HFP: Herbstreit, Rinaldi Preview the CFP National Championship

by Cody Worsham | Digital Media Reporter
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HFP: Herbstreit, Rinaldi Preview the CFP National Championship

Really excited to be joined by two of the best in the business, Kirk Herbstreit and Tom Rinaldi, on today’s show. Both were in town to shoot some interviews for ESPN ahead of Monday’s championship game, and both were gracious enough to carve out some time for a special podcast episode.

First up is Kirk, who spent an hour or so with Joe Burrow before sitting down for this interview having one of the most detailed and intelligent football conversations I’ve ever overheard. Kirk gives us all the analysis and insight you’ll need before Monday’s game, from both an LSU and Clemson perspective. We talk Joe’s genius, the high IQ of the entire offense, what he’s learned about trying to slow down LSU’s offense, and what Clemson can do to beat LSU.

We finish up with Tom, who indulges some of my own questions about storytelling and interviewing (when you sit down with the master, you pick his brain) before jumping into some of the narratives he’s eyeing ahead of this game. We talk Ed Orgeron, native son and redeemed coach, but we also talk Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Steve Ensminger, and the two Joes. 

Very happy with how this episode turned out, as the tactical talk with Kirk and the narrative discussion with Tom gives a good picture of all the angles of interest for this game.

Back later this week with more episodes.