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LSU Athletics & CCACSA Recognize 213 Fall 2019 3.0 Student-Athletes

by Judy Willson | Assoc. Communications Director
LSU Athletics & CCACSA Recognize 213 Fall 2019 3.0 Student-Athletes

BATON ROUGE, La. – LSU Athletics and the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes introduced its recent class of 3.0 Student-Athletes at halftime of the LSU men’s basketball game against Missouri on Tuesday evening.

A total of 213 LSU student-athletes were recognized for finishing the 2019 Fall semester with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The CCACSA is comprised of academic affairs, student affairs and information technology teams that serve more than 500 student-athletes. The purpose of the CCACSA is to provide an all-inclusive, student-centered support structure for all student-athletes from matriculation, through graduation and life beyond.

2019 Fall CCACSA 3.0 Honor Roll

Zach Arnold, Baseball

Matthew Beck, Baseball

Cade Beloso, Baseball

Braden Doughty, Baseball

Gavin Dugas, Baseball

Saul Garza, Baseball

Alex Milazzo, Baseball

Nick Storz, Baseball

Wes Toups, Baseball

CJ Wilis, Baseball

Kelli Agnew, Beach Volleyball

Tatum Ballard, Beach Volleyball

Caitlin Broadwell, Beach Volleyball

Sierra Caffo, Beach Volleyball

Allison Coens, Beach Volleyball

Claire Coppola, Beach Volleyball

Nicole Decker, Beach Volleyball

Taryn Kloth, Beach Volleyball

Melia Lindner, Beach Volleyball

Natalie Martin, Beach Volleyball

Kristen Nuss, Beach Volleyball

Olivia Powers, Beach Volleyball

Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope, Beach Volleyball

Toni Rodriquez, Beach Volleyball

Jess Schaben, Beach Volleyball

Grace Seits, Beach Volleyball

Alexis Toney, Beach Volleyball

Kahlee York, Beach Volleyball

Avery Atkins, Football

AJ Aycock, Football

Colby Brunet, Football

Mason Bruns, Football

Joe Burrow, Football

K’Lavon Chaisson, Football

Lloyd Cole, Football

Lloyd Cushenberry III, Football

Blake Ferguson, Football

Evan Francioni, Football

Kristian Fulton, Football

Michael Martin, Football

Jack Mashburn, Football

Jansen Mayea, Football

Thomas McGoey, Football

Eric Monroe, Football

Jakori Savage, Football

Preston Stafford, Football

Josh Williams, Football

Cade York, Football

Rebecca D’Antonio, Gymnastics

Bridget Dean, Gymnastics

Christina Desiderio, Gymnastics

Sami Durante, Gymnastics

Sarah Edwards, Gymnastics

Bailey Ferrer, Gymnastics

Olivia Gunter, Gymnastics

Ruby Harrold, Gymnastics

Kiya Johnson, Gymnastics

Ashlyn Kirby, Gymnastics

Kamryn Ryan, Gymnastics

Alyona Shchennikova, Gymnastics

Caitlin Smith, Gymnastics

Parker Edwards, Men’s Basketball

Skylar Mays, Men’s Basketball

Philip Barbaree, Men’s Golf

Garrett Barber, Men’s Golf

Drew Gonzales, Men’s Golf

Michael Sanders, Men’s Golf

Carter Toms, Men’s Golf

Hayden White, Men’s Golf

Trey Winstead, Men’s Golf

Chris Woollam, Men’s Golf

Juan Celaya-Hernandez, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Lewis Clough, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Dakota Hurbis, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Jack Jannasch, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Cameron Karkoska, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Braden Nyboer, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Michael Petro, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Luca Pfyffer, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Matthew Phillip, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Sven Saemundsson, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Miguel Velasquez, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Isak Vikstrom, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Tomas Descarrega, Men’s Tennis

Nikola Samardzic, Men’s Tennis

Ruy Teixeira, Men’s Tennis

Nick Watson, Men’s Tennis

Jace Attuso, Men’s Track & Field

Blake Baldassaro, Men’s Track & Field

Davis Bove, Men’s Track & Field

Jared Cyprian, Men’s Track & Field

Eli Gaughan, Men’s Track & Field

Andre Girouard, Men’s Track & Field

Garrett Hamilton, Men’s Track & Field

Raymond Kibet, Men’s Track & Field

Thomas Laville Jr., Men’s Track & Field

Cade Martin, Men’s Track & Field

Jackson Martingayle, Men’s Track & Field

Kyle Montgomery, Men’s Track & Field

Kenny Odinet III, Men’s Track & Field

Ronnie Rounds II, Men’s Track & Field

Jacob Thornton, Men’s Track & Field

RC Walbrook, Men’s Track & Field

Adam Wise, Men’s Track & Field

Tinaya Alexander, Soccer

Gabrielle Angelle, Soccer

Caitie Cantrill, Soccer

Jade Clarke, Soccer

Shannon Cooke, Soccer

Hannah Cuneo, Soccer

Taylor Dobles, Soccer

Lindsey Eaton, Soccer

Haley Garrett, Soccer

Emma Grace Goldman, Soccer

Courtney Henderson, Soccer

Tatum Ireland, Soccer

Meghan Johnson, Soccer

Afrah Khan, Soccer

Makenzie Maher, Soccer

Maddison Martin, Soccer

Elizabeth McClellan, Soccer

Maddie Moreau, Soccer

Chiara Ritchie-Williams, Soccer

Anna Rockett, Soccer

Ashton Smith, Soccer

Molly Thompson, Soccer

Victoria Abrams, Softball

Aliyah Andrews, Softball

Caitlin Calland, Softball

Georgia Clark, Softball

Morgan Cummins, Softball

Amanda Doyle, Softball

Raeleen Gutierrez, Softball

Jordyn Perkins, Softball

Taylor Pleasants, Softball

Amanda Sanchez, Softball

Shelbi Sunseri, Softball

Claire Weinberger, Softball

Shelby Wickersham, Softball

Anita Anwusi, Volleyball

Jill Bohnet, Volleyball

Whitney Foreman, Volleyball

Darian Goins, Volleyball

Meredyth Howard, Volleyball

Leigh Maher, Volleyball

Allee Morris, Volleyball

Sydney Mukes, Volleyball

Karli Rose, Volleyball

Milan Stokes, Volleyball

Emmaline Walters, Volleyball

Anna Zwiebel, Volleyball

Mercedes Brooks, Women’s Basketball

Jaelyn Richard-Harris, Women’s Basketball

Emily Ward, Women’s Basketball

Mary Frances Chauvin, Women’s Golf

Monica Dibildox, Women’s Golf

Kendall Griffin, Women’s Golf

Marina Hedlund, Women’s Golf

Ingrid Lindblad, Women’s Golf

Latanna Stone, Women’s Golf

Alden Wallace, Women’s Golf

Abigail Baumgartner, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Kylie Bennett, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Raleigh Bentz, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Clayton Black, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Johannah Cangelosi, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Lizzie Cui, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Helen Grossman, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Kit Hanley, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Alyssa Helak, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Jolee Liles, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Allie McDaid, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Katarina Milutinovich, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Ellen Pack, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Olivia Paskulin, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Emily Pye, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Summer Stanfield, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Olivia Taylor, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Brittany Thompson, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Anne Tuxen, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Maggie Cubitt, Women’s Tennis

Nina Geissler, Women’s Tennis

Jessica Golovin, Women’s Tennis

Ashton Rabalais, Women’s Tennis

Eden Richardson, Women’s Tennis

Luba Vasilyuk, Women’s Tennis

Amber Anning, Women’s Track & Field

Ariyonna Augustine, Women’s Track & Field

Noel Baker, Women’s Track & Field

Jennifer Bennett, Women’s Track & Field

Adele Broussard, Women’s Track & Field

Hannah Carroll, Women’s Track & Field

Kristin Delgado, Women’s Track & Field

Ersula Farrow, Women’s Track & Field

Sara Funderburk, Women’s Track & Field

Lisa Gunnarsson, Women’s Track & Field

Amber Hart, Women’s Track & Field

Camille Hensarling, Women’s Track & Field

Annie Jung, Women’s Track & Field

Shanya Luna, Women’s Track & Field

Molly McHale, Women’s Track & Field

Cori Mitchell, Women’s Track & Field

Abby O’Donoghue, Women’s Track & Field

Caroline Odinet, Women’s Track & Field

Julia Palin, Women’s Track & Field

Hollie Parker, Women’s Track & Field

Angelle Primeaux, Women’s Track & Field

Emma Robbins, Women’s Track & Field

Caroline Saucier, Women’s Track & Field

Alicia Stamey, Women’s Track & Field

Amelie Whitehurst, Women’s Track & Field

Jurnee Woodward, Women’s Track & Field

Milan Young, Women’s Track & Field