HFP: Rivalry and Weirdness with Garrett Brumfield

by Cody Worsham | Digital Media Reporter
HFP: Rivalry and Weirdness with Garrett Brumfield

When I started this podcast, I had one regret: that it wasn’t around when Garrett Brumfield was a current player. 

Bruiser is one of the smartest, most eclectic, and most talented athletes I’ve ever covered, and he is the perfect podcast guest.

So, lucky me, I bumped into Bruiser in football ops the other day, and we made it happen.

He joins me today for a bonus episode, and it wanders all over the place. Yes, we do talk about LSU’s offense, including Joe Burrow – who is as odd as Brumfield – as well as the rivalry with Florida and being a part of the #ForeverLSU family. 

But, we also dive into some of Brumfield’s passions: writing, comedy, movies, podcasts, aliens, and, of course, football.

This is a wide-ranging episode, but I think it’s one you’ll enjoy. 


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