LSU Gold

1. On the home screen in Workday, select “Purchases”

Workday Purchases

2. Click “Connect to Supplier Website” under the Actions Menu

Connect To Supplier

3. Find “AmeriPrint Punchout Catalog”, then click “Connect”

Workday Vendors

4. Once in supplier website, order supplies through the “LSU Athletics Category” as needed.

Stationary AmeriPrint

Example Business Card Mockup

Business Card Example

5. click “Checkout”

6. Once back in Workday, click “Checkout”

Under the Shipping address & shipping options, only change Address Line 1 to

     “LSU 1 N. Stadium Dr.“

Ship Address - Ameriprint

7. Once you enter the ship-to address, click “Proceed to Payment”

Then select the “Place my Order” button.

8. Select “Checkout”

9. For the

  • “Default Deliver-To”, Enter “LSU – Baton Rouge”.
  • “Default Ship-To”, Enter “Moran” and select location.
  • Select “Next”                      

10. For the “Information” section, go to the Requisition Type box and select “Purchase Services/Goods (PSG)”. Then click “Next”

11. For the “Attachments” section, click “Next”

12. For the “Line Defaults” section, Select “Use Default Worktags” under the Default Worktags and Splits Section,

  • Click inside the “Program” box and use appropriate program number (based on your department) for order
  • Click “Next”

13. For the “Review and Submit” section, you need to insert a “Spend Category” and a “Program” for each line item. You will have to scroll to see these.

14. For the “Spend Category” box, use the following guidelines:

  • Use “Envelopes (SC0294)” for all envelopes.
  • Use “Business Cards (SC0293)” for business cards.
  • Use “Notepads (SC0298)” for notepads.
  • Use “Letterhead (SC0295)” for letterhead.
  • Use “Notecards (SC0297)” for notecards.
  • Use “Mailing Labels (SC0296)” for mailing labels.
  • Use “Office Products and Supplies (SC0057)” for everything else.
Spend Category

Once you selected, click “Submit”.


If you have any issues along the way, please contact