Students do not qualify to receive LSU business cards with the sole exception of paid graduate assistants.

Content Limitations

  • All content must fit into configured template.
  • No logos may be added anywhere on the card.


  • Must include a URL with an official LSU Athletics domain. ( |
  • An email address.
  • Non-LSU email addresses are not allowed.
  • A title is required.

Social Media on Business Cards

  • According to University communications guidelines, only official LSU social media accounts listed on the LSU Athletics social media directory may appear on business cards.
  • No other social media accounts are allowed on business cards.

Business Office Requirements

In accordance with the AmeriPrint contract, all orders from LSU Athletics must be submitted through Workday. Ordering through Workday will streamline the process so that all approvals and accounting are handled during the ordering process.




Tools to use

Email Signature

When communicating on behalf of LSU Athletics, it is important to present yourself in a professional manner that is consistent with the university’s brand. Please include your full name, title, department name, office phone number, email address and the and websites in your signature as shown in the samples below.

  • You may include the LSU logo image as seen below. No other images are permitted unless you are a sport-specific staff in which case you may include your sport logo.
  • Recipients may also expect to see your mobile number, department web address, and links to department social media accounts. These are optional and permitted.
  • Personal web pages, logos and quotes are not permitted. Approved team or department taglines, such as “Geaux Tigers,” are permitted.
  • As all emails sent and received from an address are subject to open records laws, disclaimers or confidentiality statements are unnecessary and should not be included in your email signature.

Email Signature Standard

Simply copy and paste to edit your email signature or follow the video instruction.

LSU logo - small .png for (Logo Optional)

Full Name

LSU Athletics
Athletic Administration Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Office: (225) 578-0000 | Mobile: (225) 555-5555 | Email:
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – | | @DepartmentSocial

Flex Space (Department approved slogan such as “Geaux Tigers!” and/or a sport logo for sport specific staff)

Athletics Digital Letterhead

Similar to physical stationery, digital letterheads are produced from approved templates to ensure consistency. The layout of the letterhead may not be redesigned. This template for digital letterheads is to be used only for communications sent via e-mail or other digital platforms. It is not intended to replace official university stationery. Digital letterheads should not be printed out and used for mailing, as the integrity of the colors and branding could be compromised. It contains low-resolution images and does not reproduce well when printed, especially due to the fact that color reproduction varies from printer to printer.

Digital letterheads may be department-specific, but the header should not include personalized names. After you create your body copy, simply export the file as a PDF to send out. The only font you should use in the department name and the content of your letter is SF Display (San Francisco).

1-Column Word Letterhead (.dotx)