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CCACSA Hosts 'The Queue' for Student-Athletes

CCACSA Hosts 'The Queue' for Student-Athletes

Baton Rouge – Gucci shades, baggy clothes, and flip-flops are all items that potential employers would strongly advise you not where when going on an interview. However, sometimes it can be hard deciding what to wear to an interview. Also, how do you “knock em dead,” during an interview? These were all the topics that were discussed to LSU’s student-athletes at a seminar titled The Queue, on April 5 in the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes (CCACSA).

The CCACSA’s Shaquille O’Neal Life Skills program hosted the seminar “The Queue.” It teaches LSU student-athletes how to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and also prepares the student-athletes for their upcoming career symposium called The Pursuit.

One particular topic discussed during the event was how to dress for success. In this segment of the program, discussion leaders Dr. Shirley White and LSU Beach Volleyball student-athlete Emma Hiller pointed out the difference between business formal and business casual attire.

“You’ve got to distinguish yourself amongst other people when you are going to an interview,” LSU defensive linemen Christian LaCouture. “There could be a lot of people that applied for that position, so you got to make you stand out the best way you can. They gave us a lot of great information, and we got to apply it to get to the next level.”

The seminar also discussed other topics that can make an individual successful in the business world. Other topics consisted of how to nail an interview, and what are the do’s and don’ts during an interview. The students’ feedback about The Queue expressed that the event was very informational.

“I just think it is really important because it’s great for us athletes to be able to represent LSU, where we come from, and everything we’ve learned. Then be able to apply that to getting a job,” Hiller said. “It really takes the student-athlete concept full circle. So we get to go out in the world and show them what we learned in school, represent ourselves well, and hopefully have a great future.”

Overall, “The Queue” served its purpose of preparing student-athletes for life after sports and helped them mold into that perfect ideal fit for job seekers.

“It’s all about being an ideal fit for the job, and the value that you bring to the table,” Dr. White said. “Every response you give to a question should always be about why that interviewer should hire you for the job.”

Now, the student-athletes will have a chance to apply these tips at the next Life Skills event (a career symposium) called The Pursuit, on April 19.