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Tiger Fan Council

Application Period Closed Sept. 16 for the 2018-19 Season

The Tiger Fan Council:

The Tiger Fan Council will serve the LSU family by providing insight, feedback and ideas directly to LSU Athletics staff. LSU Athletics is developing the council in order to listen to and engage with our fans directly and to make actionable those ideas and feedback that will help improve the fan experience for all Tiger fans.

Who will be selected?

A collection of LSU fans who represent the incredible diversity, interests, backgrounds and perspectives of the LSU family. The group will be made up of roughly 25 individuals willing to commit their time, energy and ideas to LSU Athletics. Members will be asked to spend at least four half-days a year in conference and and make a two-year commitment to the Council.

What will the council do?

We will conduct quarterly meetings on campus in which topics on various sports and fan experience will be discussed in order for members to contribute new ideas, provide feedback and help us better understand how we can constantly improve the fan experience at LSU.